dangerous love

sakura was only a baby when her parents died. so when she discovers shes a lost princess, her biggest problem is no longer getting to class on time.


1. dangerous crush

“Hurry up Sakura!” Imy calls out, “we’re going to be late if you don’t get moving!”.

“coming!” I yell back, hi my name is Sakura as you heard, and I am 16 years old, and in yr10. I have very long blond hair that reaches below my waist. And get this! I have these strange scars covering my head. you can only see one but it’s very faint and is like a scratch that sits right next to my eye. I go to Valmont academy and I have lived here all my life.  Anyway, I quickly tied my hair up into a high pony using my favorited long red ribbon. Then grabbing my bag, I run out of our dorm room.  

“Just in time” I exclaimed completely out of breath. We enter the class room and take our seats in the middle of the class. It’s like a lecture theatre. Except we have wooden desks and the walls are made of wood and glass. That’s when I felt someone’s eyes on me. I looked across the class to find a boy with inky black hair that reached his shoulders and pale white skin staring at me. “hey Imy, who is that?” I ask her as I turned my head away I had to whisper because class had started and the teacher had started to give us a lecture. “that’s Kanime. He’s been here since first grade. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed!” she says quickly in a whisper. “well I’ve never thought about him before I guess” I whispered back.

At the end of class as me and Imy were walking toward our next class when I notice the mysteries boy Kanime following us. “he’s following us” I whisper to Imy so that I wouldn’t be over heard. “he follows us to class every day because he is in all of our classes! Pay attention to what’s around you!” she whispers yells. Just at that moment I trip over a girl’s foot. I hit my head hard on the floor. “oh, I’m so sorry Sakura, maybe you should start paying more attention to where you’re you’re going” then she laughed at me. not her. in case you are wondering the girl who just tripped me is Pika the meanest and hottest girl in school. She despises me because of my hair.

“leave her alone pika” came an unfamiliar voice. “she’s not worth your time.” That was when I realised the voice had come from Kanime. “fine but only because you asked me to” she quickly blows him a kiss, gives me an evil grin and walks away. “are you okay, no bruises?” asks Imy as I stumble to my feet. I started swaying violently. Just when I was about fall to the ground again Kanime quickly acted and caught me. “she must have hit her head on the floor quite hard. I’ll take her to the nurse’s office and see to it she is taken care of.” Kanime tells Imy. “but… what do I do!?” asks Imy. “tell the teacher what happened and that I’m taking care of it” replied Kanime politely. “but…but” but it was too late. Kanime carried me toward the nurse’s office. “put… me… down. I can… walk you… know?” I said to him. “not in your condition you’re not” he replied once again politely. I stayed silent as he carried me into the nurse’s office.

As we walked in miss sawdust came up to us “what happened?!” she asked. “Sakura was tripped and she hit her head. I’m worried she might have a concussion” Kanime answered calmly. “well don’t just stand there… bring her through.” Kanime then placed me on a waiting bed and left. Then miss sawdust entered and gave me an icepack. “there you are dear… now just sit back and relax for a while. You should feel better in a while.” Then she also left. After a while I fell asleep.


 I had a dream then. I was in a dark room and I was tied to a chair. Kanime was there. He was quickly cutting off the ropes that bound me to the chair. When he was done, he picked me up and started saying “Sakura… you need to get up… their coming… dangers coming… you must be prepared… com on wake up… wakeup…”

then I woke up to find Kanime leaning over me. “come on Sakura. Its late. You better get to your dorm before Imy starts getting worried.” When I realised it was a dream I said “where… where am I? I had the strangest dream…” but Kanime just shook his head and said “it was just a dream… come on you can tell me on the way… do you think you can walk?” he said this so calmly that I almost said no. “yes, I think I can manage…” but as I got up I suddenly got dizzy. Kanime caught me just as I began to slump forward. “apparently not” he mumbled. He then put one arm around my waist and pulled one of my hands/ arms around his shoulder, fully supporting my weight. “come on I’ll walk you to your dorm.”


When we got to the dorm I was fully awake and walking on my own. “will you be okay?” he asked. He sounded a little worried but I couldn’t tell. “yes I think I will be… thank you” I said this nervously because I couldn’t shake off this weird feeling I got from the dream. “for what?” Kanime asked. “you know… for helping me out when pika tripped me over and for getting me to the nurse’s office and back to my dorm…” he looked a little surprised that I would be saying this but he quickly changed his expression and said “no problem.” Then he left. When I entered the room I found that Imy had brought my stuff back to the dorm after my accident. As my head hit the pillow I fell into a dream-less sleep


When I woke up the next morning my head had stop pounding. I found a note on my pillow. It read:

Dear Sakura,

You have been given the day off. Make sure you rest up.

From Imy

When I had finished reading the note I got up and had a shower. When I was finished I picked out some black leggings, a white singlet and a Gray jacket. I then I did my hair in a single plat and grabbed my shoulder bag and purse. As I did these tasks I thought about the dream I had had while in the nurse’s office. “dangers coming” I wonder what that means.

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