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An enemies as old as time, Angels and Demons.
The prince and princess are half-lings, one a Demon, the other an Angel. The stark contrasting siblings struggle through their differences to protect us from those who wish to harm mortals.

(Story isn't really started properly, its still up in the air, just an idea that i've had for a while, let me know what you think, any suggestions for title are more than welcome!! also apologies for slow start, kinda new to this ^^')
Much love, read and enjoy!


3. Chapter 3

Jackson stood by the Prince as he finished his breakfast, he waited for the outburst. It did not come. The prince leant back in his chair and pulled his fingers through his light hair, leaving it to flop back whatever way it pleased. He looked at the empty chair where his sister should be sitting.

“What is my Agenda?” Jackson was about to respond then. “Following that, what is my sister’s?”

The butler paused. He watched the prince, noting the way he held his jaw firm, analyzing the situation.

“Today young Master, you have classes until two with lunch at two-thirty, following this you then have an opening ceremony to attend this afternoon, the Duke and Duchess of Wales will be opening an Art Gallery in your mothers honor, dinner will be served at Six Shall I continue straight to the Mistress’ business?”

The boy’s face immediately tensed and his fists curled. He nodded slowly, turning away from the butler.

“My apologies sir. The young Lady’s schedule.” The boy relaxed but not entirely. “Your Sister has classes in theory until two, however she will of course only be attending the lessons she desires. She will not be joining you for lunch,” the Angel’s head snapped quickly to attention and he stared at the servant.

“You will ensure she eats.” He commanded. The butler thought for a moment and then nodded, before continuing.

“She will attend you to the opening ceremony. This she is certain of. She will be joining you for dinner. That is all.” He said.

The prince stood and turned to the butler noting his age was just over twice his own, a thousand images flooded his head and he cast them aside. Then he straightened up his jacket and collar. The butler offered his palm as a gesture of aid and the prince nodded, the butler stepped forward and straightened the Prince’s tie.

Then the door to the dining room was swung open, in walked a woman who was just older than the butler, she had a cashmere shawl wrapped around her shoulders and glasses perched on the tip of her nose, her hat was set at an angle on the right of her head. She walked briskly but gracefully into the room and waved her hand at the pair.

“Bonjour darlings!” She beamed embracing the butler and taking the prince by the shoulders kissing both his cheeks.

“Good morning Mina, you seem in high spirits,” The prince said smiling softly at the woman.

“Indeed I am my darling for I get to see my family again! How I have missed you!” The prince embraced the woman once more. “Pick your head up my boy, is this to do with that troublesome sibling?”

“I presume you mean me?” The princess peered down from over the balcony, leaning her chin between her palms. The woman turned and looked up from underneath her hat.

“Vous auriez raison,” The woman sang to the girl.

“Je pense aussi.” There were gasps heard by all as the girl threw herself over the edge of the balcony landing gracefully before the crowd, the butler moved to rush forward but stopped after the first step returning to his master’s side, the movement did not go unnoticed and the prince’s face became most peculiar. It was set in stone his lips were a hard line and his eyes glared at his sister. Mina narrowed her eyes at both the butler and prince. The demon rose to standing from her couched landing and set her gazes upon those before her.

“Why are you staring at the floor, you staring at me and you staring at him?” The princess asked.

“Stop using your half form as an excuse to throw yourself about.” The boy told his sister as he walked past her toward the school rooms. “Jackson inform Hannah of the situation, Sabe you have 10 minutes to prepare yourself, eat something.”

As her brother left the Demon sighed and smiled at the woman. The woman could barely keep the smile from her face, and the Princess became most childish and threw herself at the woman, wrapping her arms around her. Mina returned the embrace allowing herself to breathe in the sweet scent of the girl’s hair, it did not go unnoticed to her that the girl felt increasingly smaller than the last time she held her and with ease Mina could lift her off of her feet.

“Tell me everything!” She demanded dancing from foot to foot with glee, her eyes glowing with delight.

“I will, I will,” The woman laughed resting her hands on the Princess’s shoulders in an attempt to keep her still. “Let us talk over breakfast, I am rather famished.”

The Princess was quick to intrude: “I would rather not.”

“Jackson?” Mina asked giving the Butler a pointed look.

“I will fetch some food.” He told her, ignoring the scowl the Princess was sending in his direction.

“My darling, wipe that unruly expression from your repertoire, it is most unbecoming.”

The Demon rolled her eyes as she removed the scowl from her face.

“There will be less of that now I am home, young lady.”

The Demon grinned, she loved having Mina home, she was one of the few people who understood her and was unafraid. Her teacher had spoken to her once as a child and the few words passed between them served as something which began what they had now. Mina told her of the Parisians, the art she had seen and the food she had tasted. When Jackson returned with food in tow. Mina’s tone adjusted to one of disapproval when the Princess invited him to sit beside her, they ate in silence, the butler sipping his tea. The girl smiled at the people around her and her mind drifted back to when she first spoke with Mina, when she knew that this woman understood.

*   *   *   *  *

She had run away, and found her way to the bottom of the garden, here she sat by the lake and she pulled her knees to her chest hugging them tightly, she listened to the soft lapping of the water and the colour-full leaves as they rustled and danced and fell. She felt her body begin to ache and she felt frail, she felt weak and she felt meaningless.

The Maid had shouted and screamed at her, she stormed passed people on her way to the door, she kept her hand over her eye hiding the mark that had been carved by those finger nails. It wasn’t that they had ignored her, that wasn’t it, it was that no one had dared to challenge where she was going, that everyone had simply let her past. Sat by the lake; she knew that no one had told her brother. So resigned to the fact that she was alone she cried.

The child had rarely ever cried, never without reason and never with someone nearby. She knew is she cried that she wouldn’t be comforted and that she would be faced with an onslaught of questions. She couldn’t place the empty feeling in her chest or the tight feeling her throat. The Princess cried for longer than she knew and so fed up with the tears she couldn’t stop she rose to her feet and she screamed. Now she noticed the dark sky, it was so comforting and the lack of creatures around (due to her scream and tears) was sweet and charming. In spite of herself she laughed and sank to her knees laughing.

“Saber!?” A voice shouted and the girl turned to the owner and the woman fell at her knees before the child wrapping her arms around her and enveloping her in her shawl. “Oh my darling girl, hush now, I’m here,” The girl allowed herself to be rocked gently and did not stop the tears from flowing.

“It’s not fair…It’s not fair!” She cried and the woman’s heart lurched with every word that left the child’s mouth. She felt her love for the child grow as she stroked her fingers through her dark curls and held her close. She waited for however long it took for the girl to stop the tears and she pulled away from the woman, their eyes met. The woman noted how dark the girl’s eyes were, and how cold the small body felt, she felt the chill down her spine and she knew that this girl was half demon.

“What happened?” The woman asked.

The child wanted to assure the woman that she was okay that nothing had happened. That it didn’t matter but every time she opened her mouth her words would not come, there was a ringing sound in her head and it hurt to think about it. She opened her mouth to tell the woman that she could not tell her what had happened, but this sentence too was halted. After minutes of struggling with her words she settled to tell the maid:

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She was relieved to talk aloud at last.

The woman looked like she was about to press further but instead picked up the small girl and carried her back toward the warmth of the home, not a word was exchanged between them, until at last the moment. The girl was set on her feet and the firm hands rested on her shoulders, she stared wide eyed at the woman.

“You don’t want to talk about it, I understand, but we will discuss it at a later date. Furthermore, you must never ever run off like that again. Do you understand?”

She was confused, no one had ever told her what to do before, and no one showed her the authority this woman did.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mina,” Mina told her quickly before continuing. “Do you understand?”

The girl gave a small nod.

“Aloud, tell me do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” She said honestly.

*     *     *     *    *

She was drawn back to the present when Mina looked at her smiling expectantly.

“Eat something please.” She ordered.

“I told you I would rather not.” She said bluntly.

“Yes, but you have not eaten.”

“That is because, I am…”

Mina smiled softly. The girl tried again.

“I am…” She gripped the spoon in her hand tightly and closed her eyes, breathing slowly. “I am …”

“Saber we have known for a long time that you cannot lie, why do you still try?” Mina asked.

It was true after a 3 months of Mina being recruited as a teacher, Mina realized that the Princess could not lie when they were practicing speech and the child could not read aloud half of the sentences she had set.

“It is a useful trick.” She answered honestly, for lack of anything else to do.

“I suppose it can be. Shall we talk truthfully then?”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“Wait!” Mina said standing and leading the princess back to the table before sitting her down.

“Talk to me, the pair of you, what were you thinking?”

Jackson and the Demon glanced at each other and then turned back to Mina. Patiently the woman waited for an answer. The Demon stared straight ahead not talking to anyone, not looking anywhere, her finger tips drummed on the table top and her legs were shaking, she did not notice the concerned glances shared by the butler and the teacher. She held her jaw firm and closed.

“My Lady?” The sound of his voice tipped her and she slammed her hands down on the table, standing up.

As if suddenly aware of herself and those around her, she slowly sat back down and apologised. Her brother revealed himself. She did not appear startled.

“You are a child Sabe, who cannot care for herself, these decisions affect you and those around you. No one is angry, you are not in trouble,” The Angel was cut off as the Demon pointed out.

“You can lie. You are angry. I am in trouble. I can take care of myself. Conversation done.”

With that she left.

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