Pure Hearted

Lila's life takes a drastic turn when she comes into powers she never knew existed.


2. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Fully optimistic, I made my way to school, expectant that Sammy would be at the lockers waiting for me like every other morning. When I found he wasn’t my mind wondered. Sammy wasn’t the perfect attendance type but he always made sure to notify me if he was planning to ditch. He knew I hated walking around school by myself. When he was by my side, if people approached me attempting to start up a conversation, he would save me from the utter humiliation of my response. So where was my text? Of course I completely blow it out of proportion, imagining his blood painted across a highway and call his Mom. Just as she picks up, I hear a familiar booming voice, followed by a crash. What has he gotten himself into now?

“Hello dear, is everything alright?”

“Oh sorry, turns out he’s not dead.”  With that I hung up as fast as my hands could move and barrelled around the corner to find Sammy with a smug grin on his face; confidently looming over Ben who was cowering on the floor, rapidly bleeding from his nose.  As he noticed me and my expression, his face began to drop.

“He started it!” Sammy whined in anticipation of another one of my dragged out lectures.

“He thought that just because I’m gay, I was staring at his ass.” “Someone needed to deflate his ego.” 

My lifeless gaze spoke for itself which he took as another chance at a pathetic excuse.

“I tried reasoning with the guy but he somehow convinced himself I had some crush on him.”

I know I seem a bit cruel. I mean it’s not like the guy didn’t deserve it; it’s just that this was Sammy’s regular behaviour. Someone would say something Sammy didn’t agree with and instead of expressing his emotion through words, he did it with his fist. And especially with homophobes, violence only makes it worse. Now they just have more ammo and there mind set is still the same.

As Sammy was desperately attempting to defend himself, the three gay haters tried to scuttle away like frightened beetles until I stopped Sammy in his tracks by calling out to them. “What made you think you were good enough to be in Sammy’s eye line?”

All three halted simultaneously.  The largest one, Ben, spun around and arrogantly strolled up to me.

“He’s gay.” He spits out with cocky grin smeared across his face, without a moment’s thought.

I was beginning to understand Sammy’s impatience. “Are you serious?” I glared at him and crossed my arms, infuriated at his ignorance whilst he widened his eyes as if I was the idiot.

“So by that logic, every straight girl must have a crush on you too?” He seemed to take this as a compliment as his face shone with pride. “Why not?”  

“You would have thought with a head that big, you would hear how much people hate your conceited, bigoted, self-entitled ass.” Alas every word of what I said seemed to fly straight over his head. Shortly after my remark, he and his friends dispersed without a reply. But at least I got my point across for the people that did hear and understand me. Sammy certainly appreciated the sentiment. I also noticed a mysterious figure all in black at the end of the hallway, intrigued in my useless effort to enlighten that lost soul. I took a wild guess at who that was.

“Are you blushing?” Sammy chuckled, interrupting my daydream.

“Uhhhh… it’s just so hot in here!” I protested, fanning my face with my hand.

“Sure. “ He gave me a sarcastic eye roll then continued with: “I’m never going to understand girls. “

“At least the feelings mutual,” I sighed, with my head turned to face him as we were separating to head to class.

 See Sammy is gay as I’m pretty sure you have figured out by now; but he is completely open about it. I remember when he first came out. It wasn’t a shock to me at all but everyone else seemed so set in their views of what a homosexual person is like and Sammy doesn’t fit a single one of the stereotypes. He doesn’t give a second’s thought about clothes, he doesn’t gossip, he doesn’t drink cocktails, he doesn’t live to party; the list can go on and on. He seems as straight as they come yet he still doesn’t fit into that other category of being a “top”. He isn’t promiscuous, he isn’t a frequent gym visitor and he isn’t particularly dominant. However, he still got a lot of shtick about what he’s “supposed to wear” and how he’s “supposed to act.” And they’re not even the ones that are particularly against gays. You can see how he got into a lot of fights.

 That day was the worst possible day for it of course because I was dying to tell someone about what was happening to me. And it only got worse as the day progressed. One class left until lunch, one class until I could finally tell Sammy. My body was filled with relief. That was until Mr too lazy to plan a lesson, placed a pop quiz in front of me. My luck was going to be the death of me I swear. That was the subject I was supposed to be studying while I was obsessing over my newfound powers. I just needed more time!

Everything was closing in around me, the ONLY thing my parents cared about was appearances and even on a pointless pop quiz, if I failed; I was therefore a failure. Panic overwhelmed me and minutes were going by like seconds, the monotonous sound of people writing their answers and turning the pages was playing so loud in my head whilst I was getting nowhere. With that, the room fell silent. No more endless scratching of pencils, no more of the deafening tic of the clock and no more sound whatsoever. My gaze gradually moved from my paper to around the room. I could see it coming; I just hoped I was imagining it. Nope. I was right. Everyone was frozen. How am I supposed to get out of this mess? I could barely control my first powers and now I’m finding more? Have I frozen the whole world or just this room? Desperate to see everything was normal elsewhere, I sped straight into the hallway. Sure enough, when I looked through the glass on the door of the classroom opposite ours, it was the same. “Uggggghhhhh!” I threw my hands up to my head and groaned. “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!” I screamed at the ceiling frantically.

“I thought there was something different about you.” Dropping straight to the floor in surprise, I saw none other than Mr Perfect leaning against the lockers facing me, looking incredibly amused.

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