Its complicated

Avia Grace finds herself face to face with her enemy and soon-to-be stepbrother Luke Hemmings.

She now has to live under the same roof as the person who has tormented her for years.

But what will happen when Avia sees who Luke really is, and will he change for her?


2. Chapter 2

"Luke?!" I exclaim, trying to process what my mum just said.

"Yeah, David has a son" my mum announces, glancing at me in a confused way.

I try to calm down a bit, and hope that Luke is an innocent 12 year old whom I've never met.

"And you didn't think to tell me that before?"

"You never asked, and whenever I try to tell you about David you change the subject"

She has a point.

I lean against the counter in attempt to look casual, but I know she sees right through my awkward stance.

"How old is Luke then?" I murmur.

My mum turns to me.

"16, in fact you probably know him already, he's in your year at school."


No no no no no.


Luke; As in the guy who walks around the school with his posse of jerks who go out of their way just to harass me.

Great; Just fucking great.

I clench my jaw and nod slowly in reply to my mum before heading up to my room, where I desperately try not to throw something at the wall.

Why does it have to be Luke?! Of all people! Like why can't a nice guy like Aaron be Davids son, not freakin Luke Hemmings?!

After any internal rant is over, I lie down in my bed and turn my music up loud.

My drowsy eyes stare up at the astrology poster hanging above my bed and I begin to overthink tomorrows lunch with them.

The next day:

My drowsy eyes stare up at the astrology poster above my bed and I groan as I rub my groggy head.

I desperately want to just curl up in the sheets and disappear because I certainly don't want to go out for lunch with one of my school's dickheads.

"Avia?" My mum mumbles as she taps lightly on my bedroom door.

I reply with a groan as she enters my room.

"Come on you need to get ready" she smiles softly.

I drag myself out of bed, my mum's eyes following me around the room as she takes a seat at the foot of my bed.

"We really hope you and Luke will get along" she explains.

I reply with a muffled 'mhmm' as I file through my underwear drawer.

My mum opens her mouth to say something but I accidentally cut her off.

" I'm gonna go take a shower, what time are we leaving?"

She smiles. "12"


"You look lovely" mum comments as I make my way downstairs to put my trainers on.

Blue skinny jeans cling to my legs and one of my dads old baggy t shirts hangs off of my shoulders.

I reply sarcastically "Yeh sure"

Honestly, I don't mean to sound rude, I'm just really not looking forward to today's lunch.

She sighs and we head out to the car.

Mum puts the keys in the ignition and the engine ignites.

"So do you know Luke?"

I prop my arm up on the window and watch the trees as we roll out of our driveway.

"Not really" I decide is a good reply.

She acknowledges me with a faint nod and I can tell she is thinking about what to say next.

"He seems like a nice boy" is all she says for the rest of the 10 minute journey. I don't reply.

I am snapped out of my daydream when I feel the car roll to a stop;

The clicking of my mum undoing her seatbelt is torturing as I realise we are here.

From the corner my peripheral vision

I see her glance at me as I slowly undo my seatbelt too.

Why is this happening.

I face my mum when I hear her phone vibrate.

"They're already inside" mum announces, each word cutting through my ear like a blade.

Great; this should be fun.

The looming Nando's sign towers above me and warns me to turn back.

But I know I can't.


The door to hell swings open and I can see my mum scanning over the tables, before a friendly hand waves towards us.

Oh kill me.

"Heya!" My mum joyfully exclaims as she slides into the booth.

"Avia! You look nice today" David smiles, I offer him a small smile in return and sit next to my mum.


I try my best to avoid eye contact with Luke, but it seems inevitable - since our families want us to mingle.

Luke breaks the silence with a painful prolonged "heyyyy"

I glance at him momentarily while I reply with a short "hi."

David and mum begin to talk, desperately trying to ignite a deeper conversation with me and Luke, but I decide to sip on my lemonade instead while Luke replies with a "mhmm" to most comments.

"So I've heard you like music?" David smiles at me.

"Uh yeh" I reply, blushing slightly from embarrassment.

"So what music are you into?" David continues.

My mum gives me an encouraged nudge on my elbow, implying that I should tell David alllll about my interests.

"Uh I mostly listen to rock music, but I like a bit of everything to be honest" I say before taking a small sip of my drink.

Luke is listening in to the conversation but he looks at the table instead of me.

"Ooh tell Luke about your guitar!" Mum cheerfully suggests.

I fake smile as my lungs sink.

I don't know what to say.

"There's nothing to tell really, I just play guitar."

I await the awkward silence after I stop talking but surprisingly Luke fills the void.

"I play guitar too."

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