what its like to be me

being ritch is awsome but not always i get everything but also peapole call me a slut ugh no one knows the real me the tomboy me the me


3. ...

i got up and realized.....i slep in and there's SCHOOL shit i ran downstairs almost tripped and saw everyone was gone no one woke me fuck them i got dressed fast and ran to school ok so class started 2 mins ago good i walked into class the teacher shot at me ''DETENTION'' he yelled making everyone wake up ''yea whatever '' i sat down but punched my twin hunter behind the head he looked at me holding his head i raised an eyebrow meaning ' you know ' he looked back at the teacher man hunter must love math  i listened the rest of the class keeping myself up as i closed my locker and got punched in the face by a madafucking jake he smiled but i raised an eyebrow ''it's on ''i wisperd he looked at me worried i punched him again but before i could punch him another time i got pulled into a random class ''what the heack did you do'' hunter said i could tell he was mad ''he started it'' i said loudly ''shut up'' he wisperd/almost yelled at that time jerry ran in the rest of the team chasing him one of them ran into hunter ''not sorry loser'' he said as hunter got up i walked over to him and pinned him on the wall '''what did you just say to him'' i said ''that i was'nt sorry'' he laughed so did the rest '' say sorry or your never gonna live another football game'' i pinned him on the wall so hard he was in the air pinned on the wall higher than me i let him down and he fell he tried walking away but i got him ''fine'' he walked over to hunter who was holding his hand in pain ''sorry hunter'' he said looking down ''you should be '' he said trying to not sound like if he was in pain he sat on a desk and i sat next to him ''where does it hurt bro'' i said picking up his hand ''the thumb'' he said trying to sound fine i slapped him in the face ''hey i know your trying to sound fine stop being suck a chiken'' i said i tuched his thumb and he almost yelled ''move it'' i said he shook his head no ''do it'' i orderd he tryed moving it but it din't move ''it's broken '' i took him and dragged him out man i can be caring and nice one moment then crazy another moment then mad then sad i can change moods fast the principal let us go home early mom was on a cruse for a month with out step father and it was only us the dogs cats and horses alone 

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