what its like to be me

being ritch is awsome but not always i get everything but also peapole call me a slut ugh no one knows the real me the tomboy me the me


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hey im sarah and im a tomboy i have the lady body but inside it's a man but my mom always makes me dress fancy like a little ritch girl showing off everything she has she also makes me do chearleading.....great

------after classes-----

chearleading ''ok so miss slutty your the ligthest so your getting trown in the air'' meggan the leader said in her little girly voice i had to be all positive cuz my mother forces me so she loves me cuz i always agree ''yay'' i shouted happily but i was  slowly going crazy inside we practiced and all that blah blah blah...

i got home and went to bed too much today

------next morning-------

i got up and dressed myself i did my hair and maykeup but looked in the mirror for a few minutes ''this is so not me plus i would look better with short hair '' i turned around and went downstairs 

----at school---

the hole day practicing for the big football game i was the girlfriend of jake one of the players yea he does'nt know the me he always thinks im girly girl but wrong ill play it as a girly girl but tomorrow im done with this shit....DONE


the game was great awsome we won yay..... i walked home and shoved my clothes into my twin's room ''have them '' i said not giving a crap i ran downstairs and stoped infront of my mom ''mom i can't do this anymore'' i said sadly ''of what '' she said pretending not to know im a tomboy ''being a girly girl im not ment to be like this tomorrow im showing the real me '' i took my money and left i called one of my friends (a old one ) she picked up at the third ring

''hello'' she said ''meet me at your fav tomboy shop asp'' i said then hung up i ran to the store and waited for her ''umm why did you want me here'' she said confused ''im done being a girly girl'' she smiled and got me lots of outfits 

''hair'' i said she nodded i called my mom to let her know im getting boy hair....after 30 mins done i had amazing hair short on the sides but abit longer on the top i got new shoes then walked home i got dressed in confty things my ohio fried chiken shirt and some sweat pants it was 8:50 so i went to bed

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