Crimson Blood

In the modern society where supernatural phenomenons are considered common, humans are divided into three categories:
Practitioner/Magician/Mythical Beings
Practitioners depended on effort.
Magicians depended on talent.
Mythical Beings depend on lineage.
The Crimson Clan had disbanded several years ago and the only one remaining member, Ellis Crimson, lives to this day. How will this supposedly average high school student's life go?


11. First_Day_of_Tournament


"Welcome to the District Tournament. Give a round of applause for those who have worked hard to participate in this tournament!" The narrator spoke in enthusiastic tone.

Ellis walked down the hallway to the room where his school's representative gathered before the tournament began. Everyone in the room seems to be depressed and guilty because of what had happened to him. Some of them felt that it was their fault that Ellis had been targeted.

"If you want to make up for it, then winning is the best option," Ellis announced to the representatives.

As soon as his words spread out, most of them began to loosen their tension. It was matter of time before their spirits would come back again.

"So, what is the plan?" Brooklyn, one of the female representatives, asked for a suggestion.

"The game is basically individual match except for the fact that each one of us need to defeat at least one of them per battle," Edward, one of the representative, gave his suggestion.

The district level tournament is held between thirty two eligible institutions within period of five days. With seven members, each members fight one of the other representatives meaning that seven one vs one battle would happen. One of the reasons why there were seven members in each school was to make sure that there was no tie in any games.

"All of us here is advanced magician except for Ellis," Evan, one of the representative, pointed out.

"If we fight against a mythical race opponent, then we won't be able to stand a chance," Cobalt, one of the representatives, raised the topic.

"We might be able to do something about others but that might be a tricky one," Rogers, one of the representatives, complained with a sigh.

"I will take the strongest opponent," Ellis, the lowest level, suggested.

"Even if I lose, we won't have a disadvantage, right?"

"Sure," Everyone else agreed.

"Now is the time to shine," Lena opened the door to the stage where it revealed a white space that is designed to be most secured and safe environment for a fight. There was total of seven battle enabled stages with grey floors.

Ellis, Lena, Rogers, Evan, Brooklyn, Cobalt, and Edward stepped out to the white room where their first battle had began. 

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