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An enemies as old as time, Angels and Demons.
The prince and princess are half-lings, one a Demon, the other an Angel. The stark contrasting siblings struggle through their differences to protect us from those who wish to harm mortals.

(Story isn't really started properly, its still up in the air, just an idea that i've had for a while, let me know what you think, any suggestions for title are more than welcome!! also apologies for slow start, kinda new to this ^^')
Much love, read and enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

I’m sure you have heard of Angels and of Demons, one an elegant beam of hope which shines radiantly in the darkest of spaces, in desperation of saving those poor unfortunate mortals and keeping them pure, untainted, innocent; the other a selfish troublesome beast which devours souls and steals them from innocent and evil alike. Sitting on the throne of England is King Henry, in this case of Demons and Angels he plays a minor mortal role.

When the king was 34 he ascended to the throne after the tragic and sudden death of his parents, at which point his sister was secretly courting an Angel – yes, a real Angel. The Angels name was Hadraniel, the Angel of love. The princess and the Angel were rarely separated and once her brother, the King learned of their actions, he became angered, that not only was his sister with another behind his back but that she was also with child, out of wedlock. Hadraniel intended to marry the princess but the King objected to the marriage and stated that the child should be abolished. Hadraniel outraged that a mere mortal would bare judgment on his unborn child, struck the King. The King called upon the Lord to call the Angel home. Hadraniel left in the night three days later, leaving a note to his beloved princess that he had indeed been called back by his father. Angels were banished from setting foot on Earth unless given permission by the Lord himself. The princess was heart-broken, but despite the Kings pleas she would not abort the child, she was determined that its birth would bring back the one she loved. It wouldn’t. No mortal knew that all Angel contact with humans had been ceased, as opposed to being restricted as it previously was: the child if it was not to be aborted it had to be the only one, there could be no others.

The King decided that the princess should marry in order to prevent the public from learning the truth about her unborn child. No suitor was acceptable for the princess. She longed for someone else – someone she couldn’t have.

When the princess was in her third month of pregnancy and beginning to show, a young man showed up, a suitor who addressed the princess directly without going through the King and his multiple assessments. A Demon Sethos, the evil overlord of chaos who had lived many years and was well adapted to tempting, and misleading many. Sethos had been watching the princess for many a year and this was one mortal he adored and whose soul he would love to consume. The princess was ensnared by the Demon’s silver words and quickly learned to be unafraid of him and his supernatural form, they talked often of the Angel and of the unborn child. Sethos made many promises and the princess learned a great deal about Demons and Angels alike, much to his joy, the princess quickly fell for the Demon and with the King (unaware of what Sethos was) agreed to the marriage which was almost immediate so it would appear to the public that the child was Sethos’.

The key promise made between the Demon and the princess was that, he would protect her and all she held dear (her children and brother) from those that would wish her harm, furthermore he could ensure that one of her children would sit on the throne. In return the princess agreed to give her soul and the Demon his child, she happily signed away her life. When the Demons child turned 5 she would die. There was one catch for the Demon however, the princess loved Sethos dearly but knew that Hadraniel had no influence on his child’s life so why should the Demon? She stated that he could visit the child until it was old enough to remember his face then he must protect her family from afar, until the day he would devour her soul. Neither child must know their origins.

So there it was in her fourth month of pregnancy the princess was married to a Demon, she gave birth to the Angels child a boy a radiant shinning sun which she named Elias. The King found out about what Sethos was in Elias’ first year but given the pain he had caused his sister in the past and the power he felt emanating from his brother in law, the King left the small family be – in the safe knowledge that Sethos had given him his word to protect his sister and anything she loved. However, the King was blind to the contract between his sister and the Demon. Nearing the end of Elias’ second year, the princess fell pregnant yet again with the Demon’s child. Elias was clearly half an Angel and during her second pregnancy the princess noticed his. When playing with Sethos in the nursery, his straight mousey hair and green eyes contrasted entirely with Sethos’ dark bronze curls and golden eyes, she was thankful that Elias would have some recollection of a father even if it was not his own. The media had forgotten the princess and her small growing family and the birth of her second child the princess’ barely caused a stir in the newspapers, Sethos named her Saber. He was allowed to stay for the first year of his daughter’s life and then he was sent away – to the public the princesses’ husband had died.

The princess knew her days were numbered and warned the King of her coming date, she demanded he be there for his nieces fifth birthday, as she would leave in the evening.

The King avoided the manor where his sister lived and denied himself the pleasure of playing alongside his niece and nephew for fear of watching his beloved sister deteriorate into nothingness.

The differences between the young half Angel and the small half Demon were evident from the start. Her hair was thick curls which were a deep crimson shade and her features were more prominent with her incisors more like fangs, she was mischievous and loved to play games, constantly finding new hiding places, teasing the housing staff and making her mother smile and laugh. The boy however was more subdued, eager to follow rules and be given rules, sometimes aiding in his sisters less havoc causing games but, preferring to learn new things which he in turn could teach others; in contrast to his sister the half angel had pale straight hair and soft but perfect features. There were similarities too, a constant competition to better the other, a continual love half concealed in the form of hatred; there was a shared desire to see their mother happy, too see her smile. Each child shared the princesses’ emerald green eyes. And the housing staff often remarked how the Demons were the colour of envy and that envy was caused by the green of the Angel’s.

On the Demons fifth birthday the child danced around the staff and was allowed to cause as much mess as was humanely (or rather inhumanely) possible, the Angel was encouraged to join in and did so to make his mother and his sister smile. The King arrived at midday and was introduced to his niece and nephew, he sat with them while the princess looked on, before she smiled softly and nodded out the window. Sethos was here.

The King stood. Helplessly he looked at his sister.

“What do I do? What do they do? Please Eleanor, we can find a way out, it doesn’t have to be today.”

The princess smiled at the King and held him close.

“Thank you. Love them for me?”

She kissed each cheek and squeezed his hand, before silently walking to her children who were busy painting handprints on the aprons of the staff members who laughed with joy at the merriment in the children’s emerald eyes.

“Come here my darlings.” The princess beckoned the children away from play and washed the paint from their hands. She pulled the red gem on the silver chain from around her neck and placed it around the half demons neck, the child beamed with delight at the gift, despite everything she had been given, this was by far the best. “This my darling, contains all the love I could ever give to you and as long as you keep it close to you, I will always be there.” She pulled the girl into a tight embrace and allowed the tears to fall, the princess closed her eyes tight. Then she swept the boy into her arms. “The same goes for this my beautiful boy, keep it close. Keep her safe, just like your uncle did for me?” The small boy nodded and accepted the gold bracelet chain which held a blue gem. She held her children close, took their hands and lead them too their bedrooms, pulling the blankets over them, kissing both cheeks, foreheads and hair, breathing in that scent one last time… the natural powdery softness of her sons mousy locks and the sweet temptatious smoothness of her daughters sunset curls.

“Sleep tight my wonderful, magnificent, precious, darlings.”

“Good night mother.” The boy had responded, the girl’s response brought tears to her mother’s eyes and the princess excused herself.

“In the morning ma ’ma you, uncle, Elias and I can walk all the way to the other side of the garden and we can sit on the dock by the lake and have the world’s greatest picnic?” The Demon had said, before promptly falling asleep unable to watch her mother’s response.

The princess made her way to her own room, where Sethos waited.

“She has grown, how beautiful she is my love, just as you are. I should like to see her.”

“Children have a habit of growing, of changing, she reminds me of you, but you will not see her Seth. A promise,”

“Is a promise.” He finished for her. She smiled and sat by the window, Sethos joined her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and tugged her close so that her head was on his chest; entwining his fingers with hers, he inhaled her warm human scent. The princess sighed.

“I am obliged to tell you, that I do love you my darling. Not simply because I would love to devour your soul but because I enjoy your company, you intrigue me in a way no other ever has, mortal or otherwise.”

Confused the princess turned to the Demon, and locked her eyes with his. It was evident to the Demon what the princess was trying to say, and he stared into her eyes.

“I cannot reverse the contract, as much as I wish I could. A promise,” He said holding the princess’ eyes.

“Is a promise.” She whispered closing her eyes and moving to the chair in front of the fire. After a few moments of silence, she looked at the Demon who had crept from the window to stand by her side, to watch her.

“Stay with me until I’m asleep?”

The Demon nodded and lay by the princess until she was soundly asleep, singing softly to her whilst he twisted, plaited and knotted her hair.

She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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