Hermione and Draco: what if

What if in their fourth year, Hermione and Draco had to be nice? What if Harry didn't like Cho, but Hermione.


1. On the train


I entered the train. Family's were saying their good byes. I heard Fred and Gorge in one compartment with Lee, talking about a new product they had made. All up and down the train kids were talking about what had happened at the Triwizard Tornanent. All the parents were scared. But Hogwarts is safe. I found a compartment with Ron and Harry. I slipped in.

"Hey Hermione." Harry said after I sat down.

I just node at him. My mind full of what I was going to learn this year.

"Hey Harry. You okay?" Ron asked looking at Harry.

I looked too. Harry was rubbing his scar.

"It bothering you again?" I ask.

"Still hurts from the other night." Harry says.

"Tell Dombledor." I say for the sixth time today.

"He will just say I'm overreacting." Harry tells me again.

I huff. "Fine. But at least tell Padfoot what you saw in your dream. He would love to hear from you" I say to try and cheer him up.


I sit with my fellow Slytherin's. Crabe and Goyle on my left and right. Balies in front of me. I look around and finally get up.

"I'm going to find some first years to welcome to Hogwarts before we reach the castle." I say. But everyone was looking at Balies's new owl.

So I walk out and the hall way was full if kids. Some looking for places to sit. Others talking to friends. I see Granger walk into a compartment. As I walk by it I see Potter and Wesley sitting in it. "So much for finding her alone." I think to myself. I keep moving. What is wrong with me? I shouldn't even like Granger.

I finally make my way to my compartment and find that the others were no longer there. I think nothing of it and sit by the window. The train starts moving heading to Hogwarts.

*Hermione's POV*

The candy trolley pulled up. Harry and I got up. He went first and got three chocolate frogs, and a pumpkin pasty. Then I was my turn. I walked up and Harry brushed my me. We looked at each other and Harry blushed.

"Sorry." He said then went to sit down.

I was so flustered, that when the lady asked if I wanted any candy I just said no. "He already say down." I thought to myself. I went and sat down, thinking about Harry that I didn't hear Ron.

"What?" I looked up at him. He had the paper in his lap.

"I said. The ministry does not know who made the mark in the sky." He read in the paper. "Minister cornilous Fudge, has made it perfectly clear that there were thousands of death eaters at the Tornament that any one of them could have sent the mark in the sky." Ron puts the paper down. "He could be right. But my consterne would be why were they there in the first place?"

We all look at each other. But Harry would not look me in the eye. Ron looked confused.

The train comes to a stop outside the grounds of the castle. We all jump up and go look for a wagon to the castle. We find the only available wagon. The only one in it is Malfoy. All the others were full. I look at the boys and then climb in. I sit on the opposite side of him. Harry sits next to me and Ron sits as far away from Malfoy as humanly possable.

We ride all the way to the castle in silence. The boys giving Malfoy angry looks. I just open a book and read.

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