Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


2. Chapter 2

Kale's P.O.V.


I follow Kiley to her room, I really want her for some reason. My mood changed out of now where, and I couldn't control it. So once we got in her room, I closed the door and grinned at her. She looked at me and smiled. She goes to her dresser and gets out some clothes, I watch her as I sit down on her bed. "I'll be right back." She said, to me as she walked into her bathroom that was connected to her room. I laid down, I thought it would be fine if I took off my shirt, so I did. I set it down next to the bed as I covered up on one side of the bed. I closed my eyes waiting for Kiley to finish changing. When she did she walked out wearing a thin shirt that I could almost through, with shorts. I blushed lightly as I turned away. She walked over and laid down next to me smiling. I couldn't help myself as I played with her pretty blond brownish hair. She smiled at my as she closed her eyes. I then held her close to my chest. She blushed and I could tell. She then held me as well. I was a little surprised. I then picked her head up to make her look at me. I then kissed her passionately. I brought my tongue to her bottom lip, asking to gain entrance. I gained it, then I played with her tongue. We stopped, then a string of saliva grew between us. She blushed and looked away. I smiled holding her close. She later fell asleep, at least I'm pretty sure she did.


Kiley's P.O.V.


My mouth had felt as if it was burning from a such passionate kiss. I then acted as if I had fallen asleep. I think he thought I was. He then smiled and kept holding me close. I felt safe in his arms. Then all of a sudden he started touching my thigh. I thought to myself 'I knew that was going to happen...'  He then went up to my stomach, close to my boobs. I then said. "S-stop..." He looked at me, shocked. "S-sorry I didn't know you were awake." I sigh as I turn around to look the other way. He gets upset thinking I'm mad. Then after a few seconds he goes back to the weird, perverted Kale and says. "Well now that I know you're awake, may I touch you?..." I was surprised by what he asked as my eyes widen, and blushing. He then turns me around to look at him. "U-um..." I didn't know what to say. He grabbed my waist and kissed me ignoring if I wanted it or not. But for some reason I just let him. He soon went to take off my shirt. I didn't know what to do as I said. "A-are you sure about this?..." I was a little worried and he nodded and continued. I was in just my bra and panties, embarrassed. He then takes off his pants then only in his boxers. 'Am I really doing this!?' I thought. He pulled me close, and kissed me again. I could feel his dick get hard. I blushed. He then slowly took my bra off, then got on top of me. He then took off my panties and his boxers. I could see that he was hard. He then started licking my breast near my nipple. I then had a weird feeling go through my body. He then started getting near my entrance. I was really nervous. He went slowly inside me, as I moaned from the pain. It hurt like hell, because I was a virgin, until now. He stopped once he was all the way. "Damn you're tight..." he said under his breath. I turned my head as I closed my eyes. "Want me to move?" I responded to him in a seduced voice, "Yeah, go ahead." He moved slowly as I moaned from the pain. It hurt for the first ten minutes until the pain slowly grew into pleasure. He moved faster as he started to sweat. I could feel his dick grow bigger inside me. I moaned, enjoying it. "I'm going to c-" He stopped talking as he cummed. I felt it as I sighed and laid back. He grinned, as came out of me and laid next to me holding my naked body against him. I smiled, but my lower body was hurting like hell from what just happened. But I ignored it as I fell asleep in his arms. He smiled and said. "Night, beautiful." Then he fell asleep holding me close.




Sorry if this chapter was too dirty for you and that it was short.

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