Its complicated

Avia Grace finds herself face to face with her enemy and soon-to-be stepbrother Luke Hemmings.

She now has to live under the same roof as the person who has tormented her for years.

But what will happen when Avia sees who Luke really is, and will he change for her?


7. chapter 7

"David has spoken to me and says that you can go round for a sleepover on tomorrow if you want, just to get to know the house more and see what it's like going to school" mum explains as she pours me a glass of orange juice.


I have no idea what to say to her.

"Avia I know you might not feel comfortable but it might be good to go and see what it's like"

"Because we're moving there either way" I mutter.

She sighs and hands me the glass.

"Avia please" she pleads.

"Fine, I'll go."

The next day: history class - 2:30pm.

I dread going back to Luke's house. And the worst part is, it's made it even awkwarder between me and Luke because we have to drive home together.

I can't wait.

Okay I was being completely sarcastic and I can wait. I can wait a whole freakin lifetime.

The dreaded final bell rings and I collect my stuff and push it into my rucksack.

As I make my way towards the door I see the frame of a tall blonde boy leaving against the lockers outside.

He's waiting for me. How romantic.

"Hey, uh, I've been told I'm driving you back to my place" Luke says - surprisingly shyly - as I approach him.

"Yup" I reply shortly.

He avoids eye contact and begins to walk done the corridor, I follow him.

Since Luke only lives 10 minutes away from school I guess we are walking home.

Great. More time for me and him to talk.

Oh wait. We don't talk because him and his friends are complete dicks to me at school.

Once we are out the school gates we feel obliged to make conversation.

"Uh, my dad was wondering what you wanted to eat, I think he might order takeout" Luke comments.

I reply casually. "I don't mind, I like anything really."

He pulls his backpack straps between his fingers as he walks.

"Does pizza sound good?" He asks, briefly looking over to me.

I nod, "yeah pizza's good."

Thankfully the awkward walk home doesn't last long and before we know it, Luke is sliding his keys into his front door.

Soon to be our front door.

"We're home!" Luke shouts as he closes the door behind me. A smiling David emerges from one of the many doors and approaches us.

"How was school?" He asks, clearly addressing me.

"It was good" I smile.

"Good good, would you two like a drink or a snack?" He offers.

Luke looks at me, his lips parting slightly.

"We'll have a coke and some crisps"

I turn back to David who nods. "Okay I'll go get you some, Avia do you want to go put your stuff in your room?" He asks, looking at the rucksack in my left hand.

"Oh, yeh, I'll go do that" I smile.

David disappears into the kitchen and Luke leads me up the stairs.

"Which room do you wanna be in tonight?" He asks timidly.

Luke is a lot shyer than I thought.

"I don't mind" I reply. God I'm annoying myself for being so awkward and polite.

Luke leads me into the grey and white room we went to last time I was round his house.

"You said you liked this room so I guess you can sleep in here."

I place my backpack on the carpeted floor.

"Look, Avia.." Luke starts, his hands fumbling nervously.

"I know you probably didn't want to come tonight-"

"Luke let's just try and not make this any awkwarder than it already is okay?" I cut him off.

He sighs, his broad shoulders sinking slightly.

We stand in silence for a minute.

"I'm not trying to make things awkward" he states.

After another pause he speaks up again this time quieter.

"When are you guys moving in?"

I shrug my shoulders and look at everything but Luke.

"I don't really know, some time next week I think"

He nods slowly.

A knock on the door breaks the hanging emptiness in the air.

"You guys okay?" David says as he opens the door carrying a try of drinks and snacks in his hand.

I nod.

"Yeah everything's fine" Luke replies.

"Okay, you can help yourselves to anything at any time and if you need anything, I'll be in my office downstairs" David smiles.

I reply with a quick thank you as he leaves the room.

"So..uh. Do you wanna watch a film or something?" Luke suggests.

I can't really say no.

"Yeah sure" I reply confidently.

Luke grabs the remote for the flatscreen tv on the walls opposite the bed as I sit back against the headrest.

He then walks back towards me, assessing how close he should sit to me.

I watch as he places himself against the opposite pillow of the double bed.

We begin to scroll through the lists of movies on Netflix and I await a suggestion from Luke.

"What kind of movies do you like?" He says as he breaks from the endless scrolling.

"Anything really, but I guess I like comedy and sci fi the most" I answer.

"You're a fan of sci-fi?" Luke asks - seeming surprised- as he turns and faces me, throwing me a packet of crisps in the process.

"Yeh I love it" I reply as I open my packet.

After a few more minutes of scrolling through the sci-fi category, we decide to watch Independence Day.

Throughout the film - apart from the odd comment or question - me and Luke don't make much conversation.

I am still wary of him because of how he is at school but the night hasn't been too bad so far.

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