Music Soothes the Soul

Serafina Rizzo is host to Sousanna and comes from a wealthy family. She is into music and one day finds her life upside down by being captured. Now being hunted by Lucifer to drag her back to hell with a threat of a war, she must navigate her life to make her dreams a reality even with a popular music channel.


1. Baptism by Fire

A pair of eyes focus on what he assumes would be a quick and easy capture, a lone girl waiting in the dark by the performer’s entrance and exit fumbling with the keys to get in as he locked it to get a trap. However he doesn't see the robot by her nor realizing that the robot is trying to get someone inside to unlock the door but failing. Earlier he had posed as one of the workers and was easily able to erase memories of all who came before the girl. But he has to work fast if he doesn't want the humans to interrupt and alert others of a demonic attack. Quickly and quietly he descends on the what he thinks is a lone human girl not a human that is host to an angel and no matter how quiet he is the angel can hear him.

“Vitus, do you sense anything off?” inquires Serafina Rizzo trying to scan the area hearing taps on various places that seems like someone is trying to jump.

“No, Mistress Rizzo,” replies Vitus. “But I’m having no luck getting anyone. I take it the keys aren’t working as well. Is that why you are asking if I can sense something off?”

“Not really, someone is trying to move quietly by jumping. I know you are a business robot but you have better scanners for your eyes than I do right now. In fact the person is just trying to be quiet enough so humans don't hear.”

“Could a creature be committing suicide?”

“No, it would be harder to for them depending on the species. Plus he isn't doing one big jump but several smaller ones. We need to get inside now before it attacks.”

“What species is it?”

“I don’t know nor am I going to hazard a guess. Vitus, can you please help? We don’t have much time before whatever it is attacks.”

“Of course, Mistress Rizzo”

Serafina continues to try the keys hoping one will work and Vitus attempting to make contact with someone inside. With each passing moment this demonic creature gets closer to its prey unaware that his prey holds an angel and can hear him approach. Unfortunately getting in before it attacked didn’t work as Serafina is tackled she releases an ear piercing scream which only causes the creature to muffle it as much as possible. The scream worked though as people heard it and the demon has to hastily subdue his prey and make a quick escape. Vitus and a few people call 911 especially the person coming out of the theater before calling her parents which Vitus takes care of when the police are in the area.

“Hello,” greets Dante Rizzo.

“Master Dante,” greets Vitus. “Please come to Shubert Theater we have had an emergency here.”

“Is everything all right, Vitus? Why isn’t Serafina calling herself?”

“Mistress Serafina has been captured by a demonic creature and it would be best that you and Mistress Hyun Jung comes shortly as the police will most likely want to talk to you.”

“We’ll be there shortly. Thank you for contacting me about this and we knew this will eventually happen. Do you know if this was planned?”

“No I do not as the demonic creature left fast with no words exchanged besides Serafina’s scream.”

“I see.”

“Stay there and when we leave you can leave as well.”

“Yes, Master Dante”

Dante quickly gets his wife and leaves for Shubert Theater and contacting his PR to help inform the public what is going on with his family. The police are there and one of them is talking to Vitus on what happened and a few others that saw what happened. Soon the police notice Dante and Hyun Jung and start to ask them question on why this may happen. With everything in place things are put into motion while there is no known enemies but are aware that there could be some demons after her. Dante also get the ball rolling on their press release and the press conference tomorrow all in hopes to get Serafina back alive along with being on the lookout for a ransom note.

Now the demon, Xiuhcoatl, stops a few miles north halfway between the capture point and the abandoned warehouse to make sure the rushed injection is holding. Which it is but to make sure he grabs the syringe and gives her another small dosage of Gootreyn* which is the demonic form of chloroform and needs an experience hand not to kill someone like Xiuhcoatl. Xiuhcoatl finally reaches the warehouse and puts his prey on the makeshift cot as they call it as the other 5 fill in.

“Good choice, Xiuhcoatl,” starts Apep. “With her capture we can finally show our leader that we are strong and aren’t meant to be taken lightly.”

“Thanks, but she is a screamer. When I tackled her to the grown she left an ear piercing scream higher than any mythological creature found on Earth naturally. I didn’t let her put up much of fight because people where coming out and I had to inject her hastily so on my way here I did another small dosage to make sure it took,” replies Xiuhcoatl.

“That’s because she’s no ordinary human. From the looks of her you got the true host to Sousanna and if you didn’t add the scream it makes even more so than her imposters. Both host and angel will not know what hit them. We will also have to act fast as her scream was most likely planned to at least alert others of a demonic attack if not to contact the angels as if you mistook her for a normal human she would still hear you. In fact no matter how quiet you were she will still have heard you because she is the angel of music and has one of the most sensitive hearing that one will ever find even for an angel. Brandr, Uwzal, go stand guard as we prep.”

“Yes, sir,” replies Brandr and Uwzal together.

“Gervas and Rajanikant, find the chains and gag as Xiuhcoatl and I prep our lovely guest of honor,” orders Apep.

“Right away, Apep,” adds Gervas. “What about the demonic silencing collar?”

“Bring it so we can be on the safe side as it might be wise but it is untested on choir angels and especially the angel of music,” informs Apep.

“Yes, Apep,” answers Rajanikant.

With that the others leave to their places while Apep and Xiuhcoatl starts to undress the unconscious Serafina. Piece by piece the clothes come off before Gervas and Ranjanikant comes back with the chains and collar while Apep feels her up.

“Very good choice, Xiuhcoatl,” praises Apep. “An hourglass figure has been always my preference and if I’m feeling correct she is still a virgin or at least in her human form. Either way we plan to do it once she is awake but a virgin is always a prize.”

Apep grabs the collar first putting it around her neck and plays with the settings so their victim can be as quiet as it allows her to be. Following the collar, he adds the gag and chains making sure the legs are as wide as they can go and her arms are stretched above her head. It makes it easier so he can access the chip and shut down all communication from the outside world along with syncing their chips together for easy monitoring. Once things are set, the 4 of them leave until Apep’s chip says she is awake enough for their plans. They decide to watch the news in case things are already compromised along with getting Brandr and Uwzal inside from look out as no one is distracted.

Over in Los Angeles, CA, Serafina’s best friend, Federico, tries to contact her.


Sera, when did you say your family is moving here again? I would like to through you a welcome party when you get here. Let me know when you have a chance.

The number you have reached has been disconnected. Please try again later. If this problem persists please update your numbers in your chip.

Sera, are you playing a prank? If so this isn’t funny.

The number you have reached has been disconnected. Please try again later. If this problem persists please update your numbers in your chip.

Seriously? You are starting to scare me, is everything alright? This better not be a prank or you and I will have to have a talk about this. Contact me.

The number you have reached has been disconnected. Please try again later. If this problem persists please update your numbers in your chip.

Fred decides to contact Dante to see if he can stop the messages he has been receiving.

Mr. Rizzo, is Serafina alright? I’ve wanted to contact her about a welcoming party but I keep getting this message: “The number you have reached has been disconnected. Please try again later. If this problem persists please update your numbers in your chip.” What’s going on?

Fred, Sera has been kidnapped and most likely the people who kidnapped her has disconnected her chip from her chip which is why you are getting that message. If they did it remotely you would have a time when it say she is busy and when to contact her back. This just another snag in the investigation but at least the police can find out now than later.

Who kidnapped her?

We can't be certain but her robot said it looked like a demon.

Is there anything my family or I can do to help?

I don’t think there is much you can do at this moment other than to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Ok, sorry to hear about Serafina

Fred can only help but wonder what is happening to Serafina all the while in NYC Dante shows a police officer the conversation with Fred. With that, it is decided they have to do the press release now if they ever want to get Serafina back alive. Rizzo Entertainment along with the NYC Police Department sets it up in hopes they can get Serafina back now as most likely there will be no ransom note as she was the 1st victim that came along and not targeted for who she is. Dante and Hyun Jung still need to tell their children and family which they can only do mere minutes before having to go on live. The 2 youngest children seem to take the news hard and cry to want to see Serafina in fact all seem to be worried about her in some shape or form. Around 8 Dante goes on live and hopes for the best.

“Today, on May 19, 5003 at 5:26 pm, my daughter Serafina Young Mi Rizzo was getting ready for a 6:00 pm rehearsal at Shubert Theater on Broadway. Accompanied by her business robot, Vitus, Serafina was trying to get into the locked building as they were expected to arrive a half an hour early when she was attacked and captured by a creature. She heard him coming and tried even harder to get in. Vitus said it look demon with bright orange eyes, fair skin, and messy black hair but he was so fast that he couldn’t get a good look at him as he was in a rush. Recently I have been contacted by one of Serafina’s friends who was trying to contact her but her phone on her chip has been deactivated making police and I think it is a demonic gang who captured her. Serafina was last seen in a short sleeve dark red t-shirt with black hearts with 2 sparkly hearts on her upper right chest, ripped black skinny jeans, and red converse. She is 14 years old, has dark brown eyes, mono-lid almond shaped eyes, black hair with natural red highlights, golden brown skin tone, is nearing 6’0”, and an hourglass figure. She is of known Korean, Italian, and Swahili descent, and she is fluent in Korean and Italian besides English. Also she is host to the angel Sousanna and the angel has been known to take over her body at times so mannerisms may mimic that of an angel than of a human. If anyone has seen her or her captor or saw anything suspicious please contact NYC police department, Rizzo Entertainment PR 800-956-24PR, or 911. We wish for her quick return to our family.”

Afterwards the press asks a few other questions on what is happening but most of which Dante cannot say either due to the investigation or he doesn’t have that information. Most people are unaware that the captors are watching this as they are also monitoring what is going on to see what the plan will be in future events. In fact Serafina is just starting to wake up and hearing her dad’s voice.

“Dad?” she thinks trying to get awake. “Why is dad muffled? What the hell happened to me? The last thing I remember is being tackled to the ground and something being injected into me.”

Moving around a little Serafina realizes she can’t move much besides her head so she look around to see she has been chained down and feels a rather long gag in her mouth. She also sees that she has been stripped of her clothes. She moves a little more to see if she can get out of her restraints even if it is fruitless.

“What the hell? Who kidnapped me and what are their intentions? Did they rape me already?!” muses Serafina still moving around unaware her activity is being monitored.

“It appears our captive is awake,” states Apep when the alarm goes off. “And right on time if I’m not mistaken considering her dosage.”

“How much longer until we can break her into her new role as our whore?” Inquires Gervas.

Apep adds, “A little bit longer but not too much longer as it seems she is testing out her new surroundings. It is what set my chip off as she is able to move and seems awake enough to realize something is amiss.”

“Can you access her chip?” inputs Uwzal. “There has to be a few interesting finds we can use in her either to keep her in line or if needed to kill her.”

“I can and already have while she was unconscious. There isn't much to blackmail her with so not much to keep her in line. However we can easily kill her as she is allergic to soy and lactose intolerant. When we have had our fill let the soy allergy runs its course but until then we need to be careful not to feed her those,” informs Apep.

“So we can go to any grocery store or supermarket and buy it off the shelf without going to the black market?” Observes Ranjanikant.

Apep smirks, “That's exactly what I'm saying as they may have someone on the lookout for black market activity throughout her absence as she is very high up in society. Which if we can get it legally it would be better than having to resort to the black market.”

“So how much longer must we wait before our fun?” questions Xiuhcoatl.

“Let’s give her another half an hour before we do anything. She has to remember this night and what her new role is,” observes Apep.

“Did we remember to turn off her tracking?” investigates Brandr. “Because if we didn’t they will be on us fast and we won’t have long with her especially if we want to avoid being captured. By now the police would have already hacked the chip and searching for were the chip is located.”

“No, and thanks for reminding me, Brandr. I’ll have to do it when we get back in there as that should have been one of the first things we did when she got here. It is a slight oversight but shouldn’t have caused too much problems for us,” concedes Apep.

The following half an hour they talk about the more long term plan of either forming their own demonic gang if their boss will not let them back. If that would be the case Serafina will be the main gang whore as long as nothing jeopardize this intermediate time. And if they are able to rejoin their boss they will make sure she is placed with the other gang whores instead of being a trainer. However there is a spy out and is watching them and their plans so he can report back to Lucifer about his lost captive, Sousanna. Thousands of years have passed after her escape to return to heaven as a beloved choir angel and to her fiancé, Leonidas. Lucifer only knows one thing and that is she hasn’t made it to heaven but is bidding her time with hosts and going to another host once the other dies and Leonidas is searching for her using the same method. The spy quietly leaves before Apep, Xiuhcoatl, Gervas, Rajanikant, Brandr, and Uwzal realizes they are being watched and heads to Lucifer headquarters in hell. Whoever at that time the captors decide it is time to have fun with their new slave.

The spy gets to the headquarters and Lucifer greets him gratefully.

“What brings you here?” inquires Lucifer.

“I found the prisoner that escaped,” replies the spy. “She has been captured by lowly demons. Sousanna wasn’t careful enough this time as she found her true host in this Serafina Rizzo person and in turn has made her host more angel than human.”

“I see where did you find her?”

“NYC, sir, in an abandoned warehouse. From what intel I could gather they are stealing the human’s virginity and planning to make her their whore no matter the long term effects from capturing her including angering you. It seems lowly demons no longer fear you and rule sections of Earth.”
“We all follow one rule if you forget that we seek power for ourselves demons or fallen angels and only fallen angels that came with me are loyal to me. Now did you see any angelic activity around the site?”

“Not yet, nor any signs of her fiancé but it is safe to assume that Sousanna found a true host he has as well along with anyone still left in the search party for her. Nor have I seen the children you sired with Sousanna who you believe helped her escape. If you want her, you need to act soon than wait for much longer.”

“I can abide my time besides I would rather not fight her captors to get what I want back. Besides I still have other prisoners to deal with and ruling hell so no one dares take my spot. The old demons weren’t happy when I took over especially those Japanese demons called yokai. Now they think it is their chance to take back over and create a calmer environment. Call Pandora, Attor, and Itzal to me and they shall see to it that our plans are settled as I see fit not and not when she is spotted as that will cause too much havoc especially right now.”

“Yes, sir.”

The spy quickly gets the aforementioned people within minutes as they always guard what would be Sousanna’s cell by the headquarters. They are what Lucifer calls her chain masters and they bow to him.

“Stand,” commands Lucifer. “I need you three to pose on earth for a while. Sousanna has been found and right now is in the hands of low demons. I need you 3 to go to Earth find her fiancé, any of her search party remaining besides her fiancé, and try to get to close to everyone including Sousanna’s host without setting Sousanna off. The host name is Serafina Rizzo and you are to bring her back when I signal it which is when you guys are close enough. Another war between the Angels of Heaven needs to be avoided at all costs. You are her chain masters. Attor, Itzal, I don’t care how but you need to lay the ground work for this. And you, Pandora, your mission is to be friend her when she returns to the town her fiancé is in because she will sooner or later. In the meantime that we don’t have her or I haven’t signaled you 3 need to be on not only alert but also pose as non-violent demons to gain a respect. We will only have one chance at that because if this plan shall fail then we will be at war and most likely our prisoners of war will be released and we sentenced to a harsher fate. Do you three understand?”

“Yes, sir,” they reply in unison.

They leave on their mission looking for the fiancé and gathering as much information as they can. All the while Apep finally finishes turning of the tracking as it turned out to be harder than what he thought as it was hidden by several safety features. The others just busy themselves around the area making sure things are stocked and all the while trying not to provoke Apep with his anger which means busying themselves with other things than interrupting him. He finally finishes and stands up before kneeling over Sera.

“You’re scared, aren’t you? Afraid what will happen to you, what will become of your future? Well you have nothing to fear from us as we wish to not hurt you. However we don’t wish to hurt you but if you resist us and not cooperate it will hurt and things will get ugly. You, my lovely girl, are in a special position to help us get back to our gang and if you do that you will be heavily rewarded. How you ask? It is quite simple really, you do as we say and let us have fun with you whenever we want. When our boss realizes what we can do he will let us back in the gang and you will be in the prized position as our sex slave. Defy us and you will be punished, understand?” starts Apep as Serafina tries to get out and just shakes her head no. “No, well that will change in time. They can’t find you and you will not be able to walk around until you cooperate with us. But I think it is time for all of us to have some fun right now as you will remember.”

“Apep, is she being defiant?” inquires Xiuhcoatl.

“No,” answers Apep. “She is just scared as they normally are when they first come and we need to give her 2 weeks before we can start punishing her for denying us. She will be trained for 2 weeks to fulfill our needs but will remain chained and gagged unless we want oral. All the while explaining to her what we want and giving her the medication to help her body. Within 2 weeks we can slowly let her have freedom and punish her for the transgression we have set and that means we need to inform the rules to her soon but not now we have waited way too long. This gag thankfully has a small hole in the bottom and the top has a cap so we can keep the gag in place and use it as a funnel. Now can someone hand me the medication so we can start.”

Uwzal hands Apep the bottle before he opens the top to pour in a generous amount in. With that they start to have their fun raping Sera for hours on end. The collar blocking all sounds Serafina trying to make from screams and as soon as the drug took full effect moans. With one last round they finish leaving her alone to cry.

“I’m sorry,” states the angel Sousanna that resides in Serafina. “If I didn’t reside in you this wouldn’t have happened.”

“What are you talking about? You didn’t do this to me; you didn’t put me in this position,” inquires Sera.

“Not physically but this is basically a baptism by fire for what is to come. They may not be connected to Lucifer but his connections will come as this would have a confirmation news to Lucifer. With me in you as my true host, even without confirmation to Lucifer, you have a target on your back to other demons. It was just a matter of time until a demon would capture us even if they are initially unaware as these captors were. In fact we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they were looking for the 1st prey to fall for the bait and we were it. Unfortunately for them, we made more of a scene due to our hearing than a normal human would which gives us a leg up in being found before they rejoin their group or form their own.”

“Sousanna, can we talk about this later?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, for going on too long and everything.”

For the next following 2 weeks she is raped whenever they feel like it and it varies from being a group or to single members themselves. Surprisingly the captors did offer some form of food mostly purees and them increasingly frustrated they had to make it instead of buying it off the shelf from what Sera could make out of their grumblings. During the early days they did what they would call training sessions for vaginal, oral, and anal sex as they would call it. Really it was just them going on for hours in one area with very little care what happens. She also never slept well unless they would inject her with Gootreyn when they did want her to be unconscious and even then that is not the best sleep. When not on it she would sleep off and on that wouldn’t add up to much as she would only sleep maybe a half an hour each time. All in all it is a hard time for her especially with little to no sleep despite normally needing to sleep every 3 to 4 days due to being host to an angel. She fights as much as she can which is why she is still in her chains but with lack of sleep it isn’t as strong as it once was.

Noise of the door wakes Sera up to see Apep and Brandr talking amongst the 2 of them.

“Brandr, can you check her food supply?” inquires Apep.

“Sure thing,” replies Brandr. “Are we doing her normal morning routine?”

“That’s my plan.”

“Also Gervas, Rajanikant, and Uwzal just came back from their hunt and you know how they get when they are done hunting. I don’t think it would be wise to postpone them.”

“I’m not planning it if they want to they can but I was just coming in to set up for the morning. Let me know how the food supply is soon as that may hamper our plans for a longer time.”

“Got it.”

Brandr leaves and Apep moves throughout the room and looks at her.

“Morning, whore,” he smirks. “I wonder how long it will take for one of us to get you pregnant then we could have a bargaining chip to keep you in line other than you refusing to sleep. Your angel won’t go down without a fight and therefore you won’t. We only have a few more days here before we need to move to a more secure location as your training days are numbered. In fact today is your last day as a trainee, and tomorrow we move. If you let out a scream when we when we remove the gag and the collar it will mean certain death. Nod if you understand.”

Sera just nods in sleepiness but she hardly paid any attention to what he said. With that the Gervas, Rajanikant, and Uwzal come back from their hunting trip looking for some action. However, Brandr comes back in ignoring the other 3.

“So how’s her food supply?” inquires Apep working on a few things.

“We are down to just the pureed soy,” replies Brandr. “Do you want me make more food for her?”

“Just make enough food for today as we are leaving tomorrow. We will post pone what we can for her morning routine until the food is done.”

“Understood, which shouldn’t take me too long to do.”

“Also, keep the soy at hand depending if the rumors come true that way if it does happen we will have little time to spare.”

“I understand, have you heard anything more?”

“All that I know it was the old boss that rated us out as her kidnapers but he didn’t know where we went so he couldn’t have outed our position. That I have a feeling on and it involves several factors, one of them being we did give them a general idea when we forgot the tracking and possibly a safety feature that would ping until local authorities would find the captive. The pinging would also give off a general area until they get close enough to find the person they are looking for. Unfortunately we don’t know if she does have that safety feature but most children of wealthy families have it immediately without police intervention. From what I have gathered this is what brought down the old boss just a week after we captured Serafina with Wakahisa, Kimiko.”

“Got it, I’ll be back shortly.”

Brandr heads back to the kitchen and carefully portions out for two meals for what they consider Seraphina’s breakfast and supper before putting the contents in a blender and pureeing it. Once that was taken care of he heads back to Sera’s room and they do their morning ritual with her which is feeding her the puree of food, giving her the so called medicine that helps her body react to them, and having their way with her. For the rest of the day nothing really happens as they pack up since the kidnappers are planning to move tomorrow which means a lot of this stuff needs to be packed up now. Though they are on the look out to make sure no one is aware that they will be moving and hopefully getting trainers of their own and maybe add to the whore collection.

It is the evening and what could be packed is already in their designated box or suitcase. Unbeknownst to them in the warehouse the police and the swat team has surrounded the building waiting for the command to raid the warehouse. Sera looks around her bare quarters as she does hear them but she has no way of knowing if it is just an ordinary raid or they are looking for her particularly. After getting a good feel for the warehouse, a signal is given and they start to enter the warehouse. A breaking window from one of the upper levels alerts the others to a raid being done. The breaking of the window alerts the others to something going on and sets them into a panic.
Apep grabs the soy as the others try to hide the other evidence that is unused and scattered around. In a desperate attempt, Apep removes the gag from Sera and pours the pureed soy down her throat as they are being surrounded by the raid team. Within minutes, Sera tried to move from her restraints in a desperate attempt to get out. Her face, tongue, and throat are swelling, it is getting difficult to breath, and if she wasn’t laying down she would have fainted. All what Sera remembers are rushed actions of someone calling for an ambulance and someone giving her an injection which she hopes is an epi-pen for the anaphylaxis she is having. It had to have been because her breathing starts to return to normal and her eye sight all be it a little blurry is coming back.

“Miss,” states a person using a scanner to locate her child and identify her. “Are you alright?”

“I think,” replies Sera.

“We have an ambulance coming. Can you tell me your name and what happened?”

“I’m Serafina Rizzo. I was captured by someone, a demon I believe, and brought here for a while they say it is supposed to be 2 weeks since I was captured. They raped me day in and out. They said I was to be their whore.”

“Who are they?”

“A group made up of 2 demons, 2 vampires, a cambion, and a dhampire all males”

“I’m going to remove the restraints. I’ll alert the detectives that you will be in the hospital. Your ambulance should be here shortly.”

Sera just nods her head and looks around before another group comes in as she is released from the restraints. The ride in the ambulance is quiet but it is peaceful. She heard the one person say that everything checks out name wise as she was leaving. Once in the hospital she is given a rape kit and she request emergency contraceptives which thankfully they had the name brand ella to give her.


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