dangerous love

sakura was only a baby when her parents died. so when she discovers shes a lost princess, her biggest problem is no longer getting to class on time.


4. dangerous team

At first I was confused. It was quiet when we first entered then all of these candles lit up. I noticed that Kanime’s hand was glowing and seemed to be sending fire toward the candles to light them up. “what is that?” I asked. “I am wearing a ring that when given to the right person will turn invisible so that even you don’t know it’s there. Don’t worry. You’ll get your own one soon enough.” He said. “I’ve actually heard about those but I didn’t think they actually existed.” I said. “they are called element rings correct?” he just shrugged and nodded. I was breath taken by my new discovery. This just keeps on getting better and, better doesn’t it?

When the candles where all lit, I noticed that the inside of the house looked like the inside of a mansion! We walked through some doors under the staircase and entered a ginormous library that looked like the ones you find in castles. There was a fire place on the far wall that had a fire burning nicely. Around the hearth were some couches and a tall chair. We walked over and sat down. “watch this!” Kanime said. He sounded like an exited child wanting to show his mother his grades or a piece of art work. Kanime pulled a small flute from his pocket and played three notes. He was so serious in the city and as soon as we had left he was like an excited but very well behaved puppy.

 Suddenly two things happened. First a girl came out of the ground. She left behind a hole which closed one she had exited. “it’s an honour to meet you Sakura” said the girl. “my name is Kiki. I am Kanime’s eyes and ears when it comes to news and gossip, I am also the best swords man here. Oops… make that swords woman!” She spoke in a soft and polite tone. I liked her straight away. She crossed the room and sat on the couch opposite me and Kanime. “any news?” Kanime asked. “not at the moment. Just the usual he’s here they are there. Nothing new.” Kiki answered. “good” Kanime replied.

Then the doors to the library opened with a gust of wind. Then a boy entered. It seemed that he was riding a cloud in to the room. Once he had hopped off the cloud it floated out the door and disappeared down the hall way out the door. The boy walked over to us and said in a cheerful voice. “hi my name is mitsuheday and I am Kanime’s eyes and ears as well except I see from a high up place instead of on the ground. It is an honour to finely see you again Sakura. You probably won’t remember me…oh and Kanime there is no danger at the moment. You weren’t followed by anyone and nobody is suspicious.” “good.” Was all Kanime said.

Once every one was seated they began to talk. “first we need to start up the lessons for Sakura so that if she runs into more trouble she can defend herself. Then we need to face the problem.” Kiki said calmly. “Kiki could you please take Sakura to her room. We will begin training tomorrow. And give her the ring. Make sure she knows her way around and then come back.” Kanime instructed her. Kiki and I both got up then. Kiki put her arm through mine and led me out the door and up the stairs.

“it’s so cool to have another girl around for once. All your stuff has been left in your room. I will let you settle and I’ll be back in a while.” Kiki said her sentence and then left the room. I actually liked the room and found my bags. I began to unpack and set up my room. I had four posters. One of the greatest horse rider ever known riding her horse unlucky love. The second was from last year’s sword fighting tournament. The third from this year’s woman’s martial arts tournament. The fourth is from the woman’s wrestling tournament that happened last summer. I don’t know why but I actually like to watch these things. I found my favourite flower bed set which was blue and white. I also put my clothes in the wardrobe and my books in the draws. When I had finished as if on cue Kiki walked back into the room. She was carrying a small blue box. She walked up to me and placed the box in my hands. “it’s your ring. Once you put it on it will do as you ask it but it will only work when your awake. ‘safety reasons’ I guess. Ok?” she said. I nodded.

Once Kiki had left again, I opened the box. Inside laid a beautiful glass ring. It had a symbol which I almost missed because it was partly invisible. I placed the ring on my finger and watched it as it disappeared. I sat on the bed and thought about today’s events. I wonder if I’ll see Imy ever again. Or if I’ll ever go back to school. I was so focused on these things that I didn’t notice a big hairy creature enter my room. Bark! I looked up to find a fluffy, brown dog. “hey boy” I said. He walked up to me and started liking my face. “hahahaha… ok boy calm down… what’s your name?” he stopped liking me and sat down. He showed me his neck were I found a blue collar with a name tag. I held the tag in my hand and read it out loud. “Julian…Julian it is nice to meet you.”

I decided to explore the house and left my room with Julien at my side. I walked down the staircase and out the front door, past the front porch and toward the river. I stopped at the edge and looked down at Julien. “what do you think? Should I try out the ring?” woof!  “ok”. I looked at the water and put my hand out in front of me over the water. I decided to start with making the water float into the air. I pictured the water floating up into the air in my head. when I open my eyes the water in the lake has started to float upwards. “I did it! I did it!” I cry happily. Then it fell back down. I guess I have to be able to concentrate when I use the ring.

Suddenly I hear a loud bang as something hits me in my right arm. I cry out in pain as blood trickles out of the hole. I find the small silver ball lying in the grass. Julian whimpers and barks. He takes up a protective stance in front of me as I fall the to the ground. The pain keeps me away from unconsciousness. Suddenly Kanime, Kiki and Mitsuhide come running out of the house. I feel tears springing to my eyes from the pain in my arm. My blood soaks most of my sleeve and the grass. Julian doesn’t leave his post and somehow manages to completely block me from view. Suddenly he starts to grow. He becomes a huge wolf the size of a full-grown man and bounds off. In one jump, he crosses the lake and bounds off toward a small group of trees. The others run over to me, Kanime looks the most worried. “Sakura are you hurt?” Kanime calls. The pain stops me from responding straight away. He hasn’t seen my arm yet. I can’t look at my arm but I can feel it. I hold my left hand to my arm. Soon I feel my hand become covered in my sticky blood. I pull my hand away and look at it. Kanime comes up next to me but still can’t see my arm. “
“Sakura what…oh…” he looks at my blood covered hand. A shiver goes up my spine and I look at my arm. Its dripping with blood. Another shiver. Kanime jumps over me and starts to clean up my wound. “Mitsuhide, Kiki go find out what Jules found” Kanime orders. They nod their heads and using their powers go after Julian. Me and Kanime are alone. He puts one arm under my legs and the other around my waist. He picks me up and starts running toward the house. The doors open on their own. Once were inside, the doors close and Kanime runs into the library, turns left toward a set of double doors that weren’t there before. “infirmary!” Kanime yells at the door. The doors open to reveal what looks like a portal and we run through. Suddenly my wound starts to affect me. I can hear my heart beat in my ears. It’s so loud that I’m sure Kanime can hear it. I start to have trouble hearing. Everything is blurry. My hearing is echoed.


As Kanime runs down the long white hallway in their private infirmary. He notices Sakura slowly fading. “hold on Sakura. Were almost there.” He whispers. Suddenly the doctor comes out of his office looking at some files. “doctor!” Kanime calls out. The doctor looks up at the sound of his name, for you see he was a magical creature created to do as his name explained. In this case doctor is a doctor. “what is it this time. Cuts? Bruises? -” Kanime cuts him short. “it’s the princess. She got shot and she’s fading fast. If she dies, then her line dies including the royal family” realisation crosses doctors face as he looks down at the unconscious Sakura. “bring her to the operating table” doctor orders. Kanime carry’s her into another room. In the ‘infirmary’ there are four rooms. Doctors office, the operating room, the recovery wing and the storage room. As soon as Sakura was on the table doctor started to hook her up to a few different machines while Kanime tried to stop the bleeding. But she was still fading, and fast.

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