Story In Ink - lrh

I haven't seen her before. She was so outstanding, the way her ink were covering her arms, all the way up to her neck. God, her neck. It was so beautiful, not in a seksual way, but the ink on it. It was decorated with flowers of all sorts, but right in the middle on the left side, there was an eye. The eye were so realistic, so...... full of emotions. And the more I looked at it, the more realistic it became and the more it felt like it was looking right through me. Right into my soul. And I didn't like the feeling, nor did I hate it.


2. 1


Campus were huge. Like really huge. I mean, I knew it was big, before I moved here, but now that I actually live here; and the fact that I’m going to do that for next 4 years, I’m sure as hell, that I’m gonna get lost more than once. The worst part of it, is that I’m lost right this moment. I have absolutely no idea where I am, and I’m just looking for the damn office. It was supposed to be the first thing you would see, when you enter the head building, and in the email I got a week before  I was suppose to get here, it said loud and clear, that it was one of the easiest things to find. But it wasn’t.

Walking around for God knows how long, I finally see a sign that said ‘Office’ and my entire attention goes there. I’m so focused on not getting lost again and just going to the fucking office, that I out of the blue, collide with a person. A very tall person to be more specific. 

“Watch where you’re going, newbie,”  I look up at the voice, and meet a pair of clear blue eyes. Damn they’re blue.

I mumble a simple sorry, and just keep going. Now where were I?

 I look around for a few seconds, before I see the office sign, and start walking over there for the second time. This time, being more carefull, not to run into somebody again. When I’m finally standing at the front desk, I see a small lady peeping out from the very tall desk. 

“Welcome to Standford, how can I help you?” little lady, with a dark voice. That’s new.

“Hi, I’m Megan Harrow, I’m here to check in,” wow, I sounded like a 12 year old right now.


“Okay darling, let me see. Ah here you are. So you are getting a map over the campus, and here’s your key to your dorm. Class don’t start until next week, so you will have plenty of time to settle in and walk around campus. You will be living in dorm 541, with another girl named Katy. I can see that she’s already checked in so she should be there. And there will be some papers to fill in your dorm, make sure that you have filled all of them by tomorrow. I hope you’re gonna have a wonderful time here,” the little lady handed me a bunch of papers and point the direction the dorm are located. I thank her quietly and start walking the way her finger were pointed.


After walking down several halls, I finally find my dorm, and start to unlock it, when suddenly it pulls open and in I fall. Thanks for my non existing balance.

“Oh my god, are you Megan? Of cause you are, sorry, that I made you fall, I’m just so excited!” the girl i guess is Katy pulls me up and hugs me. So she seems nice. I think.


“Yeah, hi, I’m Megan, nice to meet you,” I’m a little overwhelmed. 

“Sorry again. I’m Katy, but you probably know that already. And nice to meet you too. What are you majoring in?” 


“Art, what about you?” I stumble back a little regaining be balance, and dusting off some dirt, from my elegant fall. 


“That’s so cool! I’m majoring in music, but that’s kinda boring,” Her high pitched voice is something you’re not mistaken of. She’s a social person.

“That’s not boring, I wish that I had any music talent, but fade just don’t want, what I want I guess,” pulling in my 400 suitcases and 5000 bags, I end up tripping over my feet. Again. The non exciting balance is a curse.

“You are a clumsy one, huh? Here let me help you, can’t have break your nose your first day, can we?” 


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