dangerous love

sakura was only a baby when her parents died. so when she discovers shes a lost princess, her biggest problem is no longer getting to class on time.


2. dangerous attackers

I am now standing in front of the grocery store. It took me all day to get to the grocery store because the crowd was so big I kept on getting dragged away from the store. I was about to go in when I heard my name being called. When I turned around I noticed a young boy standing 10 meters away at the entrants to an alley way. He was small, with mud brown hair and wore rags. “Sakura… Sakura…” he called again. He was staring straight at me. I began to walk toward him. When I was standing in front of him I knelt down and said “is something wrong little boy?” just then four pairs of dirty hands came out of nowhere and grabbed me. I only managed a small scream before One pair of hands went over my mouth, the second and third pair grabbed my arms and the fourth pair grabbed my legs.


They then pulled me into the dark alley way and threw me against a wall. “well ain’t she just a beauty” said one voice. After a moment my eyes adjusted to the light and I found that I was surrounded by four men. The boy was nowhere in sight. “yeah she is ain’t she. Why don’t we start what we came for?” The men were big and muscular. One of them started putting his hand up my top toward my chest. As if naturally I punched him hard in the nose. When my hand connected with his nose I heard it snap. He staggered back clutching his nose. “OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, MY SHNOSH. HOW DARE YOU, YA LITTLE” just then I heard a motor bike. It came speeding down the alley only to stop when it was in front of me with the four men on the opposite side. “hello gentlemen” said the mysterious figure. He then took off his helmet. That’s when I realised it was Kanime.


He then turned to me and gave me the helmet. “put it on” he said it in a dangerous tone. I didn’t ask any questions. I was just happy that he was there. I put the helmet on my head and sat behind him on his motor bike wrapping my arms around his waist. “oy what you doing. She’s ours” said one of the men.

“she isn’t any ones. And how dare you put your dirty hands on her your mongrel” he said this with venom in his voice. “you little” the man didn’t get to finish his sentence for we were already speeding away. That was when I noticed a scratch on my shoulder. Blood was slowly trickling down my arm. We didn’t stop until we were in what looked like a garage.


I took off the helmet. “where are we?” I asked. “we are at base.” He said. “base? What do you mean? Wait… do you mean like a secret base?” I asked. I then hopped off in fright for a giant dog had just come out of nowhere and started barking at me. “down Catherine down” Kanime said this with authority in his voice. He then hopped of the bike and walked over to me. “you’re hurt?” he said this calmly. He then grabbed a piece of cloth from his pocket and rapped it around my arm. “follow me” he said. He began to walk toward a door. I ran to catch up with him.

We then walked down a long staircase and then down three different hallways. Each hallway had six doors leading to different rooms. At the end of the third hall we entered what looked like an office. We walked in and he said “I’m guessing you have a lot of questions about what just happened.” As he said this he pulled up some chairs. “you may want to sit down for this…” I sat down in the seat opposite him. “I don’t know where to begin…” I said in a sort of stutter. “how about at the beginning?” he asked softly. “ok…” I stuttered back. “where do you come from? “he asks softly. “uh…I don’t really know. I was found on the doorstep of the school. They took me in and when I was old enough I started working there to earn my keep.” I said. I felt quite sure that this was right. This was actually what I had been told. Right?

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