what its like to be me

being ritch is awsome but not always i get everything but also peapole call me a slut ugh no one knows the real me the tomboy me the me


2. ...

i jumped out of bed and looked around my room.....ugh why did mom chose PINK why PINK and PURPLE i love her but hate her too i shook my head remembering i got short hair and being a girly girl is done i walked into my closet and took out my fnaf(five nigth's at freddy's) shirt my fav one my springtrap one i love him i have all the carecters but i need my springtrap one i put on some jeans and then sneakers i ran downstairs and shoved a handfull of something in my mouth i swallowed it then walked to school it feels good being in these stuff being me 

i took my books and got the look up and down by jake he looked at me descused i smiled ''oh btw jakey'' he nodded meaning yea ''im breaking up with you you cheated now get out of my life '' i said smiling ''show me the proof '' he said i took out my phone and pretended to talk to his brother who always told me the truth ''hey ummm is it real jake cheat-'' jake cut me ''FINE you got me but its not done'' i fake laughed and walked to class while i was talking with jake i rememberd seeing jerry look at me smiling i shook my head and kept listening to class 

------chearleading practice-----

as i walked in everyone looked at me ''slutty what hapend to you'' meggan said walking over to me the other girls kept looking up and down at me ''nothing meggan'' i said sassy she turned around and looked at the other girls they all nodded and she turned again to face me ''why did you do this'' she said almost sad ''why'' i said confused ''your are best chearleader and we don't want to lose you'' she said letting a tear escape ''look ill stay but only if you guys call me sarah treat me nicer and just be real friends '' they all nodded and we all hugged ''let's do it'' i yelled

------after practice-------

i was walking home and saw jerry and the football team looking at me i looked at them a few times  then gave them the 'fuck off' look i ran inside my house more like mansion it was very big i had a room that's big like a avrage house size or two i never really cared about how big stuff are it's just fun ..... i walked into the paint room and took some suplies black white and gray paint all in diffrent shades and diffrent sized brushes ''hunter ,shocker,james and liza here NOW'' they all came running i gave them paint brushes and we started painting after that i changed my bed sheats into black and white ones all my wierd desings and a fnaf pillow came i went to bed early lot's of hard work today  

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