Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


1. Chapter 1

I slowly wake up as my whole body feels numb. I could barely even open my eyes. Once I was able to open my eyes, I realized that I was laying in a small, dark, chilly room. I was instantly terrified once I saw a small figure in front of me. I could hear soft breathing, as the figure got closer. I was broken inside, thinking that I was kidnapped. "Don't be afraid... I'm only trying to help you." I was confused, because didn't this person kidnap me, why would they help me? I was even more anxious now. I tried to move, but I couldn't then I looked at my arm, and saw that it was covered in blood. 'Is that my blood!?' I asked myself. I was able to look up and the person and noticed that they had bandages as water to help me. "W-who are y-you, a-and w-w-where am I?..." I asked in a stutter. "Don't worry about that now, just be calm." I realized the person had a male voice. He got closer as he picked up my arm. Then all of a sudden my vision went blurry, and more blurry until I couldn't see. I closed my eyes. He slowly cleans my arm, as I pass out, probably because of how much blood I lost. He cleans all the other cuts I have on my body, as I stay passed out. 

I wake up, but somewhere different from before. It looked like a bedroom of someone that I didn't know. I was a little startled when someone came in the room. I was able to move, unlike I was before. I sat up and looked at the person. "Thank goodness you're awake!" I look around, confused. "W-where am I?" I ask as he comes over to me. "You're in my room, I didn't know where to take you." I look at my arm and see it is healed. "Who are you, and how long have I been here?" I ask a little worried. He looks at me and smiles gently. "My name is Kale, and-" He stops talking and his smile changes to a kind of sad face. "and you have been here for about a month I think." I look at him, shocked. "O-oh..." I thought of what I should say, but I didn't know what to say. I just kept thinking of what happened to me. "Well I'm glad I found you because you could've of died." He smiled gently. I moved the blankets off me then a got up, but I had to use his night stand to help me stay up, as my legs felt like I haven't walked in forever. He ran over and helped me stay up. "You okay?" He seemed worried. "Y-yeah..." He set me back on the bed, as I looked at him. He sits next to me. "So what's your name." I smile, trying to forget what happened as I say, "My name is Kiley." He smiles and gets up. "Do you want anything, Kiley?" I look at him. His smile is so lovely I thought. 'What am I thinking!?" I thought. "U-um, I'd rather not have anything, I don't want to use anything that is yours." He keeps smiling, as he kneels down looking at me. "It's okay, I wouldn't mind someone as beautiful as you using anything." I blush lightly, as he keeps smiling, then gets up and walks out of the room. Did he really just say that I thought. I got up, slowly walking out of the room, then I look down the hallway. I walk down to see Kale getting a glass of water. I use the walls to keep me standing. I look at my legs and see I can still see where I was cut. I sigh as I continue walking over to Kale. He looks at me wondering if I should even be walking. Then he hands me the glass of water, as I smile. "Thanks." He smiles back. "No problem." He puts one of his arms around me to help me stand. "I-I'm fine." He looks at me. "I know, I just want to hold you..." I blush as I drink some of the water. I set the water on the table, as I look around the house to see if anyone was around. "Is there anyone else here?" I ask. He lets me go and his mood changes from cheerful, to a upset. "Well, no, no one lives here, but me." I look at him, thinking I should've not said that. "O-oh." 

We talked awhile, until I was able to walk well. Then I decided that I should leave. "Maybe I should leave now." I said as I looked at him. "O-okay." He sounded upset like he was easily broken by me just saying I should leave. He looked at me and smiled, like his mood just instantly changed. "Could I at least get your phone number." He asked as I smiled. "Sure." I write down my number on a piece of paper then I go to the door. "W-wait..." He says as he takes a step towards me. "Hm?" I look at him. "C-could I walk you to your house?" I smile as I open the door. "Yeah come on." He bolted over to me, as I walked out the door. We started walking down the side walk. I recognized the area, so I knew my way. After awhile, Kale's hand started to get near mine, I held his hand and he blushed, and I did as well. He looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back. I look around then stop at a house. It was my house. I look at him. "Thanks for walking me." He looked at me and then hugs me. "Just make sure you are being careful." I smile, as I hug back. "I will, bye." I say as I smile, walking into my house. He starts walking back to his house, smiling. I fall onto my couch. "How did this happen?..." I ask myself, then I sigh.

A few days pass by as I just was back to my usual self. I didn't have any friends to talk to about what happened, not even a brother or a sister. I had to explain to my boss why I was gone for so long. He wasn't happy, obviously. But he didn't believe one word I said which was upsetting. I ended up loosing my job. I didn't have enough money to pay for my bills either, loosing my job didn't make it any better. I just easily broke, because everything just happened so quickly. I just thought of what I was going to do...

"What do I do, what do I do..." I kept saying that until I heard my phone go off. I picked it up and answered it. "Hello?" I said wondering who it was. "Hey it's Kale." He said through the phone. I smiled, because I actually felt happy for once. "Oh, hey Kale." I said trying to forget what has been happening in my life, as my mood changing from happy to upset and so does my tone of voice. My smile went away as well. "So, how have things been?" He asked wondering if I have been okay sense what happened. I still sounded upset as I said, "W-well fine, I guess." I lied, then I sit down looking down, still having the phone to my ear. "Are you sure, Kiley? You sound upset, like something is wrong." He asked worried, as I can hear him getting up, though the phone. I can feel tears building up in my eyes, as I said, "Y-yeah I'm sure, nothings wrong..." I try to sound like I'm fine, but I just sound more upset. "You sound like you're crying, can I come over, I want to make sure you're alright." I notice that I started crying, I wipe my eyes trying to stop. "N-no I'm fine." I end the call. Then I set my phone down forcefully, then I put my hands on my face trying to stop crying. "Why am I so sensitive!" I yelled to myself. I eventually stopped crying. I sighed as I laid down on my bed with my face on the pillow. I mumbled to myself in the pillow. "Can I just die already..." 


Kale's P.O.V.


"Did she really just end the call!?" I said as I threw my phone down on the table. I was wondering if I should go over to her house, but I didn't know if she would even let me in, or not. I think I remember the way, but I'm not completely sure. She did sound upset, but why. I was talking to myself in my head for awhile, then I said. "Okay, I'm going to go to Kiley." I grabbed my phone, and my coat as I walk out the door. I try to remember the way as I walk down the sidewalk. I look at all the houses, then I see one that I recognize. "I'm pretty sure that's her house." I say as I slowly walk to the doorstep. I knock on the door, as I hear a familiar voice say. "One second." I smile, as I'm sure that is her. Kiley opens the door, and sees it is me. "O-oh, hey Kale." She still sounded upset, and her eyes looked a little irritated. "Good, you're not hurt." I say as I hug her tightly. She hugs me back. "Yeah... um do you want to come in?..." She says as walks inside, then looks at me. I smile at her. "Sure." I could tell she was upset, and I wanted to know why. I walk inside and close the door. She sits down on the couch and holds her legs up to her chest like she is feeling a little uncomfortable about something. I sit down next to her and look at her. "What's wrong?..." The mood changes and there is awkward silence for about 10 seconds until she says. "I'm upset, because I lost my job, and I don't have any money, so I can't pay for my bills, or anything really. And now I don't know what to do...." She explained. I was really upset for her and I hug her tightly, wanting to try to make her happy. "Well I wouldn't mind helping someone like you, if you need it." I smile at her. She then hugs me back. "T-thank you, Kale." I thought of what I should do, then I kiss her cheek gently. I can see her blush then I do myself wondering if that was okay. She then just smiled so I guess it was. I say in my head. 'I t-think I like her... N-no I do like her...' 


Kiley's P.O.V.


I can't believe he actually kissed my cheek! I could feel my face flush as I blush. 'I think I like him...' I said to myself in my head. Stop what am I thinking! But what is so wrong with liking someone! I was battling myself until I finally decided that it would be fine to like him. Then after I did Kale's mood changed and I could tell. He grabbed my arms and held me down a kissed me. I was surprised as I looked at him, as my eyes widened, thinking that was so random and why would he do that. He got his tongue in my mouth. My face feels like it is on fire, as he starts playing with my tongue. I then push him lightly signaling him to stop. He then slowly gets off, sucking the saliva between us. I blush as I look away from him. "Are you okay?" He asks, smiling from the kiss. "Y-yeah..." I say as I look back at him, smiling, as I kind of enjoyed the kiss. He then lays back against the couch as I do the same, feeling a little awkward. "I'm gonna go lay down for a bit, I'm a little tired, so you can leave if you want." I say as I start walking to my room. "H-hey umm... c-" He stops talking, thinking if he should say what he was going to say. "What?" I say as I stop and turn around. He gets up and looks at me. "Do you think I could lay with you?... I'm also a bit tired, and I don't want to have to walk back to my place." He says, as I think he is just making excuses to lay with me, but I'll let him anyway. "Um, sure I guess." I say as I keep walking to my room. I don't know if he will try to do something perverted, but I already said he could lay with me, so it's too late now to change my mind. 




This is my first piece that I'm publishing on Movellas, so please tell me if you like it or not. Thanks! <3

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