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Hey it's Riley, Riley Jackson. I'm not your typical everyday 18 year old girl, or at least I don't think I am. I live with my mum in London, England. I have 1 brother, Jacob, he is 19. The reason you are reading is because I'm about to walk you straight through my life. So grab a bucket of popcorn and whatever device your on and stay awhile, because this will be interesting.
Boys are all 19 except Brooklyn he is 18.

Roadtrip fanfic.(Warning:Colorful language)


2. Moving😬

First official story! Roadtrip is an British-Irish boyband. There basically the new One Direction only better. Rye is my favorite.

Chapter 1: Riley POV

Today is my last day in Spain. Uggh. Spain is beautiful. My Mum, my brother and I are moving to London, England. It's very rainy there.

So today my outfit is a cream/white crop top sweater, ripped skinny jeans, white chucks and a messy side fishtail braid. (If you would like to see Riley's outfits go to chelsea_roadtrip818 on Instagram) I ran to my mums car and hopped in.

Skip the plane ride

I got out of the plane and went to luggage claim. I walked out side to get in the car. My brother, Jacob, was already waiting in the car. "Mum not here yet?" He asked as if on cue she opened the door.

Skip the car ride

I got out of the car. "Riles go unpack then let's meet the neighbors" Jacob said. "Okay bro" I said and ran up the stairs with my 3 suitcases. 1 contains my clothes, 1 contains my shoes and I contains my laptop, iPhone charger, my Water speakers, my iPhone cases and my beats.

2 hours later

"Jake I'm done" I yelled through the door. "Okay come down stairs" he yelled back. I slip my white chucks on and grab my iPhone 7 plus. I walk down stairs to find my brother at the door on his phone leaned against the wall. "Lego" I say as he looks up. We walk out the door and over to the house next door. The place where the welcome mats usually are it says "RoadTrip". I knock thinking a family of a married couple and their daughter will come to the door. But I am wrong the door opens and shows 5 boys about my age. "Hello may I help you?" A boy with blue eyes and blonde hair says. "Hi we're the new neighbors and just wanted to introduce ourselves." I said. "I'm Riley this is my brother Jacob and we're the Jacksons." I added. "Well Riley, I'm Andy, this is Rye, Brooklyn, Mikey and Jack, and we're RoadTrip." Andy said. "What's RoadTrip?" Jacob asked. "It's a British- Irish boyband. They only preform local" I said. They all looked at me weird except Rye he smirked. "What? I did my research in music here" I added. "She can sing like an angel" Jacob said. I hit his arm, and blushed a little. "Well we'll have to go to the studio some time with you" Brooklyn said. I nod slowly.

"Well it was nice meeting you. We better get going Jake." I said. "Nice meeting you too" Rye said shaking my hand. "Bye" they all said. We waved. I looked at my hand noticing there was I folded piece of paper in it. I unfolded it to reveal a number +1(340) 508-8485 ~Rye~.

He gave me his number "What's that?" Jacob asked as he opened the door. "Nothing I'm gonna go on a run" I said really fast. I ran up the stairs and to my room, picked out my outfit, a neon yellow shirt and neon yellow tennis shoes, snd black spandex leggings that go to your calf. I ran down stairs with my phone and earbud and my bicep strap for my phone and out the door to find out...

Okay, so I hope you like it. Comment what you want Riley to find. Like the story favorite it. Remember if you want to see a picture of Riley's hair & outfits go to @chelsea_roadtrip818 on Instagram. I'll be posting every Wensday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Okay bye Roadies✌🏻️.


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