Les Sorcières du Beuxbaton

Boarding the bus for a week-long trip to the prestigious school of Beuxbaton, Marcy Blakelock never thought she'd spend her life there.
"One week,"
"That's all." Her parents told her. Little did she know, she'd uncover secrets, discover abilities she never knew she had, and all the while attempting to get one guy, or girl, to notice her. Follow Marcy in, Les Sorcières Du Beuxbaton.


2. On the bus



Chapter 2


Marcy moved a seat back but there was no on there, or so she though. Suddenly, a translucent form moved and light showed through the moving shadow. Marcy screamed out. Cally looked at her confused. Suddenly, she heard a breath of air released and a girl appeared in the seat next to her.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "Being invisible is just what happens when I'm scared."

"S'okay. . . " Marcy told her.

"Micah," the girl said, sticking out her hand.

"Marcy," Marcy replied, shaking her outstretched hand.

"So what's your power?" she asked.

"My what?" Marcy asked.

"Your power?" Micah asked again then realized, "Oh! You don't know yet!" Marcy slowly shook her head no.

"You'll discover it when we get there," Micha said, bouncing up and down on the seat. It didn't occur to Marcy at the time that a disappearing girl was a little strange.

"Discover what?" Marcy pressed on, trying to understand what Micha meant.

"Nothing, really." Micah giggled.

"Okay," Marcy couldn't help but laugh with her.

"Do you know who you're rooming with yet? We get 4-5 people!" Micah exclaimed, very excited.

"I think I'm gonna room with Flora. If you want, you can room with us." Marcy extended out the invitation.

"Really?!" Micah exclaimed once more. Marcy nodded, giggling. "Thanks!"


Marcy stood up and walked back a seat. She sat down next to a boy with broken glasses on. Suddenly, another boy, who was very muscular, popped his head over the seat. Randomly, the boy with the glasses closed his eyes and whispered something under his breath. A little line ran over his glasses and suddenly, they were fixed. The boy looking over the seat grabbed them off the boy's face and sneered,

"You'll never win, Matthews. Never." and with that, he snapped the glasses in half and threw them over the seat. The boy sat back down in his seat behind them. Marcy picked up one half of the glasses and handed them to the boy.

"He still doesn't understand I can fix them." he took the other half out of Marcy's hand unconsciously. He pressed the two halves together and whispered something once more. The glasses molded into one as 'Matthews' put on the glasses once more.

"So what's your first name?" Marcy spoke up.

"Wha?!" the boy jumped, apparently just noticing she was there. "Oh, it's Matthew." he shook her hand.

"Your name is Matthew Matthews?" Marcy asked, stifling a giggle.

"No," Matthew replied. "George just doesn't understand my name is Matthew without the 's'" he said, emphasizing his name.

"Well, I'm Marcy!" Marcy smiled.

"Nice to meet you," Matthew smiled back.

"Want to room with Flora, Micah and I?"

"Isn't it just girls rooming with girls and vice Versa?" Matthew asked.

"Nope!" Marcy laughed.

"Okay then!" Matthew laughed with her.

"Switch!" Marcy got up out of her chair and moved back one more seat. The seat behind that was her own. There sat the George from earlier.

"Hey there, Cutie," he smirked.

"Aren't you, like, dating Britney or something?" Marcy asked, rolling her eyes. George looked offended for a second before he masked it and responded,

"Not yet," he looked longingly at the seat in front of him. "But soon..."

"Mhm, sure." Marcy rolled her eyes once more. He turned to her.

"What can you do anyway?" he asked. He didn't even give her a second to talk before he cut back in. "I can move things with my mind. Watch." he squinted his eyes at Cally's purse in the seat a row back. At first, nothing happened and Marcy gave him a look but he pointed to the purse and sure enough, it was hovering about two inches above the chair. Marcy's mouth dropped open and she gasped. Her gasp apparently broke George's concentration because he let out a breath and suddenly, the purse dropped back to the chair with a small thud.

"Want to room with us?" Marcy asked him. He looked at her and she thought for a second he said, "Who's us?" but his mouth hadn't moved. Right? Marcy asked herself. Instead, he said,

"I'm already rooming with Landon and Bri..."

"Okay that's fine," Marcy answered, still thinking about what she thought he had said.

I wish that lady would say switch already! Marcy thought. Suddenly she heard,


"Woah," she whispered to herself as she moved back a seat.

"Can I room with you...?" she heard. 

"What?" Marcy turned to Cally.

"Please? No one else would room with me," she said with a frown. Marcy sighed.

"Okay, that's fine." Suddenly the bus halted to a stop and she heard,

"Welcome, students, to Beuxbaton!"


Hey there guys! I hope you're liking this story so far! And if you like it, let me know in the comments okay? And the question for this chapter is, out of the characters we've met, who was your favorite? Landon, Bri, Hansel, Flora, Micah, Matthew, George, Cally or Marcy? That was a lot xD Well I will see you all next chapter! Bye!

-Willow <3

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