Regina and Zelena's Scenes

These are the interactions between Regina and Zelena in OUAT. I chose these scene because Bex Mader (Zelena) is no longer with the OUAT family. These two started out hating each other and ready to destroy each other. In the end they would've died for each other. These two share a bond deeper than any spouse will ever share. These two love each other and will always be characters in our hearts.


1. Forever in our hearts

Z; I’m your sister. Actually half sister but…details, details

R; that’s not possible you’re green

Z; and you’re rude.

Cora had me first. Before she wormed her way into the dregs of royalty.

And you know I’m telling the truth. How else could I have opened the door to the crypt?

Our mother gave me up and sent me away.

But you, you she kept. You she gave everything

R; Everything she wanted. If what you’re saying is true then you were lucky to escape her.

Z; Enough with the martyr complaints Regina.

Try growing up without a mother

Try living in Oz

Knowing that no one thought you were good enough. Not your mother, and not the only man that our paths both crossed.


R; You know Rumplestiltskin?

Z; What? Did you think you were his only student?

R; Let me guess, you’re mad because he chose me to cast his curse.

Well get over it.

It wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be

Z: Anything would’ve been better then the life I had.

But despite my shortcomings I made something of myself.

Dear (sneer)

And I didn’t need Cora or…Rumplestiltskin.

R: Well it’s too bad they’re not around to see how well you’ve turned out.

They’re both dead.

Z: That’s all right

You’re the only one I need alive.

R: Really? Why is that?

Z: Because I am going to take everything away from you.

R: Too late.

I’ve already lost everything that matters

Z: No Regina, you haven’t lost anything yet.

R: So you are going to kill me?

Z: No it’s too easy

For me to get what I want I need you to suffer.

You see what’s in store for me is all my dreams being realized but for you well...that’s a fate worse then death.

R: Go ahead.

Bring it greenie.

Z: Indeed I will.

See you soon, sis


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