Regina and Zelena's Scenes

These are the interactions between Regina and Zelena in OUAT. I chose these scene because Bex Mader (Zelena) is no longer with the OUAT family. These two started out hating each other and ready to destroy each other. In the end they would've died for each other. These two share a bond deeper than any spouse will ever share. These two love each other and will always be characters in our hearts.


4. Wicked Always Wins -Wicked Witch (Zelena)

Finally the moment I was hoping would come
The moment he would realize he chose the wrong one
There isn't any curse I could cast to match this feeling
The pain I knew when Rumple turned his back on my heart at last will be Regina's when her life falls apart
Suddenly the future's looking more appealing
Once I was filled with rage
Now I enjoy the ride
It's so electrifying
Watching all her dreams denied
Oh I will fly into tomorrow
my sister full of sorrow finally paying for her sins
I'll smile all the while she is crying
Inside she's slowly dying
Wicked always wins
Oh evil may be powerful
But wicked always wins
If mum could see me now she would ache with regret
Cause she'd witness all the glory wickedness gets
She went and made Regina queen and my blood boil
But that's all history
Time they all understood what they call green with envy I just call looking good
Oh I will fly into tomorrow
My sister full of sorrow finally paying for her sins
The strife her life was so enchanted she took it all for granted
Now she'll dream what could've been
Oh evil may be powerful
But wicked always
I'll give her a magic gift to bring the Charmings down
When Regina stands victorious I'll swoop right into town
When he learns the spells was mine
Oh Rumple he will see he should've chosen me
So I will fly into tomorrow
Delighting in her sorrow as a better day begins
This time nobody's gonna stop me
No evil's gonna taunt me
Oh wicked always wins
Her happy ending will be mine
Cause wicked always wins

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