Goodbye, Love

Some stories doesn't have happy endings.
(Compilation of sad love stories.)


1. 1. The Dream

Zephyrus x Yuuni


I always caught myself gazing at her from afar. I can't seem to get off my mind how her long, waist-length hair danced with the wind or how her eyes crinkled whenever she exchange jokes with her friends. She has a deep, sultry voice that enthralled and perturbed me at the same time. Her beauty was ethereal, mesmerizing as well as captivating. She was the complete opposite of me, who's dull and a loner. She was the dazzling sun while I was the inert moon. She was the vibrant summer and I was the arctic winter. We were two contradicting poles, but nonetheless, I was still enticed by her.


Its funny how a jovial girl like her ended up with sickness not even a doctor can explain the cause.


Ten years had passed since then. And I haven't seen her during those years. Her friends said she was sent abroad, but others said she died. During those long, despairing years, there was never a moment that I didn't think of her. I still have my photographs of her, and a single photo of us together. It was taken ten years ago, under that massive tree at the back of our old High School Extension Building, before she bade her final goodbye to me.


With her gone, my life seemed to be incomplete. There's a hole in my heart that only her presence could fill. But still, I did what she requested me to do: continue living. Even when I felt like dying day by day. Even when I lose interest in all the things around me. Even when looking at all her friends reminds me of her. I still continued living, because I promised that to her.


We are two people destined to meet, but never to be together.


[This story was first posted in my Wattpad account, @jessaya_chan91. It was written in my own language, and I'm planning to translate it in English, someday. Thanks for reading. I'm open for constructive criticism. ]

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