Crimson Blood

In the modern society where supernatural phenomenons are considered common, humans are divided into three categories:
Practitioner/Magician/Mythical Beings
Practitioners depended on effort.
Magicians depended on talent.
Mythical Beings depend on lineage.
The Crimson Clan had disbanded several years ago and the only one remaining member, Ellis Crimson, lives to this day. How will this supposedly average high school student's life go?


6. Preparing_for_the_Battle


Ellis, who was happy because of the monthly tuition, ran down the street as fast as he could when the school was over. Everyone in the school knew that he was one of the most unfortunate being in the school with having to support the family of twenty and work at various of odd jobs including construction work and more. He was rumored to be poor to the point where he can't get a normal haircut, forcing him to use scissors to chop them off at some point. That was the reason why no one would be able to guess why he was happy as they witnessed him exiting out of school. 

"Something must have happened to him," A student pointed out.

"Girlfriend?" One of his friend enviously raised the topic.

"Nah," Everyone agreed.

Everyone knew that his top priority would his family, not himself. He was something that anyone could have described as a selfless human. With the death of his parent at young age, many raised the topic of not having a parent which would be stressful series of events. When the orphanage manager was found out to be a con artist who ran away with the money, he became their guardian at age ten. At once, his female classmates bullied him for having some what feminine(Growth Issue(Childlike features)) and slender body(Lack of nutrition), but as they got to knew him better, some even regretted their actions. Right now, his height, which is barely above five feet, and his skinny body made him the figure of a respect, but he doesn't know it anyways.

Since some people looked outside to see his barrage of misfortune, Ellis had always thought that it was the way of them to laugh at them. In reality, it was them encouraging themselves to recognize themselves to be lucky and how they shouldn't make his life any worse. He became classroom favorite without even knowing.

"Tuition~ Tuition~," Ellis could be seen running down with a pack of wild cats chasing after him. It wasn't common but if anyone were to be in that situation, it was definitely him. 

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