Pure Hearted

Lila's life takes a drastic turn when she comes into powers she never knew existed.


1. The Shock Sets In.

It all started on a Wednesday; on the 12th of April 2:34 to be precise. I remember that because it was the one day that I got to my Wednesday English class on time, due to the lack of numbness in my legs caused by forced physical education.  Getting hit in the face with a tennis ball right at the beginning of a P.E lesson isn’t all that bad.

One minute early to class and yet I was the only one there. Except from Mila, the girl who always had her head in a book and everyone called a nerd. That is minus me of course. But to be honest, I actually got better grades than her. I’m just less… conspicuous. 

As wacky as I am, I try my hardest not to stick out. Even though that’s been made a terrible challenge due to my clumsiness and don’t even get me started on my luck. I’m literally a reverse leprechaun.

That’s why when I tripped over Mila’s desk, sent it crashing to the floor and toppled over, it seemed like just another day to me. I just thanked my lucky stars that the only person in the room was one that had been too tortured by cruel teenagers to allow them self to pass judgement onto others. With my head tilted to the side, eyes squinting and arms held out in front of me instinctively I lay there for a moment awaiting the impact. Slowly realising I was still, I looked ahead. My eyes widened as I saw not more than three or four inches between me and the ground. With that, I plopped down.

Luckily, Mila seemed far more interested with the book she had in her hand than the mess I had put myself in.

With shock, I stumbled to my feet, threw her desk back into place and scurried to a seat at the back, just as people began to enter.

An uncountable amount of thoughts were going through my mind at once. I convinced myself I was crazy, that that could be the only explanation. But in the back of my mind I knew, I knew that I had defied the laws of gravity even if only for a brief moment. The rest of the day I was in a haze, trying to figure out what had happened to me. After several hours of pondering, there seemed only one answer.

 My mind went numb and my body stiff, standing spookily still in the middle of the hallway as this dawned on me with crowds of people rushing past to get home. I was either losing my mind or the impossible has happened. The question:” which is more realistic?” relentlessly played over and over again in my head.

I decided to just throw it out of my mind and leave it for the morning. Of course that was much easier said than done. Here I thought I’d get home have a tasty dinner, watch a relaxing movie and be snuggled up in bed by nine. I should have foreseen that the alternative for ME was: no appetite, no concentration, NO sleep and overall absolutely no peace whatsoever. It wasn’t until quarter past four in the morning that my mind gave into my exhausted body and allowed me to drift off to sleep. Not for long though because within five minutes my eyes shot open to find myself hovering over my bed. At least it removed any doubt from my mind about it actually happening.

Rather than ease my mind it just gave me more questions. What in the world was happening to me? I think one of the things that scared me the most was that I couldn’t tell a soul. I mean what kind of person wouldn’t have declared me insane right there on the spot? It took me the better part of the day convincing MYSELF it actually happened.


It would have been so much easier if my life was a movie because they always take everything so easily. You never see anyone on TV having sleepless nights over supernatural events. They just go with the flow. I wished I was more like that. Able to treat something like that as an everyday occurrence, I sure hope I was right to think that’s not a reasonable reaction from any normal person.

I awoke at ten to nine having had three hours sleep. After five minutes of waking up, I glanced down at my watch. Noticing the time, I flung myself out of bed, threw on the first cloths I found and rushed out the door; still ending up an hour late.

Of course it’s me so the second I walked in the door vice principle Herman struts past. I despised the walk of shame to the principal’s office. Most people don’t give a damn but apart from my history with tardiness, I was actually a bit of a goody-two-shoes. So I wasn’t really used to being told off that often. Although that day it actually wasn’t that bad. Nervously, I kept my head to the ground the whole way. I must sound pretty pathetic but hey, there’s much worse things a person can be than a little bit shy. I had just walked past his receptionist Ronda. As I approached the door to Principal Molden’s cramped waiting lobby I slowed right down, stopping inches from the handle. After short hesitation, I took a deep breath and swung the door open confidently. Expecting a quiet empty room I could collect my thoughts and think up excuses calmly, my confidence and feeling in my legs shortly disappeared when I made eye contact with an incredibly attractive guy about the same age as me giving me a confused look. As I stood there looking like a complete imbecile, he sat back, crossed his arms and gave me a cheeky smirk. “Did I startle you?”

“Oh, I uh just didn’t think anyone else was in here.”

“Well, the shock must have set in by now, are you gonna come sit down?”

I found it fairly awkward that I had to sit next to him. The lack of space meant the lack of chairs. “I haven’t seen you around before,” I said to break the tension as I sat down a foot away from him.

“I’ve only been going here an hour.”

“That’s why then.”

You can see I wasn’t exactly the most profound conversationalist. Staring at the wall opposite me, I could feel him eying me up and down. This is the point where I’m really annoyed I didn’t take the time to pick out a better outfit. The tension became too much for me and I just blurted out the worst thing anyone would think of: “What are your views on necrophilia?” The second the words came out of my mouth, my head fell straight into my hands. Next time, just learn to live with a little tension; I told myself. I kept my face covered until I felt a cool, gentle grip around my wrist. He continued to pry my hand from my face softly whilst replying “You can’t always be perfect.”  “Plus, necrophilia? Not actually a dull topic.” Then he wrapped it all up with that boyish smirk that makes me melt. Just then, the principle strode out from his office and spat out my name impatiently. Instead of putting my tail between my legs, my head down and cowering into his office, I gave Mr Perfect here a beaming grin and swiftly strolled in with my head held high. I know for most people that’s nothing but for me it was definitely a first.

Without any eye contact I glided past Principle Molden and perched on the edge of chair opposite his. No words were exchanged for the first few moments. He just sat there glaring at me, clasping his hands in front of him on the desk. Attempting to intimidate me as per usual. Examining my face it dawned on him that I was different that day. He could see something in me that I didn’t usually have… confidence. You see I didn’t talk to guys that much at all because I got nervous talking to people and when they spoke to me I wasn’t very responsive and I would blurt out something super random. So when Mr perfect not only didn’t pull a sour face and leave but actually said “Don’t worry, you’re cute” with his eyes, how could it not have given me a little boost? As I strolled out with a warning, Mr perfect caught up to me in the hallway. “Hey, wait a sec; I didn’t catch your name.”

“Lila.” I stared straight at him, blankly, awaiting his reply. “Do I get yours or do I have to just keep calling you Mr Perfect in my head?”

I can’t believe I said that! Curse my loose lips.

“Mr perfect huh? I like it. I think I’ll just stick with that.” This time along with the smirk he added a playful wink. As he began to walk away, he turned halfway around and added, “Lila suits you.”

The warm buzz that formed inside my chest didn’t leave me for the entire day. In fact, my mind was so preoccupied that when I opened my locker and reached for my book, I almost grabbed it, threw it under my arm and skipped along not realising that in my daze it somehow levitated into my grasp.

It was beginning to get spooky. And I was beginning to get freaked out. Abruptly slamming my locker door shut, dropping the book on the floor and speeding away from it, I noticed from the corner of my eye Mr perfect staring intently at me leaning against the wall of lockers opposite mine. Gradually I came to a halt and jilted my head back with curiosity to see him still eying me with an intrigued look on his face.  Nonchalantly, I moved my gaze to forward and continued my swift walk to nowhere. No matter what the hell was happening to me, these random unnatural phenomena’s couldn’t keep occurring at school or eventually someone was going to see something.

 This was when I decided it was time for an attempt at focusing the ability; whatever it was. After rushing home from school, I locked myself in my bedroom and aimed all my energy at a pencil I was struggling to levitate. Despite my best efforts, I was getting nowhere until there was an abrupt crash. Ducking down on instinct, I found a layer of pencils, exact copies of the one I was trying to lift, across my floor; and a couple in my hair. At least I was learning to control it, just not in the way I had expected; at all.

After about another three hours of freak winds, flying cupcakes and grazing goats; the levitating was beginning to feel more and more natural to me. At one point, I focused enough to peel off the stickers that I regretted decorating my ceiling with since I was seven. Every day of my life I wondered why I never seemed to fit in. Finally I had answers to questions I thought I had no one to ask. Even with the lack of people to care about in my life, you never feel as lonely as when you have a secret that you’re dying to share. If I’d had one person in the world I could’ve confided in; it would be Sammy.

 It’s not like I could even contemplate telling my parents. I wouldn’t have been able to finish my first sentence before they would be making arrangements to get me carted off to the loony bin. That’s if they even listened. At least then I knew if the worst came to worst; I wouldn’t have to duck and roll out of the car, I could duck and float. I doubt I had any worries about my parents finding out; I could’ve probably grown a beak without them noticing. Sometimes I wondered why they didn’t just abort me. Or at least have put us both out of our misery and given me up for adoption. Why are people like that even aloud to have children when they mean nothing to them? I mean I’m sure they would have shown up to my funeral but would they have shed a tear at the loss of their only daughter? I highly doubt it. Maybe a forced emotional moment to keep up appearances but no genuine anguish would be felt.

 Ugh, it sickens me to think so much thought was wasted on people who didn’t acknowledge my existence for more than twenty seconds each day. Every time I started thinking about something upsetting, it always came back to them. Did I not have enough on my plate to deal with? Focusing on my new-found abilities seemed much more logical. As I diverted my concentration back towards the only interesting thing that has ever happened to me; excitement began festering as if it were Christmas eve, with the anticipation of letting Sammy in on the most recent extraordinary occurrence in my normally mundane life.  

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