bitter sweet justice

The past comes back to remind a detective how she became what she is now. Opening up a chance for revenge, yet will it be worth it in the end.


1. prologue


    " Sweetie do you want red or white"?, ask Steve, holding up two wine bottles. "Either  one  will be fine, anwser 
Frances glancing down at the her phone.. "Dang sorry I have to take this call. Few minutes later she return to the  table,  sorry honey I must go to work" says Frances.  
 She lean down to kiss Steve goodbye, "Dont be up set". Steve reply "Honey I'm not mad,just had plans for you
and I .. I guess it will have to wait for another day".
          Half hour later Frances arrived at the newest crime scene with her news crew. Frances spotted a old friend on the force,she walkover near the crime scene tape." Hey Cat what happen? Do you know if it connected to the other four murders"? "Frances I cant say anything right now I'm working.
    Come by my place later I'll tell you what I know ok", whispers Caitin. "Ok I'll see you later, text or call me when
your done" reply Frances. " Will do" said Caitin, going back to keeping folks away from getting to close.                                            Walking around the area, she saw a opening, she sprint to nearest detective. "Detective can you spare a minute or two"? "
No I won't now get back behind the tape,before I have you arrested".,answered the detective. "Answer me this, is this another cult like murder"? Frances pushing the mic into his face. The dective grab the mic and then threw it across the street. "Hey you didnt have to do that",running to get her
lucky mic. "Frances the editors says back off now, wait for the police conference they dont want another fine".,said Joel running up to her."Fine I'll wait till then. Let's go I'm not gonna get nothing else here", snap Frances.                                                                                
Few hours later, she open Caitin's front door, "Cat where are you? I've been knocking forever..your door was unlock. Do you have any.". Oh my god Cat!" Frances ran to her friend laying middle of dining room in her own blood. Fumbling with her cellphone"Hang on I'm calling 911 now,"still fumbling with her phone. Caitin started to speak, but she couldn't hear her so she lean closer. "Run..Not..Gone",rasp Caitin between breathes.About that timea large shadow loomed over the two women.

                                                                                   Twenty Years Later


         In a dim night club, Frankie watched the red head flirt with the man, minutes later they left together.
The red head lead the man into the ally behind the night club. Seconds later ripping his throat open feasting on his warm blood.While she feast on the man, Frankie swoop down from second window pushing a broom handle thru the red head chest.Frankie madequick call to have the dead guy handle. Then she headed back to PCI head quarters, while she was there she turn in photos into the front desk. Headed to the captain's office.  She walked into captain's office," I took care of the one calling herself Leeanna Poper," taking aseat across from him. "Good she had murdered more than ten people, all that killing someone bound to find out what she was.We can't let the humans know about the things they believe to be myth," said the captian. 
         "Yeah yeah I know..Do you have to repeat that speech after each case. It gone an got old,you need new lines",said Frankie with a grin. "Yep I do, which reminds me, got a another  case for you. You and your new partner leaves for Arkansas this evening," reply captain handing her a file. " I dont want a partner Frankie said while grabing the file. While she look over the info. in the file the captianstood up and wave to someone behind her." I dont care what you want or dont want. You will work with a partner or you won't work this case," said the captain. Bout that time a tall blond man walk in, "Sorry I'm late sir." Turning toward Frankie, "So it seems I'm your new partner, call me David..Phillips"."Nice to meet you, I'll be your boss on this can call me Frankie..Walt."  "Now that out of the way, here's your cover, your FBI detectives. Bosses up stairs want this taken care of quickly. Careful our office is questionable, you know what I mean," said the captain handing them badges.
        The two hour trip to air strip out side of Danville Arkasas was a long trip for city girl Frankie. Soon they rented a car, so they can quickiy  get to the  Ola office. "Thank god we have gps or we probably get lost  in these woods," said Frankie looking out of the car window.   "Nah, we wont get lost..I'm from this area this area, and my pack lives in Dover.," replies David driving. Soon they turn off the paved road onto a dirt path just wide enough for one car, that leads strait to the office.                                                                   At first glance anyone could tell something not right. "Crap that don't look good, looking at front door hanging from it's hinges," said David quickly hitting the breaks,and getting out. Frankie by this time was already calling for local back up and
ambulance. Neither one of them waited for back up, Frankie and David cautiously moved into the building. Spotting a injuried
woman, Frankie quickly went toward her, "David cover me.. Who are you have any id?"  "I'm the good guy badge is in myback pocket,"answered the woman.
          " Sorry bout that can't be to careful..I'm Frankie Walt and this here is my partner David Phillip. Head quarters sent us down here to help".Turning toward David, "while we wait on the locals, you get her statement. And Im going to gather certain evidence," said Frankie putting her gun away. Got it cover boss lady replies David already pulling out the pen and paper. While Frankie's back was turn bagging bodies of local vamp and shifter.
     Half hour later the injured woman was taken to a PCI owned hosital. As the last of the local police left, Frankie phone ring she talked to their captain for few minutes." Ok David for the time being this office is our's..we to clean it up and get back to bussiness captains orders.. oh also we will have more officiers here to help in few hours," said Frankie while she toss him a broom. They work well into the wee hours cleaning. As David fixed the front door, Frankie went thru files on the attacks.                                                                 Well we now know it's a group of three vampires and four werewolves doing these killings, bad part that is all we know," Frankie said out loud. "That sucks six months still no clue where to look.. eek eek spider!"yell David in a girl like voice. Laughing very hard Frankie walk over an killed the spider with a book, while David dance around. " Oh my god act like you have a pair," said Frankie while she was throwing the book and spider away. "I have a pair..I just don't like spiders,"snap David." That's highly questionable with a scream like that, I swear it came from a little girl" replied Frankie giggling." It's not that funny!" said David with a huff. "Ah big bad wolf mad "reply Frankie teasing.
        David threw a book at her,in mid-air a large folded envlope hit the floor. "What do we have here" reply Frankie leaning down
to pick it up. Inside was a map and a list concerning the the case. On the list Frankie saw a big question mark next to a detective
Wetrobski." Wasn't the hurt detective eariler named Wetrobski?,"asked Frankie. " Yep it's Brenda Wetrobski, why you ask?", David while he was going around spraying bug spray everywhere." Clearly this detective Jones didn't trust Wetrobski to well. This sounds and feels like a inside job to me also" stated Frankie, shaking her head " did you hear a word I said just then?"                   " Yes I heard everything, I agree it feels like a inside job to me to",reply David walking out of the rest rooms, "that should keep the spiders away! "All Frankie could do was giggle at him," Do your boyfriend have the same fears of spiders as you do?"  "Hey now that going to dam far now! I'm not freaking gay! I love women alot!", loudly snap David. Getting into his face, Frankie asked "You have a problem with gay folks?" "No I dont have a problem with gays",answered David looking into her eyes, "Are you gay?" "Not really I'm bisexual,I'll date man and  woman,"answer Frankie. " word comes to mind..threesome,"said David with a big smile."Men!" huff Frankie walking to the window.."Heads up our new team is here, It's time to get our minds back on work". "Easy for you to say, I still have a image of a threesome in my head." said David dodging a slap side the head. Soon walk in six other PCI ( paranormal crime investigator),officers.

      "Hey Frankie, I heard we'll be working with you again..Who that?", ask a large vampire with a grin. "He's my partner David. David come here meet our team, this big tree trunk is Jordan,the little tree is his brother Dalton. The two ladies is June  on the left and Penia on the right. The twins is Jeffrey and Justin. I think purple hair is Justin right?" Purple head bopped up and down a yes. "Everyone this here is David." A bunch of, nice to meet ya echo thru the office.

    The next day while four of the team work on going thru all the file boxes. Frankie, David, Dalton,and Jordan track down names on the list. Frankie and David came up on a house belonging to a Hilda Jurapo. David knock on the door,till a tall blond answered the door. "Hello I'm detective Walt and this here my partner Phillips from the FBI. We're here to talk to a Mrs. Hilda Jurpo."  "I'm sorry but that's not possible my mother past away earlier this week."  "I'm sorry for your lost, May I ask did your mother talked about seeing a crime few weeks ago?"ask Frankie. "I dont know nothing  about that. My mother didn't talk about it to me. "answered the tall blond. David handed the blond a card,"Here's our card just in case you remeber anything your mom might had said or anyone else said about the attack across the road." Back inside the renter car, "I have a gut feeling this woman won't be the only name on this list to turn up dead,"reply Frankie,adding "get ahold of June have her get ahold of main office ask for more men."  "Will do" answer David flipping open his phone.
          At that same time, few miles away..Dalton and Jordan were knocking on a door of another person on the list."Do you smell that bub?"ask Dalton looking at his big brother. "Yep it's fresh blood" answer Jordan kicking in the door to see a bloodly mess. "What a waste" reply Dalton. Jordan gave him a dirty look,"dont be rude, this could had been our family."  "Sorry the evil side of the vamp is showing" reply Dalton,adding "dam even the kids."  "Call this in I'm going to look on this side."  Dalton looking around, he saw some pictures. He turn an counted the bodies," Jordan we have small child missing from this pile of bodies". Few minutes later Jordan came back into the room, holding small object. Dalton rush to his brother, "Dont tell me they killed the baby too." " Nope he's alive just a sleep, he had a note in his blanket "said Jordan.
      That evening at the office, the team compare notes. Dalton and Jordan were telling the everyone what they found out on their 
search. "Six out of the ten names on the list is either dead or missing except the detective.The other four left town today. We found a friend of Dalton's to watch the baby,he's safe". 
                "Also found out the baby wasn't the Lyon's child, he had belong to our third family that was murdered three months ago.
They took the child in on the request of the grand mother. The note I found sewn into the blanket had trace of blood on it, probably due to paper cut. It stated if any thing happen look into the Didie Packaging company," said Jordan. June and Penia is searching for information on the company right now, chimed David.
        As on cue, Penia walked in ," It's one of many dumby corporations base out of New York." "Ok try get everything you can on that group ",reply Frankie. "Yes I thought you would say that, June is working on it as I speak",said Penia,right before she turn to leave."Justin, you and Jeffrey check out the Digie Packaging. Let me know what you find out". Turning toward David," have you heard from head quarters, are they sending any one else?," ask Frankie. "Nope, can't spare any one,"answered David. "Darn it, that means double shifts for all of us," snap Frankie. David walked up to Frankie," I have a idea, if you're fine with it, I can ask my pack to do the surveilence for us." "Are they trust worthly, scratch that can they defend themselves in second moment if need to? " "Yep." David head bopping up and down.  "Then go for it, at this moment I'm willing  and will use all the help  I can get."
          Dalton came thru a side door, "the local police is responding to a disturbance ..neighbors reported hearing gun shots. I ran the address, the folks that lived there once worked for Digie company."  "You and Jordan check it out, if it's our type of attack, get a hold of me right away", repiled Frankie. As Dalton and Jordan head out of the room. Penia came thru handing Frankie some 
needed papers. After reading a few lines, she dropped the rest of the papers to the floor. David quickly grab them up, "What's wrong you just turn whiter than white?"  "I think my past has caught up with me." answered Frankie finding nearest chair to sit in."Huh, explain please" reply David, walking up to stand in front of her.
          " Well this Steve Klain,aka Jake Yates is the last thing I saw before I died.. I was dating him a few months, only to walk in on him and others killing a good friend of mine," said Frankie,adding "that was in New York about 1979."  "Dam I'm sorry, I didnt know you were turned, I assumed you was a vamp born, "said David.  June was standing in the door way listening to Frankie's tale.." That means your the only one to see his face and lived.. Well at least exist, I call you very lucky."   "Yeah guess I am lucky, when you look it at it that way."  reply Frankie." Can you remeber what he look like back then, any type of photo of him will help..if so I need you to tell me every detail now." said Penia walking in with her sketch kit. "Let's get it done then, I can't forget the thing that turned me." 
         While Penia worked on a sketch of Steve.. At that very moment Justin and Jeffrey was searching the main
 room of  Digie company. Justin watch the door as Jeffrey was on the computer copying files. "Ok I'm done lets get out of here." Jeffrey pocketing the thumb drive. "Is it just me Jeff or was that just tad to easy? "ask Justin.  "Yeah that was to easy, let's check out the lower floors anyway", answered Jeffrey. "It makes no since to go into the fire if you know you might get burn",said Justin. "Quit whining it's our job to find out what's going on I'm iching for some action",reply Jeffrey.
         Back at the office Dalton was catching Frankie up to speed on what they had found out at the shooting site. " A family of four was rip apart, not before the father got few shots off. We took blood examples from all the bodies, bout to take it up to the lab in Danville."  "Ok so wish we know who doing this and the way has any of you heard from the twins?" ask Frankie standing up." Nope" the group said at same time. Dalton and Jordan was heading out the door with the examples."I don't like that one bit, they should had been back by now" said Frankie grabing a vest,and throwing one to David.."Take it, we're going to see what's going on.""Ok" reply David putting the vest on." June tell the boys when they get back from dropping off the examples, head over to Digie company," said Frankie grabing a extra clip for her gun.  "Got it, be careful "said June,taking safely off of her gun.
          In the basement  of Digie Packaging Jeffrey was fighting a large vamp-wolve hybrid. Justin layed in a unmoving lump in the 
corner where he felled after being riddle with bullets. Jeffrey twisted the large vamp- werewolve head around untill he heard a loud snap, then he calmly grab his gun that was knock out of his hands earlier,and put three in vamp-werewolve head. When Frankie and David drove up to the Digie Packaging Company, they saw a bloodly Jeffrey carrying Justin across the parking lot. "Dammit".. both said jumping out of the car to the twins.. "Is he?" ask David taking Justin from his brother, carried him to the rental car. "No he's alive for now,the silver is slowly killing him." answer Jeffrey while he slid into the other side of the car.
         On their way back to office Jeffrey told Frankie what happen, since Justin now awake refuse to go to PCI owned hosiptal. David, Dalton and Jordan stay at the packaging copany to stiff out clues on the where abouts of the perps that gotten away. Back
at the office June dig out the slivers of pellets that was still in Justin. Frankie toss a bag of pig blood to Jeffrey, " all we have left, your brother needed the good stuff."  Is he gonna make it? I don't know what I do if he dies. It's all my fault, I should had called for back up.".said Jeffrey taking a drank. " You're some what right, it's partly your fault, it's also his fault. He could have called in as easly as you could have." rplied Frankie. "Dam Frankie you have to be so cold?" asked Penia." It's the truth no matter how cold it sounds." snap Frankie. "She's right." croaked Justin trying to sit up. "Oh no you don't lay back down for little longer, "said June,pushing him back down on the table.
      Back at the Digie company, "did you get a scent of the perps. "asked David to few of his pack members.  "Yes sir here's the address where the scents led us." "Great guys thanks."reply David,turning to let Dalton and Jordan know.  Soon the two vamps and wolve was on their way to first adress on the list. The first house wasn't any help what so ever, so they quickly left for the others on the list. The fourth and last adress on the list, was out in the country, it was large house. Jordan went to left side of the house, Dalton headed to the right side of the house,and David walked right up to the front door. On the count of three, they busted their way into the house,guns drawn.  They met into the dining room, "well I say what a pack rat..there's boxes of stuff here.",said Dalton."Let's split up,grab any thing that looks kinda importain, we let the brains figure it out."said David digging thru the papers.
      A few hours of searching the house,they found few hidden thumb drives to take back to June and Penia. After dropping off the thumb drives, the group split up again to check out the all but one dumby companies thru out the state. Not much long afterwards, the group was back at the office." Four of the five companies have been cleared out." said David. "It seems to me their clearing out of this area cause we are very close to catching them, we've been just half a step behind." reply June, walking into the main office. "We've gotten the files decoded, it's order slips,  address where the organs being shipped. This here is the biggest black market oragan ring I've seen in all my years on the force." said June sitting down next to Justin.                                                      Penia walked in soon after,with dranks for everyone," to make matters much brighter for us, we have the address for the next shipment being drop off later today."  "Someone  is driving up, it the lady detective from earlier." said David, standing up.
Minutes later  walked in detective Webrobski, "So ya'll the new team..I'm back to work,which one of ya'll is the boss for time being?"   Frankie walked up to her, " that would be me..I'm going to team you up with Jeffrey and Dalton.  They can get you up to speed on the case,on the way to the last Digie company that we haven't checked, hopefully before it getted cleared out." On their way out of the door, Frankie had texted Jeffrey and Dalton's phone, Watch your back,her loyalty is questionable.
"Jordan,David,and me will be checking out other things." said Frankie loudly.
          June ,Penia ,and Justin played cards whiled the others was gone. "Do you think this Wetrobski had her team killed?"asked June,throwing down her cards. "I hope not my brother and Dalton is with her now?" reply Justin. "Did any of you guys notice
how the dog look's at Frankie?"ask Penia. June with a laugh, Yeah I think David is crushing on your ex-girlfriend." "Snap you
dated her to, that makes three on the team she played with."replies Justin shaking his head. "Oh really who else has she dated here?"ask Penia throwing her cards down hard winning the hand.  "umm..Dalton and Jeffrey a while back."answer Justin,
"I thought everyone already knew that."  Penia grab her winnings, calmly stood up, "Well you were wrong not everyone knew that."  Watching Penia leave the room, June  stood up shaking her head,"Nice move bone head."  "I didn't know really."reply Justin. He watch June leave the table, "Nice move bonehead",slapping his forehead. 
         On the other side of the county a large van drop off two boxes at a house. Across the road Frankie,David, and Jordan watched as the van drove off. "David please go catch that van. Jordan and I will be opening boxes." "Be right soon."reply Davild already down the road,soon after becoming dark grey wolve. Jordan and Frankie entered the living room,after quickly killing two young  vamps. A third cower in a corner, begging for his life.."Please dont kill me, I'll tell you anything and everything, what ever you want." "Ah nice a snitch just what we needed." snickered Jordan walking toward the snitch. After a few minutes of talking with the snitch. David came walking into the room,"I'm back with the van, it's parked out front." "Dam David you look like you got spank badly. What the other guy look like?"said Jordan. "Much worse he's dead." reply David with a grin.
          "Will you two shut up and help me with these boxes." said Frankie. Inside the boxes was iced packed bags of hearts, and other organs. "That's so wrong."says David looking at the smaller organs. "Yes I agree these guys must die badly."said Jordan.
Soon they search the house again just in case they over looked something. Then they packed everything up and headed back to the office. Locking up the snitch into one of the holding cells.
          At the same moment few counties  over Jeffrey, Dalton, and  Brenda  was beginning their search of the last open Digie  Packaging Company. "On the surface it looks like any other packaging company, but I can smell spilled blood. Let's find the basement quickly."said Dalton walking away from them. "Yeah we can smell it to."reply Jeffrey catching up with Dalton.
"Jeffrey and I will be going this way. You check out those two up stairs offices."said Dalton. "Yes sir,I'm on it."reply Brenda,going to the first of the two offices. Down the hall Jeffrey turn toward Dalton,"Do you thing it's wise to leave her alone."Yes I don't 
trust her at all either. This way if the bad guys are waiting for us. I know to snap her neck later."answer Dalton adding "You take lead.
         Jeffrey taking a sharp left turn right into a room full of vamps and wolves packing up boxes. Jeffrey jumped back right into 
Dalton hands. Jeffrey hand grab his gun, seconds before his head was twisted off from behind. Dalton yelled " Whoa it's me,
there's a woman in a up stairs office  that needs  to be dealt with now."  A tall dark man walked up to him," How much do they know?" "To much sir, it was out of my hands,my brother found the files before I could."answer Dalton. " Then he and the others must die.. everything  here needs to be  clear out now!"barked dark man also known as Steve Klain.  Unknown to the men, they were being watched by Wetrobski. Unknown to Wetrobski her no scent spray was fading. She was recording everything with her phone. Just as she pressed send button on the phone, a hand broke thru the roof an pulled her down. 
          "Ah look what we have here, hello Brenda."said Steve, "thought you were dead." "Nope your men failed you again.. I hope Frankie rips your heart out and dances on it."snaps Brenda. "How this, quicker than light he  rips her heart out and then perce it with a tooth pick. Turning toward Dalton "Get the job done now,  gather as many as the men as you can. I'm on my way airport  strait from here ..naw scratch that, want to be there  when they die." said Steve. "Yes sir." replied Dalton turning to go gather his men for trip back to the office.
        As all this was happening Brenda phone was stuck on record and send. Justin was frozen to his seat, watching June's phone.
When the two women walked back into the room.."Justin you ok?"ask June quickly rushing to his side,with Penia right beside her.  "Your phone is being sent a video, it's still recording I'm about to forward it to Frankie and Jordan's phones."answer Justin. "No need to forward it, they just pulled up." reply Penia,adding "I'm  going to email  everything to head quarter now." Frankie, Jordan, and David watched the video twice. Jordan stood, " I don't want to believe it, dam it's my brother." " Sorry but it's true video this clear don't lie. He's no longer  your brother, he's a man coming to kill you." said David loading guns.
           "Let's give them a nice surprise when they arrive. "David can you tell your pack to come in closer." Aleady been done, their about a mile up the road spreaded out around the area. They're ready to fight in moment notice."answered David. " Tell them only fight if need to only.. other  wise just keep watch."ordered Frankie. " They say to tell you, you're no fun." giggled David.
They work quickly to get the office and area ready for their up coming guest with as many traps as they can set. "David I changed
my mind, tell your pack let the first wave thru, and  then kill everyone else."said Frankie, handing June and Penia sniper guns find you a tree,and do what you guys do best."
         Dalton, and small group consisting of vamps and wolves came thru the office door . There  was  nothing but a note with F-U ALL and arrow pointed to small bomb set to blow in three seconds." Shit get out now!"scream Dalton, only to get hit with pieces of nails when bomb blew.  The wolves that had ran out side right before it went off got tooken out by the snipers. The few vamps by the door that lived was badly injuried. Justin, Jordan, Frankie, David slip in from hiding in hidden basement. With their guns drawn, "Oh Dalton where are you?, You back stapping piece of crap."yelled Frankie. When the injuried vamps jump up to attack, only to be shot down.
        Soon they found Dalton sitting up agaist a desk, "How could you turn on us brother?"ask Jordan. "Easy I went with the money and power."answer Dalton. David step up to him step on a nail sticking out of Dalton's leg,"Did you hand the baby over to them?" No, that's one of two orders I didn't go thru with."answered Dalton. "What's the second order?"ask Frankie. "You, I was suppost to kill you. I couldn't then, but I bet I can now."roar Dalton jumping up. To be killed seconds later by Penia. "Ok guys lets set few more traps by their bodies now."ordered Frankie.
         About few minutes later a much larger group headed by Steve enter the woods. Seeing a worry look on David's face Frankie asked, "What's wrong?". "They're here, my pack is in trouble,there's way to many." answer David. "Tell them to run to us now." replied Frankie. Soon what was left of David's large pack ran out of the woods toward him. With Steve and his men right behind them. "Now girls everything else comes out of those woods shoot!  yelled Frankie.  David waited for the last of his pack to past the drive way, when he set off first of four  flash bombs. Seconds later the other three bombs went off. The loud and bright blasts caught the first few wave of  men, including Steve.
      While the bad guys was down Frankie walked toward their leader, "Stand up  an face me Steve." He did as she demanded, " Do I know you from somewhere?" "You know dam well who I am, same person different name. Let me paint you a picture 1979 New York one room apartment."snap Frankie, watching him pace left and right few yards away.. " Ah, Frances the nosy reporter, we had fun with you..Your cop friend tasted pretty dam good too."reply Steve with a smirk. Few of his men had made a ring behind him,waiting for the up coming fight. Seconds later being shot down by June and Penia still hiding up in the trees.
        Frankie rushed forward to attack him, only to get stall by his men getting in the way. Steve stood his ground waiting on her. Seeing a opening she tackled Steve to the ground, while they fight one of Steve's men came behind and sliced her left shoulder. Giving  Steve the chance to over power her,and throw her few feet. David  jumped on the vamp with the blade, ripping his head off quickly. He looks up just for a second to see Frankie jumping over him and clashing into Steve. Grabing nearest tree branch
she went to push it into Steve,to only have it pushed into her  right shoulder. With a yell of pain she thrown herself  down on to Steve,pircing his heart.
        After what seems like years, the battle was over. David shifted back to human form,racing over to Frankie,"That's not quite how you're suppost to stake someone." "Well it sounded like a good idea in my did worked pretty good. Hurry up and help me get this dam branch out of me now. Frankie snap loudly. " Sorry me bad", leaning down grabing the branch, "this gonna hurt bad." Just before he started to pull, Jordan limped up to them, "David you look like someone pretend you was a ham,and sliced you up good." Stopping next to him, "Whoa, how you get a tree in you Frankie."asked Jordan. " It's a long story shut up and hold her down. "answer David.

                             Six months and few hundren miles later, having dinner with a certain wolve. Bout that time their phones started ringing. " Does yours say the same as mine."asked Frankie. "Yeah  work calls,want to pretend we didn't get it or go in now."said David. "Oh it can wait till after dessert."answer Frankie. "What's for dessert ,if it's cake I'm gone  so tired of cake."replied David,clearing his plate.  Frankie smiling big at him, stood up and walked around the table to him. Climbing into his arms," how about little ol' me for dessert." I didnt hear no phone."said David lifting her up carrying her toward the couch.

                                                                           THE END

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