Lost Son

About a mother searching for lost child during zombie outbreak..the trials she goes thru on her search.


1. chapter 5,6,7,8

   Six Months Later

   We have join a bigger group of survivors in a small town call Olan, almost four months ago. They have a large camp inside a fenced in high school.My group and I ran into these guys, when we got corner by a group of raiders wanting our supplies and other things. The leader Travis has a reason to find the raider camp, as much as we do. They have his sister which is some type of scientist,and her two boys.                  It's been three weeks, since we came in contact with any of the raiders that held Mary's dad and Travis family." said Robert, sitting down. "We have marked every little town, store, and trails they been using. Their main camp is in Logan County a four hour drive from here."reply my son Shane. "They're staying closer to home, rumor has it their numbers keeps getting lower each time they leave their camp."reply Dawn, walking up to the table,"Sorry I'm late,had to put the twins to bed. But that don't keep them from hitting our groups every week."
    "That's a problem we need to fix fast.I'm not going to split our scouting parties up in five anymore.I'm going to now have four teams of seven.    Now that we have more people here with us, there's over sixty of us now. We need to get as much we can out of the stores,and werehouses quickly. I also desided we are not moving again cause of the big group.I want a second fence put up around the school. I want all but four exits closed up, windows on bottom floor all boarded up but two in each room. Also I want the side enterance closes up, I want one way in one way out by car." said Travis our newest leader.
    Norma stood up, "Travis that's great idea, but the one way out and just one way in. That could be a blessing, yet it could hurt us if raiders or very large pack of goners shows up. We need a second way out just in case, we get over powered." Yes your right Norma..is why a group of five will know of a another way out by foot." answer Travis.
    Later that evening Norma walks knocks on Travis's room door,"Come in", she went in. "We need to talk." "Shoot"said Travis putting on a shirt.   "I'm thinking you may think there's a traitor amongst us?" "Honesty Norma, Yes I do. Every time we're out the raiders shows up.It's just to many run ins to be accidental." "I've been thinking that myself. Do you think the traitor is part of the group I came with?"said Norma.
   "No I'm not sure which group of folks that came in this past four month,the traitor might be with. I have the suspects down to twelve people, yet I could be wrong."reply Travis. "Why you choose the twelve folks for your suspects?"ask Norma. "Cause every single time we got hit by raiders, one or more of these folks was in the groups that got hit, minus the seven that gotten kill during those times." 
   "Ok, can you tell me, if I had one or more of them with me yesterday when my group got hit."  "Write down all who was in your group yesterday."said Travis handing Norma pen and paper. After few seconds, she handed him the paper back. "Dang you had four of them, in your group.I've put a star next to their names. Please keep this to your self untill I have more proof. I've wrote down the other eight names down to. I would like for you to keep an eye on these guys and girls."said Travis. "Will do".answer Norma, adding,"I need to tell you something that happen few weeks before we found your group."
   "Ok can you make a list that was in Derricks group that's here now." "Yes I can."answer Norma,writing down the names. After looking at the finished list, out of the ten of Derrick's group,, eight is on the suspects list of Travis's. "I don't like that one bit, one or more could be the traitor."said Norma. "Your right, without proof my hands are tied. Watch your back out there,tell Shane the same." "Will do..Um I'll let you get some rest, good night."   "Good night to you to."
   Back at my room, going over the group sheet for the past few weeks. Trying to find the person or persons that was in all the groups. Found one that was in all the groups that got hit. It dawn on me, there was a second person that was suppost to be in all the groups, but she traded places with someone so she can be with her boyfriend.  Crap,it's Mary that the raider's are after. 
   I jump up,grab my jacket headed right out the door. I reach Travis room bout the time his boyfriend Jax was leaving down the hallway. "Travis I need to talk to you."as I just walked into his room.  "Knock much!" quickly covering his self up. I grin "Oops,like I said I need to talk it's importain."
   After I told him my theory on what the raider's was truly after."That makes since her father probably is refusing to finish the work, untill he get's to see her. He doesn't know that she gotten free. The raiders probably been telling him, if he doesn't do what they want they're going to hurt her. Go find what group she in,tell her to stay in that group no trading places. I'm going to place you and few more in that group. I have a tool I recently required off a old army friend. You and her meet me in my office in ten minutes." Travis said as he gotten dress.
   I went to Shane's room to see if Mary might be there,since she wasn't in her room.Shane open the door, "Hey mama what up?" "Is Mary here?"  "Nope is over Dawn's babysitting the twins." "Ok meet me in Travis office in ten minutes." as I walk toward Dawn's room. Mary answer the door, "Hey Norma what up?" I need you to meet me in travis office in ten minutes." "I can't I'm babysitting Brooklynn and Katelynn." "Yes you can, Lillie will be here to take over watching them for a little bit. Get to the office." as I walk away.
  I just sat down at Travis desk, when Shane and   Mary came thru the door. Soon after Travis and I explain our plans, fireworks went off. " Hell No!Have you lost your God loving mind! She not doing it!"Shane said loudly. "I'm doing it!"said Mary. "Your my wife  I said you're not doing it!" Travis shook his head,"Bad move bub." "I'm not your wife yet. You can't and won't tell me what I can or can't do!Dammit Shane it's the best chance to get my dad back."she said. Mary turn toward Travis and me,"I'll do it."Holding her arm out to be fitted with a tracking device.
   Shane huffed and storm out of the room. I followed him out of the room,"Shane Lucus Smith get back here." He turn around, "How could you mama,she can get hurt." "Cause I promise her we would help get her dad back for her.What if it was me Shane, you know dang well you would do the same." I said as I got closer to him.
    "You're right mama I would,but I don't want her to do it.We can find another way to do it."  "Shane it's done,you have to support me or get the out of the way."Mary said as she came up to us.Shane turn around to face her,"Dammit Mary it's to risky. But I'll support you. I'm making a note I don't like it one bit." Travis came to his office door,"You two helping or not?" "I'm in."I said as I head back into the office to be fitted with the tracker.
  "I've fitted all my trusted members with a tracker,long time ago." "That's how you guys found us,after our radios got busted."said Shane walking back into the office. "Yes it is.You ok with this?"Travis reply as he ready the next tracker. "Not at all,but I did promise while back to help her get her dad back,and I keep my promises."answer Shane as he held his arm out.
   Few minutes later Dawn,Mark,Samatha,Nicky came thru the door. Travis imform them of our plan.Dawn and Mark got fitted with a tracker,since they were the only one not having one yet. Dawn came up to me as we file out of Travis office,"Norma I need to tell you something." "Ok, what is it?" I turn and ask. "I was ask not to tell,but I feel you need to know just in case this goes south.Mary is late,she hasn't told Shane yet." "Aww no please tell me you're just saying that to keep her from doing it." "No I'm not just saying that to keep her from doing it.I'm telling you to let you know the risks got higher." she said as she walk off. 
  All I could do is stand there shaking my head,and muttering "Dammit." I went strait to her room.Of course she wasn't there,she was at Dawn's with the twin's.Desided to head to dr. Hanks room to ask him to do something that he hasn't done in a while,give all that's involved in the plan a check up. "I'm out of the home kits for that. I can check everything but that." "Dang ok..make a list,I'll try to get it." " Will do,thanks."
 Next morning we had our tests done. All of us was fit for duty. We head out to set our traps. Well all but one, I needed someone from our group here just in case stuff went South. "Where is Shane?"ask Dawn,standing to close to me." He's staying back for this." "How the hell you pull that off?" "Water and good food." "Oh hell you drugged him." " Yep, you keep your mouth shut a bout it. I have my reasons why."  "Norma, I'm not gonna say anything." "Good, let go,we have a lot of ground to cover." 
 As we searched a new town, gathering supplies,we got into place if the raiders pop up. It wasn't long they pulled into town, out numbering us. What they didn't know there was more of us in hiding. "No matter what you guys hear do not come out,untill they're gone."  After a small gun fight, bunch of screaming they got who they came for. I came out of hiding, came right up behind the ass that sold us out. I put two in the back of his head.   Less than hour later,  Travis and Shane with a few others came into town. Shane came up to me,"If she doesn't make it, I'll never talk to you again. Why would you drug your own kid." " It was the only way to protect you,and make sure things went as planned." He turn and walked away. Travis look at me,"Was it worth it,having him mad at you." "Yes it was worth it. I rather have him mad at me,than have to buried him today."  
 It wasn't long before we was near the town they stop at. We watch them take Mary and Dawn into a warehouse. Then walk out with just Mary, headed back to a car heading out of town. We rushed the warehouse, gotten Dawn and few other girls out. "I heard them talking, they have to take Mary to see her father. As soon as he finished the drugs,and finished possible cure. They plan to kill both,cause they found someone else that can take his place."  "Shit, I was so hoping that wouldn't happen so soon. Did she hear that too?"  " Yep,she said she going to try tell her dad to take his sweet time." " We need to go now".   "No we need to gather these guns and ammo.Then we will go,I have back up coming. We need the manpower. I'm sending these girls back to the camp first."  " Fine can we leave as soon as back up gets here?" "Yes Shane we will go soon as they,evermind we're going now,they're here." " No we"re not leaving untill Shane and the other three get the seat gear on. Everyone else has a vest on." "Go get the suit on,so your mama will not rip me a new one." Everyone giggle, then started checking guns. "Everyone that still prays,please start now. Load up!" The ride to the raiders camp was a mess ,had to drive thru large pack of goners to get there. Pulling a arm out of the grill of the truck, " Travis if I don't make it out. Please tell Shane I love him and if the baby a girl give her my middle name." "Don't talk like that. Whoa Mary's pregnant." I walk off not answering him. Shane walk up to me,and hug me. Then walk off to join the others. "Ok we're going to split into groups of four. You four go north,you four west,you guys go east,and we're going south.   Hit the head,we don't need to deal with extra dead walking around."  We went our four different ways,searching rooms quitely. Well not to quitely,soon after a alarm started blaring loudly. We spread out, bullets started flying. I think it was the ten door I checked I hit pay dirt. Mary and bunch of other kids was lock up. "I'm so glad to see you."Mary said as she hug me tight. "Show me where they're holding your dad now. We gotta go now." Mary head went down,"Don't bother he's gone. They killed him,he attack one of them." "Dam we still need his notes." I reply as we rush out the door. It wasn't long bullets start flying pass our heads. I dig into my bag,started handing out guns."Point and shoot anyone shooting at you. Mary which way to the labs." "That way,third or fourth door on the left." "Ok you take these guys outside,there is a van waiting." "I'm not leaving you alone." " Yes you are,you have a baby to think about." "What..How do you know? Hell I don't know." " I had you checked,now go." "It not Shane's,it that man he saved me from. I don't know if he'll want it.""Don't make me hit you,he'll want it. Now get the hell out of here now!"  God I thought she never leave. I ran down the hallway toward the labs. Just to run right into a batch of goners. I slid to a stop right into them. I start shooting,everything that move toward me. Just as I ran thru broken glass into a lab office, dam goner got me right on right cafe. I never had saw it under the desk. On a good note, I did found copies of Mary's dad's notes. I bagged all I could find.  I headed back toward the gun fire. Yep I said it,I ran back toward the flying bullets. I found Travis patching up a teammate behind a wall. "Hey how are we doing?" I ask as I crab walk to them. "Never been better, almost out of bullets. Drop my glasses,can't see what I'm bout to shoot. Other than that I'm good,my buddy here not as good."  "Well let me shoot for you." I pop up and took out three out of the five raiders.    "Two left,after I get those two run that way. And take these notes,and tell Shane I might see him later,if not I love him dearly." I handed Travis my bag. Hopped up and pop the last two raiders." Go now!" I headed away from them. "Norma wait,where are you going?" "I'm going to test the scienceist theory,page five on section on bites."  
 That was two days ago, I can say Mary's dad knew what he was doing. Lucky I didn't die,or turn into walking dead. Now I'm on my way to the camp,to see my family. I was hour away when I radio in, and found out they were out scouting for baby stuff. The twins was low on diapers. I shown up just as Shane and Mary was unloading a truck. "When you guys done there,you can unload my truck." They both turned around and rushed me."Don't ever scare us like that again." Shane said as he cut off my air with a big bear hug."Shane mama needs to breath loosen up." Mary said giggling.  We finished unloading supplies,then went inside to live another day.

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