Pure Hearted

Lila's life takes a drastic turn when she comes into powers she never knew existed.


3. I'm a what?!

Who what why? Why was Mr perfect not frozen like the rest? What did he mean by” I thought there was something different about you” how did he know? Endless questions were running through my mind. Of course a normal person would have just got up and asked these questions rather than cowering into the nearest Janitor’s closet, torturing them self, when the answers are just beyond the door. But it’s me we’re talking about here; the logical approach has never been my forte. What can I say? Normal is boring. Okay I had been sitting in there long enough; my problems weren’t just going to disappear. I had to face my demons; which in my case happened to be a sweet, gorgeous sixteen year old boy.  At least I think he’s sixteen. My mind wondered, attempting to distract myself from my most recent predicament. Abruptly I snapped myself out of my daydream, knowing that I needed answers and if there was even a slight chance that he knew something, I should’ve been jumping on it. With that I swiftly arose and threw myself out the door; only to end up on my ass. Yes that’s right as if it wasn’t bad enough; I had just tackled Mr Perfect. “You’re always popping up where you shouldn’t be.” I mumbled, dusting myself off.

“I like to make an impression” he chuckled. “So in your mind, you run into a closet and you are magically invisible to the world?”

“I never came to that conclusion, but it wouldn’t exactly be a far stretch,” I shrugged. “So I’m guessing you noticed time being frozen?”

“It’s pretty hard to miss.”

“Thanks for the help Mr Sarcasm.”

“Awr what happened to Mr Perfect?”

“Well maybe if you told me what the hell you have to do with all this then you would deserve that title again.” “Wait I meant if you actually tell me your name, none of these Mr titles would be necessary”

“Nice save.” I couldn’t be angry that he laughed at me again because he has an unfair advantage every time he flashes me that priceless smirk of his.

“So… am I spending the rest of my life in the dark?”

“Fine I’ll tell you Miss Exaggeration.” His amused grin shortly disappeared when he noticed the highly unimpressed look smeared across my face.  “To be completely honest I’m just as weirded out as you are. I mean finding out there is another witch at this school? What are th-”

“A what?” I screeched as he continued completely oblivious.

“Well obviously I’m a witch too or how could I be talking to you right now?”

Eyes widened, I clung to my hair in disbelief and backed up into the wall, sliding down it to the floor.

“I know it’s a bit of a surprise but don’t you think your being a bit melodramatic?” His eyebrows furrowed with curiosity.

“I-I just… I can’t believe it.” I knew I had powers but I had no idea there were others like me. And now instead of being gifted I was suddenly a witch!

“Have you never met another witch before or something?”

“I didn’t know I was one!” Our eyes were locked.

“Oooooooooh.” He held his hand up to his face awkwardly.  “Oopsi I kind of bombarded you a bit there.”

“You think?!”

“So you’ve never been to the witches’ clan?”

“There’s a witches’ clan!?”

“Stop screaming.”

“Why?! Who the hell is going to hear me?!”

“Well for starters; me.” He whined while squinting his eyes and rubbing his temple.

“Oh man up.”

“I, am plenty man, thank you.” I rolled my eyes with annoyance as he proudly patted his chest with his fist.

“Just found out I’m a freaking witch over here!”

“Aaand back to the shouting.”

Gently, I arose and began walking towards him.

“I’m going to ignore your constant sarcasm and just ask you nicely to please help me get time back to normal.” I spoke through my teeth, calmly, holding in any frustration.

“Oh that’s easy.”

“Thanks for the confidence boost.”

“Okay, close your eyes.”


“Now you paused time because you wanted it to stop right?”

I nodded softly.

“So just do the opposite.”

I stood there for minutes attempting to re-start time.  As I was becoming frustrated at my lack of progress, my face screwed up while straining and I started stamping the floor.

“You’re over thinking it.” He said, behind a slight chuckle. “You have to feel it.” He placed his hands on each of my shoulders delicately and I instantly relaxed. “You don’t want time frozen forever do you?”

“Who would make the food?” I whined.


After a moment of meditation, everything felt like it was moving around me and then there was a sudden jolt. Sure enough, it was back to normal. However when he removed his hands from my shoulders, I felt a wave of disappointed wash over me. And just like that, everything stopped again.

“Okay, let’s go over this one more time.” He sighed as I pouted.

It didn’t take me that long to master, just a bit more than the average witch, apparently. Of course when I did get back to class, I had to pause time again to be able to pass the test with all the extraordinary information swimming round my mind. This left me with an amused Mr perfect outside the classroom door, glaring at me. All that talk about witches and clans and he still didn’t tell me his name.

He even got around to telling me about how back in the 1600’s a witch got caught hovering and suddenly mortals everywhere were being accused of being a witch and that’s how we have mythical withes. But he didn’t have a second spare to give me something to call him. How big a secret do you have to share with someone to be allowed to learn their identity?! He frustrated me sometimes; it would have been so much easier if he wasn’t so damn perfect. At least I wasn’t alone anymore, I had someone to confide in about my powers and who could help me control them. I was still going to tell Sammy, but I decided it was best to wait until I understood everything myself, instead of leaving him with all the unanswered questions that I had.

I thought it was best to let all the witchy stuff set in before I started learning more so I told nameless I would meet him after school tomorrow. I went straight from school to bed, but not before using my new ability to avoid my parents’ bitching. At least it was coming in handy.

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