sweet creature

will this sweet creature ever come into my life and help me give me a reason to live after the death on my other dog will he save me


1. .....

i sat on my bed crying for over a month all cuz my best friend dog akit died ive had him forever its like if he was my brother ''sarah'' my older brother said walking in the room ''yea jack'' i said wiping away my tears ''i got a surprise'' he said smiling i heard a bell ring as a little akita pup ran in ''bud i said when i saw come in'' jack said as the pup jumped on my lap ''aww he's so cute'' i said petting the little dog ''name him he's yours since you lost akit'' i smiled and looked at the little bugger ''your name is....dewey'' i said as another one came in ''he's mine'' jack said picking up the dog ''whats his nam-'' i was cut off ''truman he's deweys identical twin brother'' i looked back at dewey ''will you help me dewey'' i said kissing his head *arf * i smiled and took akits old leash i cliped it on his black harness ''let's go to school'' i said walking him out ''i told them that you had a pup with you everyday starting today'' he yelled i got at school and walked into my class ''miss jackson i see you came today'' said mr payne ''yep '' i sat down at my seat alone in a corner he teached the rest of the class until i left when the bell rang i walked in the halls with dewey until the next class

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