All Eyes

Warning:Swearing. Rockie isn't normal. She is literally radioactive (Yes, again, but I wanted a better story than Wanted Girl.) and is on the run from the people who want to kill her after she escaped from the quarantine unit she was being held in before her execution. Now, scared, desperate and on the run, she is in more danger than she ever thought. The people who are after her are everywhere-and they are closing in...Only one person can help him escape-but even he can't save her if they get her...


1. Prologue

I hope you enjoy this it's gonna be completely different to "Wanted Girl" I promise!!!!!!! Enjoy! :)

One Week Ago

The night air felt way too cold against her face, but she was too terrified to notice. No-one saw her run into the woods, shaking and scared. Only a lone owl in the trees heard her ragged breathing as she fought her way through the undergrowth, trying to get as far as possible from the California Quarantine Unit.

Trying to get as far as possible from her death...

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