Crimson Blood

In the modern society where supernatural phenomenons are considered common, humans are divided into three categories:
Practitioner/Magician/Mythical Beings
Practitioners depended on effort.
Magicians depended on talent.
Mythical Beings depend on lineage.
The Crimson Clan had disbanded several years ago and the only one remaining member, Ellis Crimson, lives to this day. How will this supposedly average high school student's life go?


12. Against_the_Strongest


"Here is the battle against two previous year's state team!" The narrator explained the descriptions about our school and the one that we were fighting against. 

"Here, we are voting to see who will fight against one another! Each member gets a choice to vote who will fight who in the competition! Make sure to use your communication!" The narrator was excited by the event.

Ellis found the perfect target for him. Samuel Bridges was the only mage in the other team. Though the mage and magicians have the same meaning in terms of literary, mages are the more advanced version of the magicians. The rank of mages begins from elementary again, but its a common sense that elementary mage is stronger than advanced magician.

"Is everyone decided?" The judge, who was at the center of the stage, asked the students.

"Yes," Everyone replied back. 

On the Stage 04, Ellis and Samuel stepped in. 

"I was waiting for a strong opponent, but you are the only one to fight against me," Samuel sighed.

"Level isn't the only deciding factor," Ellis spoke in serious tone.

"Don't think that I will hold back because of what happened to you," Samuel said in a serious tone.

"Effort doesn't betray you," Ellis spoke quietly.

"There is big difference between talent and an effort," Samuel glared at Ellis.

"The forth match begins!" The narrator shouted.

"Samuel Bridges versus Ellis Crimson!" 

"In 3...2...1... Start!"

Everyone in the crowd, as well as some of his teammates, were confident that Samuel, with his mage level magic, would be able to defeat Ellis easily. However, even if the mage's attacks are stronger by a large margin, he would still require to chant one or two sentences before he could unleash his strongest magic. This timing gap for chanting opens a great deal of an opportunity if one was able to make the best out of it. 

"The beginning of the life. Judge my opponent with the mighty body of water-" Samuel was surprised by the speed of Ellis, who was right in front of him.

"How would he be able to close down fifty meter distance within few seconds?" He was confused.

"Impact!" Ellis chanted.

Although both Samuel and Ellis finished their chanting at the same time, Samuel was attacked first and because his position was out of range, the damage that Ellis took was reduced to fractions. It was true that the difference in talent gives great disadvantage in the world of magic. Even if you might not be able to advance to the next level, effort can improve other factors. The factor that Ellis improved was mana and incarnation efficiency. It both reduced the incarnation length and mana consumption which ultimately lead to Samuel's defeat. 

The audience was in shock. 



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