dangerous love

sakura was only a baby when her parents died. so when she discovers shes a lost princess, her biggest problem is no longer getting to class on time.


3. dangerous truth

“16 years ago the king Julien and queen Sakura had a child. She was a baby girl with exceptionally rare golden hair that was worth all the money in the world. One day some kings from a neighbouring kingdom wanted all the hair to themselves. When the king and queen refused even a hair the kings decided to steal the hair themselves by cutting it off. But they caused a car crash instead and although the baby survived, all of her hair was burnt off. Luckily before all of this happened the king and queen asked that if they died that the children of their closest and most trusted advisers were to be trained and sent to the same places as the baby girl as secret protectors, she wasn’t even allowed to know. After the crash the kings discovered the baby had no hair, so they left her on the doorstep of a school waiting for the right moment when the young girl’s hair would be long enough for the taking… the men you met earlier were working for those kings… they had been sent to find you, weaken you in any way so that you would not be able to fight back and bring you back to the king’s palace.”


As I listened to this I started to feel very sick in the stomach. “Sakura… you are that baby girl.” He said this as if he were sad about this fact. “what… me… how can I be the…the princess?!” as I said this I began to freak out. Me a princess? No he must have it wrong. Is he? “I know this is a lot to take in but you are the princess and I am one of your father’s closest advisers son. We have been watching you all your life. Just please try to stay calm.”


“calm… how can I stay calm. First I get attacked by four men then you come in on a motorbike and save me then you… hold on… how did you know I was in trouble when you weren’t even there?” I was really freaking out now. I was standing up and pacing with my fingers on the side of my face, I was trying to put all the pieces together but my mind refused to take in this new information.


He got up and walked over to me he grabbed me by the shoulders and directed me back to my seat. “I knew where you were because I followed you. I have put cameras all over the city and the school grounds. I did this so that if you were ever in trouble I would be able to come help you. This isn’t as easy as it looks. I watched you walk to that boy, I watched you get pulled in by those beasts. I thought that they would have gotten to you if I hadn’t come when I did.” He said this with a shake voice. I put my head down and without looking I took one of his hands off my shoulder and held it in my lap.

 “thank you Kanime. For coming when you did. I would have been dead meat if you hadn’t arrived when you did.” That’s when I noticed that I had tears in my eyes. I wiped them away with one hand. “come on. You must be tired. We will be staying here for the night and then tomorrow I will be taking you somewhere safer than the school.” I didn’t ask questions as he said this to me I just said “okay” in a shaky and sad voice.


That night the same dream I had had in the nurse’s office appeared. Except there were other people in the room and I was chained to the chair. Not tied. Kanime was also there but he had two other people behind him in a fighting stance.


When I woke up the next day I found some bacon and eggs and a glass of water on a table beside me. There were also some clean clothes. I also found a note in the bundle of things.

It read:

Dear Sakura,

When you have finished your breakfast, and gotten changed, go out the door turn left and walk to the end of the hallway. I will be there waiting.

From Kanime.


When I had finished reading the note I quickly ate my food, got changed and left.


At the end of the hallway sure enough there was Kanime. He was wearing a white button up top and black pants (with black and white sneakers to go with it all) “good morning” He said. He had a small smile on his face and his black hair neatly combed. “good morning” I replied. “so… what now?” I asked with a little sarcasm. “we go up to ground level and go to the safe house” he replied in a light tone. “what are we waiting for?” I asked. “just you.” Was his only reply.


An hour later we were on a plane flying over the country side. Another 3 hours later and we were in a truck driving toward a farm. I was shocked at how beautiful it looked. It had a big house in the middle of the whole thing, cherry blossom trees lining the drive way, and we were also surrounded by fields as far as the eye could see. In the fields on our left I spotted a group of horses grazing on the long grass and a herd of cows. On our right were smaller fields filled with crops and fruit trees. It was basically plants galore. There were also groups of pigs and sheep in the different fields. As we got closer to the house I noticed a barn with chickens wondering around the door.


When the car stopped Kanime cut the engine. We both got out and walked to the front porch. “don’t freak out but the others can get kind of …well… let’s just say they can get very excited some times.” Kanime said this as if it were a bad thing. “I think I’ll be okay” I tried to sound happy but I knew I was really just super nervous. “ok” then he walked up the steps and opened the doors with me right behind him.

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