Imagine wakeing up in an unknown location with a girl about your age huddled up agenst you.Then you learn that this girl is a Goddess and she basically forces you to join her in crazy missions threw a dungeon filled with monsters. Slowly growing to like one another.


1. Cherry

     Jax slowly opened his eyes, he looked around his surroundings but nothing looked familiar. The white haired teen went to sit up but something was on his chest. He slowly lifted the covers only to see a girl about his age huddled up against his chest. Slowly the girl sat up rubbing her eyes "Morning," she spoke with the biggest smile she could manage. Jax hung his feet off the side of the bed but said nothing. He wasn't doing it to be mean he just didnt know what to say, after all he didnt recognize the girl. Jax inched to the edge of the bed but suddenly the girl wrapped her arms around his chest"No you can't leave... not yet" she spoke but Jax ignored her and stepped off the bed. As soon as his feet hit the ground a sharp pain shot threw his chewt causing him to drop down to one knee."What the hell?"he mumbled looking up at the girl. She hopped off the bed then Jax noticed something he hadent before, she had cat ears and a fluffy tail."I told you not to move silly" she spoke still smiling as she knelt next to him"Who are you?" Jax spoke in a soft voice."You can call me goddess" she moved her hands to his chest lifting his shirt slightly revealing a deep cut that had re-opened when he got off the bed.She placed her hands over the cut and her hands started glowing a faint gold.Jax sat there in amazment as the wound begain to heal rapidly."Okay goddess whats your real name?"Jax asked not beleving she was a real goddess."like i said earlier i am a goddess"she spoke avoiding his question."There are tons of people out there with magical abilitys like yours what makes you special?" The girl turned to jax"You wouldent beleave i am who i am if i told you" she spoke her smile leaving her face."Just spit it out" Jax said getting earitated "okay calm down Mr.Grumpy pants,My name is Cherry i am a newly born god I am the Goddess of love and animals"she spoke clearly.

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