Crimson Blood

In the modern society where supernatural phenomenons are considered common, humans are divided into three categories:
Practitioner/Magician/Mythical Beings
Practitioners depended on effort.
Magicians depended on talent.
Mythical Beings depend on lineage.
The Crimson Clan had disbanded several years ago and the only one remaining member, Ellis Crimson, lives to this day. How will this supposedly average high school student's life go?


1. Introduction: Narrator_in_Background


'What would happen if modern society was integrated with fantasy materials?" A person with a black suit, who claimed to be a narrator, asked a question out of blue.

"To be precise, what would be human's interaction with it?" 

"Will they be excited? Will they be scared? What will their approach be?"

The entire room was in silence. Probably because there was no one to begin with.

"The answer is simple!" Black suited man pointed a finger at aimless direction.

"It will be more or less the same as in reality!"

"Talent, effort, and personal background applies to these reality!" Black suited man made a clueless gesture.

"What difference does it make if these elements were to take a role in fantasy?"

"What difference does it make if your life depends heavily on your birth?"

"What difference does it make if reward for a effort is small?"

The black suited man walked down the stage in a room that resembled auditorium.

"This is a story about most unfortunate, miserable high school student's journey to become the strongest," The black man walked down the checkerboard floors. The main door of the auditorium suddenly closes down. 





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