don't want your love

i always get boys asking me out and loving me but i don't want em love i wait until i find the perfect one thats the life of a tomboy


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i got up and brushed my hair i put on sweat pants and my jake paul hoodie i went down stairs and took a green apple and put my cap on with my sneakers ''bye'' i yelled ''bye'' my dad yelled i walked out and walked too school i took my books ''hey sweetie'' i looked at him in the eyes ''i love you'' he said ''i aint want ya love'' i said pushing him away i could hear his friends laugh at him ''tell ya parents ya just got owner by a girl'' i said walking backwards then turning around i walked to math i din't listen after i went to history after chemestry then my last class pe i loved that class i could own everybody in football i walked in late ''miss jackson your late'' he said noting something on his notepad ''i ain't care'' he put down his note pad ''ok class we are playing .... football'' he said tierd i got my equipment on i was always defense i hated that but i could hurt peapole cool ''mr styles late detention '' i walked to him ''harry'' i said in a sarcastique tone ''sarah'' he was the other bad boy in the school i was the bad girl we stared until the teach talked ''get in positions'' i walked to where i was great against harry ''go'' he yelled ''we ain't say that in football '' i said looking at the floor and taking my helmet on ''then you say it '' i put my helmet on and yelled ''ONE TWO ONE TWO HUT HUT HUT'' they all ran and i ran into harry making him fall i ran and caugth the ball we did 10 others after i was making the team win ''man your good '' harry said as i took my helmet on ''ya and you got beated by a girl '' i said an eyebrow up ''good point '' i walked away and got the stuff off i put them in my bag and walked home ''so ever played football before '' hazza said walking next to me ''yep '' ''ive never played'' ''can i have your number '' i looked up at him he was abit bigger than me ''fine'' we exchanged numbers and went our seprate ways i got home and got a text from hazza



''wanna come over and play ruff''-hazza 

''does it involve mud''-themaster

''what do you think muds the best''-hazza

''im in 😜"-themaster 

''come over at 5 ill well get some food my parents are gone for the month''-hazza

''k see ya hazza"-themaster

''see ya"-hazza

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