I want to be born again

The content is intended to take us all to our childhood acts. We all have had a wonderful childhood, and this story will make us walk that path again. Time to re-live the days of nostalgia!!

The story is about a young kid named Ishwar, who hails from a small village in India. The story flourishes around the ambition of
the kid, who travels all the way to the state capital to meet the chief minister of the state. The content is aimed at bringing back the childishness within us, we have long been searching for. It emphasizes on
the simplicity, innocence and the never-say- die; attitude a kid possess.


1. Farmer's nightmare continues

The story dates back to time and colony of 1980's India.

Narayana’s home was crowded with people from Belumpet and other surrounding villages that night. It would have been around 8pm and the regional news bulletin was just about to begin on television. It was the day when, the frequent farmer suicide issue was seriously taken up in the ministers meeting agenda. Farmer suicide has been one of the most disturbing issues in India ever since its independence. And of late, the issue was spreading across the nation like a wild fire. Committee had in its agenda, sorted out some actions and pain-points which needed a quick fix. Early-day news reports had in them, that the committee had finally taken those decisions which benefited the farmers.  And as the news got into its rhythm and flavor, it excited the farmers of India with a new wisdom.

Narayana had earned a unique distinction of possessing the only working television set in the entire village of Belumpet. Except for the cattle and a few drunken chimpanzees(actually modern men), the rest of the village was in Narayana's home to get glimpse of the news bulletin. Narayana’s home was not big enough to accommodate entire village tough, few people were happy to adjust themselves in the cowshed or barn outside his home. The crowd had in it, the people of all ages, from the new born’s  - whose cry echoed now and then, to the oldies who were sitting amidst the crowd with countless wrinkles on their face.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipations. People re-calculated their fortunes every now and then. They seemed excited  & curious to know what were these pain-point fixes. Anxious and eager to know their worth in the country they belonged to. Every single man there, showed the expression like he was hit by a thousand questions. Heart beating double the norm and blood pumping high. Speculations & anticipations had made them all jumpy & juiced up for the future . The entire village seemed like a bunch of kids expecting a life-time gift. Time and again, they were pushing hard against the miseries which had engulfed their lives. Life was alarmingly getting tougher and tougher and tougher.

The news bulletin started and a beautiful lady, started anchoring the news. For the people in Naranya's home, eyes were truly meant to be focused on the television set. For those standing in the barn, were trying to listen every word that they could hear. 

One section after another, the lady was scrolling through them. But, no one seemed interested in sports or economy sections. They just wanted to know what was in store for them. They just wanted to know about their future. During the ad-breaks, they discussed amongst themselves the possibilities of help they may get and hoped that the next news would be the one they were waiting for. At the end of every section, a chorus of hope was sent from one group to another, circulating the through entire crowd. Everyone had laid huge hopes on the state, to help them come out of their crisis. State assistance was the last thing they could have wished for.

                                                                       Please help me oh lord!!

                                                                      I have been feeding you then

                                                                      Please help me oh lord!!

                                                                     I have been bleeding since then   

           The news bulletin came to an end. But alas they could hear nothing. The bulletin had nothing in it for the farmers.

What they heard before was a hoax. In reality there was just nothing for them. Devastated as they were. Hopes getting crushed to defeat. Left alone onto a stranded island, to fight for their lives. Fact surpassed the innocence. The destiny seemed to be nearing, only to be taken aback the last moment. Life seemed like entangled within a miraculous dilemma. The dilemma that they could never solve. The fight for life was still on.

           There was ocean of sadness all over the place. No one cried, but no one spoke a word either.

                                                                      Please help me oh lord!!
                                                                      I have been feeding you then

                                                                      Please help me oh lord!!

                                                                     I have been bleeding since then 

           Buried so much deep in thoughts, they remained poled to their places for quite a some time. Who will refrain whom, as all were in the same boat.  Seemed like they were slapped right on their face, for no fault of theirs. Zero tolerance, a concept still not well-known amongst the Indian Farmers, was a hard miss. As the crowd slowly dispersed, some threw down their turbans in anger and disgust. Some just stood still looking towards the sky in mere disbelief.  Some lighted bidis, and took a puff. Women were seen speaking amongst themselves, while men got themselves buried in thoughts, as they walked towards their huts. All in all, the day ended with another blow onto their lives.  Narayana turned off the television set to save on electricity bill.

           Belumpet was one of those very few places in India, which were badly affected by drought every second year. People of Belumpet and surrounding villages heavily depended on agriculture for their living. Climate as it is, always plays a big role in one’s life. But if it turns bad, the people of Belumpet were the worst affected. Many would sell their lands to find living. A suicide every second month was a common scene.

           This was the second straight year that there was not a single drop of rain in Belumpet. All lands were drying up and becoming unproductive day by day.  Tragic scenes of their fellow villagers ending up their lives were haunting them day in and day out. Narayana was one among them. Narayana was a farmer by profession and was also badly hit by this drought. Long back he had borrowed some money from Haripantji,  a money lender. And now was unable to pay the dues on time. He knew it well, that if he is unable pay the dues, Haripantji will take away his land and possibly everything else he possesses now. Day by day his worries were multiplying. When every one slept, he used to come out of his home and sit looking at the sky.  Narayana’s elder brother Narshima, who stayed in a near by town , helped him, at times, to clear his dues. But Narayana disliked it. He never wanted his brother to help him out. But hiding from the situation was never a solution. With neck deep issues, he laid all his hopes on state assistance today.

           The state was the only ray of hope for these villagers. They expected that the state will help them come out of their awful condition. Like we hear some fairy tales, these poor villagers actually expected one such tale to happen to them.

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