1. bye.


Hey. You ok?


No. I'm not.


I can come over? If you want me too.


Yeah. That would be great.


Be there in five.



Calum was my best friend, he always made sure that I was ok. And when I wasn't he somehow always made me happy again. I don't know how he did it but he did, over and over.

The problem is that this time, it was gonna be different. I wasn't gonna be ok again, even though I made him think I was. I was such a horrible friend that day, and I can never undo what I did.

Just before he came I sat down on my bed, thinking everything trough. How I came to that this was the only solution, and why. How much I would hurt him, if I did what I did.

How many people who wasn't gonna miss me, and how many people that wasn't even gonna remember me.

Everything. Every little thing I did, was wrong. I couldn't wear that shirt cause, it was wrong. I couldn't stay at home, cause it was wrong. I couldn't say no, cause it was wrong.

Everything I did in this world was wrong. And that's why, I couldn't stay here. I had to go away. I had to disappear, before I could find relief. I had to.

This decision was not my choice, but theyre's. I didn't chose to be bullied, and I didn't chose to disappear. They did. And all I have to say now is, congrats you got what you wanted. You're dreams came true, because of me.

Calum came as he said he would, and I put on my mask of lies. I told him that I was ok when he left, and that he would see me again at school the next day. But he didn't, he didn't see me the next day. And he didn't see me the day after that, and the day after that. Cause I wasn't there, I was gone. I am gone. I'll always be gone.

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