Sure, WHY NOT?!?!?!?

this is just going to be a book with random chapters! some of them are things that my friends and i have already done! some of them can be suggestions by you guys! i hope ya'll enjoy it!


1. what NOT to do in a sexual situation... lol

What not to do for a sexual situation! BY chris and makayla.


Once upon a time in a land far away there was a hot guy. He lived in a house built out of condoms. So one day a fair maiden came up to his house and asked if she could borrow a trojan. He, of course, said yeah so he went over to his sock drawer and pulled out the strawberry flavored one. She thanked him then said “oooppps i just forgot i dont have anyone to use this with”. The guy said “just step into my room and you can use that on me”.  So the girl did as she was told. He follows her into the bedroom and tells her to lay down. She says with my clothes on or off? He tells her its her choice. Do you like potatoes? She asks him. He says yes but im not a kinky person so i dont like potatoes in sex. I wasnt asking about it for the sex. I just wanted to know because i have really large potatoes back at my house if you wanted one? He says well sure i guess but do you like horses cause i got a horse you can ride. *wink*. Well of course i mean i ride my great dane all the time! He says is that what you named your dildo??  No my dildo is named hoooommmmeeeeeyyyyy. But my great dane is my dog…. He said “oh……” ya is that a problem? She asks. He said of course not but why do you ride a dog? Because i have no one else to ride me like a man. Duh! BEASTIALITY!!!!! Well what do you say wanna go to my place? IDK YOU RIDE YOUR DOG. thats weird. But you just said it wasnt a problem?!?!? But i changed my mind i thought you were joking. WELL BOP YOU TOO!!!! He pushes her out of his house and slams the door and all the condoms fall over them. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!

        ok guys! so my friend and i were bored during class one day and we decided to write this... lol let me know what you think! i would love to hear from you guys! thanks love ya! toodles!!
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