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An enemies as old as time, Angels and Demons.
The prince and princess are half-lings, one a Demon, the other an Angel. The stark contrasting siblings struggle through their differences to protect us from those who wish to harm mortals.

(Story isn't really started properly, its still up in the air, just an idea that i've had for a while, let me know what you think, any suggestions for title are more than welcome!! also apologies for slow start, kinda new to this ^^')
Much love, read and enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

Each child was sat at the end of the rather oversized table, servants moved about in the background, drawing the curtains, serving breakfast. The now 16 year old Demon scowled at her brother, pushing her food around her plate.

“Eat something Sabe.” The Angel ordered, without withdrawing his eyes from his book. The demon sulked and pushed her plate away, sticking her tongue out at her brother. “I saw that. Eat something.” He commanded, she folded her arms and put her feet on the table. “Down.” The Angel sharply said, repeating himself moments later, the Demon did as she was ordered. A maid entered with the post and placed 4 letters in front of the Angel and 2 before the Demon, she looked up and smiled at the maid, who smiled in return.

“You’re new here.” The Demon announced, standing to shake the maid’s hand.

The maid curtsied before the Demon and shook her hand, the Demon cocked her head to one-side and narrowed her eyes – before motioning with her hand so that the maid stepped back. She pressed her index finger to her own lips and curved the rest around her chin. The maid quite unsure of what was happening stood and stared blankly, holding the silver tray from which she had delivered the letters in both hands before her. The Demon bit down on her finger as she circled the maid, who was becoming more nervous by the minute. Suddenly the maid felt a sharp dig in her ribs and turned, in order to object to the intrusion of her personal space. She was greeted by a smiling Princess who clearly found this amusing.

“Saber.” The Angel warned keeping his gaze on his book.

The Demon rolled her eyes and removed the tray from the maid, setting it on the table, before sitting beside it and swinging her legs alternatively. The maid looked around for support from anyone she could see, the Prince kept his eyes firmly on his book, and the only other two members of staff continued about their duties, one changing the flowers and the other stood firm by the Prince’s side. The Demon laughed.

“You looked frightened…oh how I love that emotion!” She said as she clapped her hands.

The bewildered maid took a step away from the child, which broadened her grin.

“Do you play?”

The maid tucked her loose hair behind her ears, and locked her eyes with the Demon’s.

“I don’t understand.”    

Agitated the Demon rose from the table, only to jump upon it, and dance about.

“Do you play?” She danced and her brother ordered “Get down.”

“Instruments?” She turned and tapped her feet; the Angel demanded. “Off now!”

“Games?” She jumped and laughed, growing more impatient the Angel put his book down, and harshly slamming it shut

“Acting?” The Demon looked at her brother, challenging him. The angel changed his tone, it was menacingly calm “Last chance!”

“People?” On the last one, the girl stood before the maid on the table and cocked her head to the right grinning joyously, amused most profoundly by the maids bewilderment. The rather distressed maid shook her head and turned her attention to the boy who had now risen from his chair.

“Is this about yesterday?” His rage was quite apparent. The maid looked from the Prince to the Princess and back again, she was unused to this kind of sibling battle despite having siblings of her own who bickered constantly when they were young. She quickly bowed her head, grabbed her tray and made her exit. “You’ve scared her off now.” The Angel said covering his eyes with his hand, the arrogance of his mortal side casting shadow across his angelic serenity once again.

“You’re the one who was shouting.” The Demon stated spinning on point to face him, her smallest curl falling to the center of her forehead.

“Get off the table Sabe” The Demon heard the authority that echoed through the room, she jumped off of the table landing lightly on her feet before her brother. “Is this about yesterday?” He repeated, resting his hand on his sister’s shoulder. She shrugged him off. Folded her arms and turned away. Rejected and despondent he laced his fingers together; opened his mouth to speak, only to close it again. The girl felt his disappointment. She stepped away from him, eager to avoid that emotion, to keep herself from being reminded of her true hunger. His hopelessness surged further at her movement. The Prince sighed closed his eyes and placed his thumb and index finger either side of the bridge of his nose. The Princess bit down on her lip – the pain mildly distracted her from her hunger. She refrained from moving further away.

“Sabe? I am sorry.” Desperation tangled with the failure the Angel felt and blood trickled from the Demons lip. “I am sorry that I couldn’t…” In the brief pause the Angel inhaled and the scent of red rust and iron reached him, immediately he saw his mistake, his disappointment quickly returned to the anger from earlier. The Demon sensed the change

“Turn to me. Now.” He coolly commanded.

The Demon stopped biting her lip, the scarlet waterfall had reached the bottom of her jaw and a few flecks had dripped onto the flesh of her arm.

“Saber. Look at me?” He asked politely, reigning in his rage; his younger sibling complied.

He gasped, at the state of his sibling and motioned for the servant who still stood by his chair to bring him the serviette beneath his cutlery. The servant placed it in the Prince’s open palm, who in turn grabbed his sister’s arm and pulled her to him, pressing the clean cloth onto her open cut, wiping away the blood that had stained her pale skin. He cast aside the cloth and the servant removed some white gloves from his inside pocket and pulled them on, pulling a lighter from his shirt pocket, he picked up the discarded Serviette and set it alight, leaving it to burn until all was ash and smoke.

“Thank you Jackson. Send for the other maid if you would? In fact, fetch her yourself. Bring her here and ensure her there will be no fooling around on my sister’s part.”

The servant nodded, and smiled at the half Demon who flicked her gaze from her brothers momentarily to roll her eyes at the butler. At which point her gaze was yanked back to her brother whose grip had gotten tighter.

“Will that be all?” There came no response and Jackson took his leave, pulling the last servant from the room with him.

The Angel pulled away from his sister.

“You should have said something.” He said, the girl stared at her sibling, and twitched uncomfortably. “Saber, cooperate with me for 5 minutes and I can hold back the emotions. Let me help.”

The siblings stared at each other, green eyes locked. After moments of silence, the Demon conceded.

“I just don’t understand” She finally said.

The Angel stormed forward and wrapped his arms around the Demon, ignoring the mild spark of electricity that jumped between them. The Demon did not respond she just stood there engulfed in the arms of an Angel unsure of what to do.

“Yesterday, I gave you permission to do what had to be done and then changed my mind, and you were helpless to change your actions. I apologize for my behavior towards you.” He whispered to her still not letting go.

“Why did you change your mind?” The Princess asked, the innocence of her human half brightly radiating from her, and the curiosity of both sides tangling together.

“I saw you.” He answered slowly holding her at arms-length in order to watch her reaction. Her brow creased in confusion and she looked at her brother for more information. “I saw this.”

Lightly the Angel tapped his finger on the left temple of the Demon and shared his memory with her.

*     *     *     *    *

The crate was dark, children were slouched against the walls some dead, some almost. The Angel began tending to those about him, wishing those who would not make it, a pleasant sleep and safe advance to the afterlife. Then there was movement the criminal who had sold the children, used and abused them, he pointed a gun at the Demon. The Angel called out to her, she dodged and dissolved into the shadows appearing behind the criminal disarming him and returning the gun to her sibling. The enraged criminal threw his foot into the child beside him, the Demon snarled. The children whimpered at the sound. The criminal pulled a knife from his pocket and flicked open it precariously. The Angel looked about him, there were probably 7 children out of the ones in there who could be saved, the criminal started running at the pair screaming in a language that both understood but cared not to translate. “Get him. Burn it.” The Angel quietly ordered, scooping up as many children as he could, telling them to keep their eyes tight shut and not make a sound in their native tongue. There were two children who the angel could not carry he flashed a glance at the Demon who had already locked herself in combat with the criminal. He beamed the 5 children outside and placed them in the car, instructing the butler to make them safe and get ready to drive. He beamed back inside and grabbed the two last children, twins, he had not realized. Turning on his heel to leave he saw his sister, slashing and dancing about the shadows terrifying the criminal into insanity, she was all of a sudden inhumane, she was a whole demon. Each blow she made was enough to damage but not kill so the criminals suffering would be drawn out. He saw the hunger for that criminal’s soul, flash in and out of his sisters now charcoal gaze. He spoke softly to the children, keep your eyes closed you will be home soon. The man lay beaten on the floor and the Demon lurched forward - as if to feast. The Angel felt his voice catch in his throat, as he saw all traces of his sister disappear: as all hope of her human half returning vanished. One of the children whimpered, the Demon snapped out of herself and became half human once more. The hunger remained. “Take one of these and then burn it, all of it.” The Angel became angry at his decision but could not go back on his word to the king, destroy the culprit, save what you can; abolish anything that remains.

*     *     *     *     *

The Demon opened her eyes as her brother removed his hand, she remembered the rest, taking the small child on her back and placing him in the car alongside his twin, the small frail week children surrounded her and she tried to persist that she would rather walk home alone. The authoritive glare she had received from her sibling as Jackson bundled her into the car. The constant staring throughout the rest of that night as he tended to the 7 children who were saved and his constant wariness of her near them. The meeting with their uncle where she was not allowed to speak a word, as her brother constantly cut in over her. The parting when she wished her brother a goodnights sleep and he shouted at her for being sarcastic, for speaking when she was not addressed, and for burning that crate. She did not point out that it was on his order. She would now. Instantaneously she was angry at the Angel.

“So what?” She spat. “You are disgusted with me! Because I acted on YOUR orders!” She seethed.

The door opened and a timid maid followed Jackson into the room, and was greeted by a scowling Princess. She nodded her head and half bowed at each child, the Angel straightened up and resumed his place at the head of the table, and the Demon stood breathing deeply, firmly fixed in position. The Prince indicated for his sister to sit, she refused.

“I apologize for my behavior earlier. I hope you want to keep the job?” Her voice was sweet and tempting the maid did not believe this was the same child from earlier. She nodded her head and the butler agreed that she could speak.

“You don’t have to apologize my Lady, I overreacted at the situation – I am afraid I was unsure of what response I should make. I would be delighted to keep the job, if you would have me.”

The Princess stared at the maid, then as quickly as she had earlier, before the maid’s eyes she changed child, and became cold and scowling once more.

“You are not my maid.” She snapped. “Go and beg someone who cares.” Then she spun on her heels and went to her room.

As the door closed the confused maid turned to the butler, who nodded toward the Prince.

“It was about yesterday.” He acknowledged. Then he turned his attention to the maid, her apron had flour on, she was clearly baking something he had to be careful not to keep her too long, for fear of the food burning and her becoming agitated. “Hannah. That was your name wasn’t it?” The maid nodded. “I am sure you must get back to your jobs, I will have Jackson fill you in on all you need to know later, I would myself however today we are rather run off our feet. I am sure the other staff will have delegated you to the rather strenuous task of the east wing, which belongs to my sister. Am I correct?” Once again the maid nodded. “I wouldn’t perform that task today. As I am sure you are well aware my sister is quite a handful, I would be surprised if you manage to accomplish anything in that area. I shall let you return to your business, let me know if you need anything.”

The maid nodded and left; determined to prove that the Princess is not as bad as she has been lead to believe.

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