Secrets and lies

An angel was sent down from Tengoku. A forgotten world. She was sent down to sort out the problem between demons and humans. She was then sent to True Cross Academy. She meets the son of Satin. Will forbidden love take over or will she help the world?


2. 2. Seeds of love

Damn this. I hate being the youngest person at this academy, and the fact that the director put me in the class with all page exorcists. I hate him so much. And on top of that my instructor is only an intermediate first level exorcist is annoying.
Well I have to head off to the most annoying class ever. The class with all the new and inexperienced exorcists. And this is my first day so yay.
“OPHH” I ran into something. “What was that?”
“Sorry there little girl,” the black headed stranger said.
“Hey Rack off weirdo,” I hit the stranger 
“Calm down little one,” he said patting my head
“You creep. You know I’m probable smarter than you will ever be,” I yelled back biting his hand
“Owww,” the weirdo said.
“Rin, why are you picking on your new classmate,” another black headed stranger.
“No, she just walked right into me, called me weirdo, insulted me and bit me,” the Rin weirdo said.
“Who are you guys?” I asked cocking my head to one side.
“Sorry Tenshi. I’m Yukio and this is my idiotic brother Rin.” The Yukio stranger said
“I am not an idiot Yukio. And aren’t you too young to become an exorcist,” the weirdo said.
“Mind you Rin. I’m already and exorcist,” I yelled at Rin while punching him in the stomach
“What. You’re already an exorcist?” Yukio said
“Yep. And I almost killed your dad twice,” I smiled
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Tenshi. Satin isn’t ‘OUR’ father,” Yukio said. “He’s Rins father. We might be twins but he’s the only one with the power.”
“I never said anything about satin so yeah,” I smirked.
“And how did you know that he’s my father,” Rin cocked his head to the side
“I don’t know I just have an uneasy feeling about you. And if I’m correct you should have an uneasy feeling right now as well,” I explained.
“Dude how do you know everything about me,” Rin asked me
“It’s a secret,” I winked


The day ended and I had to head off to my dorm. The only thing was I couldn’t find it anywhere. I decided to head back to class room to talk to Yukio and Rin and ask what dorm I was in. he was packing his stuff up so I decided to ask him then
“Hey Yukio. I was just wondering what dorm I was in?” I asked walking in the door.
“Let me see your piece of paper with the dorm name on it,” he put his hand out.
I gave him the piece of paper.Nodding his head and gesturing towards me to follow him.
“I’m surprised at what dorm you’re in because it was exclusively for me and Rin. But yeah. The director probably thought you wouldn’t be safe with the others. Or you have a secret like Rin and he wants you and Rin to be protected by me at all times,” Yukio said walking out and using his key to get back to our dorm.
“Hey I’m a higher ranking than you Yukio,” I yelled. “Ops that wasn’’t supposed to get out,”
“What ranking are you Tenshi ?” Yukio asked politely as we walked into their bedroom
“Well, I’m a Paladin,” I sighed
“Hahahahaha, that’s a laugh. Are you always this funny?” Rin Laughed
“I am Rin I’m the youngest person to receive the ranking of paladin ever. I became an exorcist at the age of five and became a paladin at the age of six after almost defeating your father twice. So I’m a big deal and I’ve got one hundred familiars and I’ve got some family secrets that I only just found out yesterday due to my mother’s overprotectiveness,” I explained
“Wait back up. You’ve got one hundred familiars. And you are a paladin,” Rin fell onto his bed. “I’ve only got one and that’s a little catsie,”
“Yes I am. And I feel bad for Kuro. With him being your familiar Rin. And the fact that Shiru died and you where the only one to calm him down. Well I’ll head off to bed now. See ya Rin. See ya Yukio,“ I waved them off.

As I was walking to my room I felt something warm on my back. I turned on my heals and threw the thing headfirst into my knee.  I looked down at the ground to see Rin with his head in his hands and blood all over the floor.
“Sorry Rin,” I knelt down. “I didn’t know it was you. Let me treat your wounds. Just follow me to my room and I’ll clean them up,”
When we got to my room he grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the bed.
“W- what are you doing Rin?” I asked him as he has a blush on his cheeks.
“I. Well. I. uhh. I kind of like you,” Rin said sitting up and nervously laughing.
“Well that’s nice to know Rin,” I nervously giggled. “Well I hate to break it to you. But my dad won’t let me because he is kind off more powerful than anything ever. And my mum wouldn’t care,”
“Who’s your father?’ Rin asked
“M-My father is god and my mother is his wife,” I explained. “And on top of that my father told my mother that I needed to marry a human. And when I was younger she told me to stay away from satin or anyone related to him. But it looks like I have no choice now. And I do like you it’s just if my father came to check on me and he found out I was dating a satin spawn he’d kill me,”
“Wow,” he face palmed. “Well I feel like an idiot now,”
I scooted forward so I was right in front of his face. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with liking a demon is there?" I said holding back a laugh.

But one problem he needs to see me in my true form first.
“Hey Rin do you want to see my true form?” I asked getting up and walking over to my sword.
“Yeah why not,” Rin said. “What about you. Do you want to see my true form?”
“Yeah I want to. That way if you turn evil I know what I’m dealing with,” I winked at him
He pulled his sword out of its bag and got ready to open it. I gestured for him to open first and he happily agreed.
He had blue flames surrounding his body and a tail.
“So what do you think Tenshi?” He blushed
“I think you look cute,” I winked and blushed
“My turn,” I said as I pulled the cover off my sword.
I pulled out my sword and a flash of red surrounded me. My wings were white like an angel but they had a little pink on them, I also had cat ears which were the same colour as my wings.
“Wow. You are absolutely gorgeous Hafu,” He said walking towards me.
I blushed even harder. As I jumped towards him throwing my arms around his neck and kissing him.
“Hey Hafu. Is Rin in there with you?” Yukio called from the other side of the door.
“Change back,” I whispered to Rin.
We both changed back and he sat on the chair at my desk and I sat on my bed.
“Yeah he’s in here,” I called out
He opened the door and stared on us.
“What were you two doing in here?” he asked eyeing us suspiciously
“I was just fixing up the wounds that I gave him,” I smirked.
“What do you mean Hafu?”
“I mean I pulled his head straight into my knee hard enough to give anyone a concussion. Well anyone except satin spawn here,”
“Oh ok. So its dinner time come on you two,” he said grabbing Rins ear.
While we all walked downstairs to eat dinner I summoned one of my catsie familiars to scare the boys. We kept walking and I signalled to my catsie to scare the boys. My catsie Kino. Kuro’s brother jumped out yowling causing to boys to jump miles high.
“Got ya. Kino come here,’ I called him over to where I was.
“Kuro. Kuro. Kuro. It’s me Kino. Your brother,“ Kino yowled
“Kino? Is that really you?” Kuro jumped.
“I’d love to see this lovely reunion but we’ve got food to eat,” Rin said picking Kuro up.
“Don’t they deserve time to get to know each other after not seeing each other since Shiru took Kuro Rin,” I sighed
Yukio just stared at us confused until he beckoned us to keep moving. We abruptly followed him down to the dining hall and sat down at the tables.

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