don't want your love

i always get boys asking me out and loving me but i don't want em love i wait until i find the perfect one thats the life of a tomboy


2. .....

i changed and left my hair messy ''almost 5 i got like 2 mins left'' i told myself i put my phone in my pocket amd went downstairs i put my sneakers on and my cap ''where do your going young lady'' my dad said walking towards me ''im gonna go spend the weekend at harry's place '' i said opening the door ''not that bad boy'' he said angry ''and im just like him but a girl version ill text you every morning nigth and afternoon '' he smiled ''bye '' ''bye'' i walked out and went to harry's place i got to his place and he was outside waiting ''hey hazza'' we did a higth five ''one chance it rained yesterday ive got loads of mud and i wont waist it '' i smiled at him ''race ya'' i ran ahead ''hey cheater'' i got at a big mud pudle i waited for harry then pushed him in i laughed as he got up and pulled me in ''ohhh ill get you hazza'' i said making a mud ball and trew it at him we ended up having a mud figth we went inside and he showed me the room i was gonna stay in i put my bag down and changed into my be a maverick hoodie with sweats and maverick socks i sat on the coutch and waited for hazza i watched the X-facter ''want pizza for super '' harry said walking down stairs '' hell yea'' i yelled he hung up and sat on the chair we watched some horror movies until the pizza came i payed the guy and brang the pizza in ''PIZZA'' i yelled into harry's ear my phone rang i opend it and looked at my message from my dad 

''hey hunny what ya eating for super''-dad

''pizza 😜''-food

''nice text ya when i go to bed bye ''-dad

''yep bye ''-food

i put my phone in my pocket and watched the horror movie while eating pizza with my bare hands we watched horror movie for the hole nigth it was fun the weekend pasted fast before i left hazza shamed his lips into mine ''love you'' hazza said i stared at his green eyes ''love you too'' i left and got home ''dad im going to see max'' i said putting my bags inside ''have fun'' i ran to the barn and joined max my black and white pinto horse i rid him then went back home

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