The Tutor

Daniel Copper is you normal, popular guy. Football Captain, great friends and a great family.
Jayden Clarkers, he is the opposite of Daniel. He's the school 'Loser', No fame, No friends and a family who hates him.
But, Daniel can't have bad grades in Social Study's, and Jayden is forced to tutor him.


1. Day One: why, him?

Daniel POV

Wake up, brush hair, teeth and wash face, get breakfast from Mom and walk to school. My everyday rout. This morning when I got to school, my friends greeted me at the gate with huge smiles, like normal..well..not Skye, he never smiles. In my small group of friends, there were Skye, Colton, Mokoto, and me.

"Hey, finally here, Dan!" Colton said, swinging an arm over my shoulders. Colton was a short boy who's head went to my shoulders. He had dark red hair, pale blue eyes, Normal painted black nails, a tattoo of a Music note on his collarbone and another one on his hand, a 96. Not sure why though.

"Yeah, here I am!" I say, pushing his arm off.


"Took you long enough," Skye muttered. He was the tallest of the group with bright blue hair pushed to the side, the rest in a small pony-tail. His blue eyes would put off a normal person, but not us. We used to his piercing eyes. I laughed a bit and jumped when the bell rung, meaning 'Everyone gets your butts to class!' so we all took off.

Skye went to Science, Colton to Social Study's', Mokoto to E.L.A and I went to Math. When I got in the classroom mostly everyone was there. The popular girls and guys then that one guy in the back. I think his name was Jay? Jayden? Something like that. I think Jayden, though. I sat in the front row and glanced back at him. He had his feet kicked up on the desk and his nose buried in a large book, his brown -Almost red- eyes trained on the words on the page.

"Dan? Daniel? Hey, Dan!" I heard somebody to my left and looked at them. Oh, Sissy. That was the principal's daughter. 

"Daan! Why were you ignoring me?" She asked, pouting her red lips. I almost gagged. She was so gross. She had bleach blonde hair, blue contacts even though her eyes were brown, and she always showed some part of her body.

"What do you want, Sissy?" I asked her, glancing back up at Jayden. She growled and grabbed my face, her fake nails digging into my cheeks.

"Who are you looking at?" She asked me slowly. I growled and pushed her face back, standing from my seat and walking to the back, close where Jayden sat. I was only a few seats away from him, an arm's length at the least.


"Uh..Hey..You're Jay, right?" I asked, saying his name wrong. His eyes stopped moving and shot to me.

"Jayden, yes. You are Daniel Copper." He said. His voice was deep but soft and he pushed back some black hair from his eyes and put his book down.

"Why are you back here, Daniel Copper?" He asked, now turning his body towards me. I did the same.

"The others were annoying me. Why are you back here, Jayden?" I asked him in return. He glared at me and turned back to face forward.

"I always sit here, Daniel." He said, picking his book back up and reading again. "Whatcha' reading, Jayden?" I asked. I loved using his name, it felt..right, somehow.

"Sherlock Holmes." He said. Uh...Who was Sherlock Holmes? I guess the confused look on my face made him a little annoyed and he signed loudly.

"The greatest detective who worked with Watson. John Watson, Mrs.Hudson, William Sherlock Scott Holmes." He said as if that would help my confusion!

"Uh..." I said dumbly. "Nevermind." He growled and started reading again. Suddenly the name sounded familiar, but not so normal to me, so I kept quiet and stared ahead, totally not looking at Jayden half the class time. The bell rung and Jayden put his book down and signed, bookmarking the page. Jayden got packed up and I did the same, not wanting to seem like more of a stalker than he already thought I was. The day went on until my last, and worst class, Social Studies. I mean, why more 'Study's' when there's the 'Social' in the name? Made zero sense to my brain but, of course, Jayden probably understood why. He always knows. 

I smiled to myself as I walked to the classroom, Jayden was in this class with me so he made it bearable. I sat in the front again, right beside Skye.

"Hey, Skye," I say, dropping my book-bag on the marble floor next to me. I heard a small 'Thud' and looked to the back of the class. Jayden's feet were on the desk, his nose in a book, like normal.

"Hello, Daniel. Watching Jayden again?" He asked, running his pale hand through his pony-tail. I blushed. Skye was the only person who knew about my little 'Obsession' about Jayden. He knew I was gay and didn't hate me. He was officially my best friend.

"Yeah...We talked in the first block too!" I squealed to him quietly. Skye smiled at me and smirked. "Anything else?" He purred. I blushed tomato red and shook my head fiercely.

"N-No Way! He W-wouldn't! He doesn't even k-know me!" I say quickly, glancing back at Jayden to see if he noticed me freaking out like a 2-year-old. Thankfully, his nose was still in his 'Sherlock Holmes' book and didn't even look up.

I signed and looked back at the smirking Skye and glared at him. He put his hands up in mock surrender but never stopped smirking, thoughts running through his brain like a train.  

The bell was rung and I jumped out my seat and started to the back, where Jayden was packing up his book.

"H-Hey Jayden," I said shyly. Jayden glanced up and nodded at me as his greeting and zipped up his bag, swinging it over his shoulder and started walking out.

"Jayden, Dear!" Mrs. Cumber called out. "Oh, Daniel, come here dears." She said sweetly, waving her hand around in the hair. Jayden signed but still walked down to the older ladies desk, I followed.

"Yes, Mrs. Cumber?" I asked standing beside Jayden, shifting from one foot to the other nervously. What if she wanted to kill me and Jayden? Or worse, make us sit by each other! Oh, wait..That'll be better for me actually. . .

"Daniel, dear, I have noticed your grades in my class, and well...Oh gosh, I'm sorry Daniel, but they are terrible, but you Jayden, you have the best grades I ever was seen!" Mrs.Cumber exclaimed with a small smile directed at Jayden. He just stared at her with deep brown eyes.

"Thank you," He said, "but why did you call us up here?" Jayden tilted his head a bit, pushing his black scarf up to his nose.

"Oh, thank you for reminding me! Daniel, I have decided that Jayden will tutor you." She smiled kindly. My heart stopped, Jayden? The Jayden next to me right now? Him?

"Oh," Jayden said and buried his face in his scarf. He was probably gonna' tease me about it later, or tell the school or something like that.

"Alright," Jayden said and turned around. "W-What? Hey!" I called after him, running to his side as he left the class. He looked at me as if to say 'What do you want now?'.

"Uh...What time do we meet?" I asked nervously. He looked forward again. "Sakura Park, after school." He said. That was a problem, I had soccer practice.

"Uh...I have soccer practice after school.." I murmured to him. "Alright, I'll wait for you then." He said and opened the school doors, letting it fall and almost hitting me in the face. I growled under my breath, he couldn't be a bit nicer? Then I blushed as I realized that he said he'll wait on me.

"Fine," I muttered and jogged to the soccer field and to the changing room, seeing my teammates which included Mokoto and Colton, Skye did after school art so he wasn't with us. I changed into my uniform and walked out, messing around with Colton a bit.

"So, a new girl, huh?" I teased him as Colton turned as red as his hair. He nodded like I would to Jayden, which honestly looked almost pathetic.

"What's her name?" I asked him. He looked down. "Mia." He said. I nodded, I remember Mia. She had asked me out in 7th grade, I think. I had said no because, at that time, I found out my little, gay heart went to Jayden. Colton's shy smile turned into an evil smirk.

"So, anything new about Jayden?" He teased, getting in my face like a weird cat. I blushed and shook my head, but slowly nodded as I thought about the tutoring session after this.

"Ooh! What is it? Did he ask you out?" Colton asked excitedly, even Mokoto looked interested. I blushed again and slapped his arm.

"No! He just has to tutor me." I said slowly, so nobody but the two guys could hear me. Colton had this huge, weird smile on his face and Mokoto just had a soft smile.

"Awesome! Maybe it can be like, that old fake life, ya know'? With the dumb popular guy-" "HEY!" "-and that weird guy nerd who's super smart and nerd was to tutor and they fall in love!" Colton signed dreamily, resting his head on his open hand dramatically. I gasped and smacked his head as hard as I could, which made him laugh like a mad-man. 

Outside I looked up at the bleachers and there I saw the black angle himself, reading that Sherlock book with the scarf covering his nose again. I couldn't help but blush at him. I guess he felt eyes on him because he looked up with an almost startled expression and looked around as if he was just noticing where he was before looking back down at me. I lifted my hand in a wave and he blinked his gorgeous brown-red eyes at me and looked back down at his book.

I signed and we started practice, me failing 8,000 times but I don't think Jayden noticed. I was just failing because Jayden was detracting me without even knowing it.

Practice ended soon enough and I ran up to Jayden, panting a bit from the exercises we had to do.

"Hey, Jayden," I said, standing beside him. He looked up from his book and to me. "Hello, done with practice I assume?" He asked me, closing his book and putting it in his bag. I nodded.

"That must explain why you smell like wet dog. Shower, and change." He demanded and started walking down the stairs. I stayed in place and signed, doing what he said and heading to the locker rooms and running a quick shower and changing into my normal jeans and T-shirt. I ran outside again to see Mokoto and Colton gone, and Jayden leaning on the wall watching the clouds.

"Back, miss me?" I said, walking beside him. He looked at me with bored eyes. "Sure. Dream on, Daniel." He said and picked up his bag, and mine, and swinging his over his shoulder and holding mine then started walking to Sakura Park, like we agreed.

"At least you don't smell anymore." He said, pulling scarf up again.     


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