Seaside love ||C.H

Jessica loves the water. She lives next to a tropical beach, she went to the every day then she met him. Her love for the sea had grown and so had her feelings for her brothers best friend. What will happen with Calum and Jessica? Will they date or will they end on bad terms?


1. My Love For Water,My Story

Jessica's POV

Hey,my name is Jessica Hemmings or should I say I was originally a Jessica Stanley but I didn't have a good childhood. I'm 14 years old and I love the water,I'm constantly at the seaside with my brother Luke,Ben and Jack. Ben and Jack love to surf and I live to be in the water, Luke though,I think he only try's to get a tan. I never had a good childhood and I lost my peters when I was five.


I was running around in the backyard with my dog,Chase. Mum told me I could go to the park down the road, I was five,so I was surprised that she even let me go without her. I was there for two hours straight, but when I started walking die the road,everything got smokey. When I got back to my house there was a huge fire the whole three story house was in flames, I got told by the firefighters that there was nothing they could do to save my mum because the fire had already reached her. With that I ran and ran until I came across this boy,he was around my age he was with a dog, his me was Luke. Turns out Luke was only one year older than me. "Hey,I'm Luke. What's your name." I was scared as hell then this nice looking woman came up and said,"Luke who's this?" Seeming a bit puzzled as to why there was a little girl with cuts and bruises all over her. "Look mummy a girl, she won't tell me her name and she's hurt." I started to cry when the woman said,"don't cry honey, I'm Liz and this is my youngest son Luke, what's your name sweetheart?" "I'm Jessica and my mummy died in the house fire down the road." Turns out I had ran pretty far as you couldn't see the smoke from my house that had gone down in flames. "Um,ok how old are you?" "I'm five years old." Liz looked worried,"do you have any family other than your mum." The truth is it was only me and my mum, dad walked off when he found out that my mum was pregnant with me. "No." Liz looked really worried now,"hey,mummy can she live with us?" Luke question really exited. "Sure, I suppose she needs a home." With that I walked off holding hands with Luke at I was upset and had grazed my whole body pretty bad.

End of flashBack

Sorry for really short chapter

I'll try update as much as I can because I'm also writing another book called 'Ashton's twin sister ' and ' Lenny Pearce or Michael Clifford '

Ok we'll see ya

Luv Kayla xx

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