Its complicated

Avia Grace finds herself face to face with her enemy and soon-to-be stepbrother Luke Hemmings.

She now has to live under the same roof as the person who has tormented her for years.

But what will happen when Avia sees who Luke really is, and will he change for her?


3. chapter 3

Me and Luke awkwardly exchange glances occasionally but that's as far as the interaction goes for the rest of the meal.

Frankly, I'm a bit pissed off - well, I am pissed off - that Luke is davids son.

Luke is an grade A dickhead. He walks around school thinking he owns it, he goes to parties almost every weekend and he has probably kissed about 500 girls.

AND he and his mates annoy me at school.

"Well today's been lovely!" My mum exclaims cheerfully.

"Yeh we'll definitely do it again sometime" David smiles.

Mum walks ahead with David as we leave the restaurant, leaving me and Luke trailing behind them.

I quicken my pace and desperately try to walk further from Luke - who is currently staring at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

We all say goodbye and part ways. Thank god it's over.

The wheels roll on the tarmac and I buckle up my seatbelt.

Mum doesn't bother waiting to start the questionnaire.

"So what do you think to Luke?" She says, hiding a small smile - one of those awkward mum ones.

"I guess he's okay" I lie. I couldn't possibly hate him more.

"Do you think you'll get along?"

I can tell she is hungry for my answer because her hands are shifting on the wheel and her eyes are avoiding mine.

"I don't know"

My brain begins to analyse her last question.

"Wait why?"

She shrugs her shoulders subtly.

"No reason, we just want you to get along"

An awkward silence follows, filling up the car. I roll down the window slightly and close my eyes.

"You know, I don't know how you feel about me and David because you haven't really told me your opinion on the subject. In fact, you never want to talk about it. But I want you to know that I'm really happy with him, and I think this will actually last. But he's not replacing dad okay?"

I nod faintly, watching a sea of green leaves flow past the car.

Mum keeps glancing at me, but I don't look back.


Lola strides towards me;

She always looks so happy with her blonde hair bouncing off of her shoulders and her rose lips curled at the edges.

"Heya! How was your weekend?" She beams.

"Uh, kinda shitty" I decide to admit.

Just as I'm about to ask her how her weekend was, she cuts me off.

"Why what happened?" Her brows furrowing in the centre.

I sigh and lean against the school wall.

"Well you know how my mums got this fancy new boyfriend?"

She nods, "yeh, David right?"

"Yep, well, he's got a son." I announce.

She looks at me, her face slowly drowning in confusion.

"What's so bad about that?" She laughs.

My eyes avert to Luke (and his posse of assholes) and Lola eventually meets my line of sight too.

"What?" She says as she glances between me and the boys.

"Luke, Luke is his son."

Lola's eyes widen as she turns to me and grabs my arms.

"HOLY SHIT!" She whisper-shouts as they get closer.

"I know." I sigh.

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