Who's the father?

One night at a party she was out with her friends. On that day it was her worst nightmare she had ever had! When she soon woke up she found her self with two guy that's in the same bed as her. She soon know that she is pregnant! but with who!? Who's the father! [© 2017 All rights reserved by Book Maker and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


1. ONE

"I'm have a party at my house!" Yelled Anthony. A class popular guy. "Are we invited?" I asked. He turned and look at me. "Of course beautiful!" He said and turned to everyone else. "Everyone's invited" 


Amber walked up to me and bump into me. I then fell into the floor. "My bad" she said with a laugh. I just wanted to walk up to her and give her a pieces of my mind. I was about to stand up but Anthony come and helped me up. I then see Amber fell to the ground. "Ah! Anthony help me" She called to Anthony. "Someone help her" He said and Jonathan helped her. 


"Are you okay?" Jonathan asked. "Of course I am" Amber reply back. I looked into her and saw a mean glare in a face. I don't know how my friend become like this! Amber and I were friend since pre-k. We were.... Really close friend. I just don't know how it become like this. I want my friend back. 


I saw Amber with my enemies. Stacy and Jade. They were all laughing. I don't get why they're laughing, Amber and I hate Stacy and Jade really much. They all walked to me  and saw Amber look at me like she hated me. "Amber! Let get to class" I said happily and hold her hand.


She shocked her hand and took my hand of her "Ewe you must had so much germs!" Amber said. "Amber?" I said softly and walked close to her. "GET A WAY FROM ME!" She yelled that the school were looking at us. I look at Stacy and Jade. "What did you do!" I said. "Nothing" They both said at the same time. 


"Where's Amber?" I asked and looked at Amber. "Are you blind! I'm right here!" She yelled at me. "No, you're not my friend Amber" I said running to my next class because I were about to cry. "Bye loser!" Jade yelled at me. They all laughing. But I didn't hear Amber laugh because I know what Amber laugh sound like. Where's my Amber?

End of Flashback



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