The Tutor

Daniel Copper is you normal, popular guy. Football Captain, great friends and a great family.
Jayden Clarkers, he is the opposite of Daniel. He's the school 'Loser', No fame, No friends and a family who hates him.
But, Daniel can't have bad grades in Social Study's, and Jayden is forced to tutor him.


2. Day Two: I go to Mc.Donalds with Jayden.

"Ello!~ Well, here is the next chapter, I have some joy (lots) to write this and I always wanted to write one so, here it is!

Day Two; I go to Mc.Donalds with Jayden.

Daniel P.O.V

Jayden and I walked to Sakura Park like we -more like he- decided. As soon as we entered the gates, a boy came running at Jayden. He was a buff boy, like a football captain, with short blonde hair and brown eyes, sorta like Jayden's but I liked Jayden's more. His was darker and it matched his hair and clothing well.

The buff guy was within 5 feet of Jayden before the dark male stepped to the side, right in front of me if I may add, and the guy had to stop himself from running into the street.

"Jayden!" He yelled and came running at him again. Jayden signed and in a quick flash of movement, the buff guy was on the floor holding his knee. Jayden smirked behind his scarf.

"How many times have I told you to leave me alone, Brother?" He asked, brown eyes set in a glare at the blonde. Wait...Brother? This guy who tried to run into Jayden was his brother? I didn't know he had siblings.

"That is no excuse to do that, A-hole!" He yelled and stood back up, moving his arm back in a punching motion and swung at Jayden. I heard him sign again and I felt hands on my shoulders, pushing downwards and I saw Jayden's brothers fist over my head. I gasped and got pulled up again. When I looked at Jayden's brother he was holding his uh..Section.. and was hunched over with a pained expression.

"I told you Allen, leave me be." Jayden said and grabbed my arm, pulling me to a random bench far in the park. Alone. Isolated. I kinda liked this, being alone with Jayden as if he was mine, all mine. Ha-ha, I sound kinda possessive, like a possessive boyfriend, although i'm almost positive Jayden's not gay like me.

"Here. Sit down and get out your papers." Jayden said, sitting on the bench and I sat beside him happily and pulled out the papers I needed, setting them down on the table with a grin. 
''These?" I asked him. Jayden nodded and picked up a study guide and read it over with ease. "You're a sloppy writer, Daniel." He commented and started calling out questions. After a while of question answering (I answered wrong on most) I groaned and leaned my head back, unaware that Jayden was staring at me with a almost hungry look his in eyes.

"Can we go eat or something?" I groaned, looking up at the fading blue, pink, purple, and orange sky. "Yeah, sure." He said and started putting my papers in my bag, and stood up then put his bag over his shoulder again, holding my bag in his hand. I blushed and tried to take my bag out of his hand.

"H-hey I can hold my own bag!" I whined although I didn't mind, he seemed like a gentlemen when he held my bag without asking."Don't care. Where to, Daniel?" He asked and started walking. I signed and ran to walk beside him and thought. "Mc.Donalds?" I asked. Jayden nodded and headed towards the wrong direction.

"Uh. . .This way." I said and grabbed his free hand, dragging the shorter, darker male behind me as I walked to the fast-food place. I opened the door for Jayden and walked in after him then stood in line beside him, never letting go of his hand.

"What do you want, Jayden?" I asked him, tearing my eyes from his chocolate brown eyes and to the menu, looking over everything and deciding on a Bacon Cheeseburger. Jayden shrugged beside me.

"Never been here, don't know what they have. What do you think?" Jayden questioned and turned his head to me, pulling up his black scarf. 

"Bacon Cheeseburger." I said quickly. He nodded and I'm not sure if it was me just imagining things, but I think he squeezed my hand. 

"Next!" The lady called and I tugged Jayden forward with me. The lady had ocean blue eyes and honey blonde hair, a kind smile to go with it. She looked quite young, about my age. "Hello, what can I get you?" She smiled and I read her name-tag. Lilith.

I looked to Jayden and he hid behind his red scarf, letting me know to order and he wasn't talking. I sighed and said, "Two Bacon Cheeseburgers and um. . You wanna drink, Jay?" I asked him. Jayden's brown eyes widened and I realized I called him Jay. "I-I mean Jayden!" I squeaked. Jayden shook his head. "Is that it?" Lilith asked with a head tilt.

"A-Ah, yes." I said and she nodded, looking down at the screen and pressing a button. "Oh! One drink please, sorry." I muttered and she nodded, smiling brightly at me. I noticed she hasn't said anything, or looked in Jayden's direction the whole time. 

"Alright, then. You'll food will be out shortly." She smiled and gave me a wink. I heard Jayden growl before I was dragged to a table and sat down. Jayden plopped down in the other seat and rested his head on his hands. I glanced at Lilith and saw her glaring daggers at Jayden, and he was glaring back.


 "Um. . . Jayden? You okay?" I asked him, reaching over and grabbing one of his head gently. Jayden glanced at me and nodded. "Yeah." He muttered, looking back at Lilith. "Don't talk to her." Jayden whispered to me. I blinked in confusion. "Why not?" I questioned.

Jayden sighed and ran a hand through his black hair. "She's my stupid mom." He said and growled. My mouth hung open. Mom? That bright girl with honey hair and ocean eyes was Jayden's mom?! And she winked at me!

"Oh." I blinked. "Creepy. . ." I whispered under my breath. Jayden chuckled. "Yeah, she goes after the younger ones." He said it as if he had experience, Or saw it or something.

Lilith came over to the table with a medal tray that had two wrapped up burgers, two fries, and one tall cup. She set the food on the table and smiled at me. "Here you go." Lilith then turned to Jayden and glared. "Enjoy, Brat." She growled and turned to me again. She held the tray to her stomach and pushed her breast together, to make them look bigger.

"Anything else?" She purred to me. I blinked and shook my head, not trusting my voice at the moment. "No. Leave." Jayden growled, glaring at the blonde. Lilith glared back. "No." She said. 

Jayden suddenly jumped to his feet with clenched fist. "Leave." He growled again. Lilith growled a No again and Jayden stepped closer to her. "Whatcha' gonna do, Jay?" She taunted. Jayden grabbed her collar and jerked her closer. "This." He growled.

Lilith smirked and held the tray in one hand and brought it up, swinging it down on Jayden's head. Jayden's eyes widened and his grip loosened. I gasped under my breath. I was frozen in my seat, watching as red leaked through Jayden's black hair.

"Hm?" Lilith hummed. Jayden swayed a bit, but stayed standing. "Still up? Shame." Lilith smiled and grabbed Jayden's fist on her collar. Jayden took a few deep breaths and grabbed the tray, throwing it to the side. Lilith's eyes followed it and pouted her pink lips. "Awe."

Jayden growled and her eyes went back to meet his muddy browns. Jayden suddenly kneed Lilith in the stomach. Lilith's blue eyes went wide and her hands flew to her stomach, her mouth open in pain. Jayden kicked her down and stomped on her side. 

I found my strength and stood up, ran to Jayden and held his arms to his side as I hugged him from behind. "Stop!" I yelled. Jayden slowly stopped and stood still in my arms. Lilith cried softly on the floor.

"Calm down, Jayden. . . "I whispered to him softly. Jayden's shoulders relaxed a bit and he leaned back on me. "I'm so sorry, Daniel." He whispered back. I smiled and whispered, "Dan." Jayden blinked and turned his head back to meet my eyes. "W-What?" He stuttered, Which I found adorable. "Dan. Call me Dan, Daniel is too formal." I chuckled and Jayden nodded. 

"Can I call you Jay? Jayden is a mouth full." I joked. Jayden smiled softly under his scarf and nodded. I blinked. "Really?" "Yeah. You can call me Jay. Only you, though." 

I smiled and hugged him a bit tighter. What Jayden did next shocked me.




Jayden turned around and hugged me back. 


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