Regina and Zelena's Scenes

These are the interactions between Regina and Zelena in OUAT. I chose these scene because Bex Mader (Zelena) is no longer with the OUAT family. These two started out hating each other and ready to destroy each other. In the end they would've died for each other. These two share a bond deeper than any spouse will ever share. These two love each other and will always be characters in our hearts.


2. Find the Feather

R: Zelena?

Z: Regina!

Welcome to the mad house.

R: What is going on?

Z: I’m just unpacking.

What’s happening out there?

R: Rumple handed the town over to Hyde.

Z: I see.

(To Baby Robin) Sounds like its time for a showdown.

Doesn’t it sweetness? Hm. Now have a nice nap while Mummy helps barbeque mean ol’ Mr. Hyde.

R: Uh you should stay here. Uh Hyde is impervious to whatever I throw at him so we have to play defence.

Z: Ppffftt. Well you’ve kept me in worse prisons.

R: I’ve said I was sorry about that.

Z: Huh I’m joking. Seriously you opened up your home to us so as for long as we’re here I’m so grateful

R: It’d be good for us

Z: Oooh I’ve got something for you. Roland gave me something of Robin’s he wanted to give to you.

R: Really?

Z: Yeah Um it’s a feather. From one of his arrows. It was so sweet. You know what I ah. I remember now, I put it away somewhere extra especially safe.

R: Huh tuh don’t even worry about it. A little chaos is normal and I’m going to put a protection spell around the house and over the vaults and you can.. find the feather.

Z: I’ll find it. So you’re not angry?

R: Course not. 

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