Crimson Blood

In the modern society where supernatural phenomenons are considered common, humans are divided into three categories:
Practitioner/Magician/Mythical Beings
Practitioners depended on effort.
Magicians depended on talent.
Mythical Beings depend on lineage.
The Crimson Clan had disbanded several years ago and the only one remaining member, Ellis Crimson, lives to this day. How will this supposedly average high school student's life go?


4. Trouble_at_the_First_Hour


"Who is the person named Ellis here?" A loud voice rang.

Ellis, who was sitting in the window sit, almost fell backward in his chair.

"Its definitely you," The person behind the loud noise pointed toward Ellis.

Though Ellis gave his classmate a begging gesture to help him with his situation, the only thing that his classmates can do is to pray that he will be able come to class the next day. Ellis gave them a disappointed look.

.................. (Dragged)

Ellis was basically dragged to the top floor of the school. The next thing he realized was the same girl that he had seen on the morning.

"Hello..." Ellis had nothing more to say.

"You see, during the flight magic," She spoke in worried tone.

Ellis's danger radar quickly pointed out that he should run away.

"How did you stop its activation?" She finished the sentence.

"?" Ellis was relieved that he wasn't on a death sentence, but a new problem rose.

"Though I can't see the mana flow physically, I can disturb it to cancel certain types of magic," Ellis replied with a narrative tone.

Mana flow can be sensed physically, but many people don't realize that it can disrupt the entire magic if the main source has been disrupted. Most of humans, subconsciously, take in most of mana in one direction. By disturbing for a second, their judgement loosens and it gives a position of an advantage. 

"Really? What is the limitations for it!" She got enthusiastic after the answer.

"It depends on situation," Ellis answered.

Ellis didn't realize at first but the girl that he talked to seems awfully familiar with someone that he knows. It might be because of the fact that despite having a western look, her hair was black. She was what anyone would describe as the nobility. Her short yet vibrant figure gave Ellis the same impression of a someone in high position.

"Could you please help us out with something?" She asked with a shining eyes.

Ellis knew that this would involve troubles. 


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