Secrets and lies

An angel was sent down from Tengoku. A forgotten world. She was sent down to sort out the problem between demons and humans. She was then sent to True Cross Academy. She meets the son of Satin. Will forbidden love take over or will she help the world?


1. 1. Secrets out

Sorry if this isn't that good. this is my first Blue Exorcist FanFiction. Please excuse my errors in spelling and punctuation.


Why did she have to stay here? I just want her to go back to my world. Little do these mere humans know there's a secret world above Asia. Asia is the middle world but no one wants to admit that there is another world. Not even the exorcists.  My husband is the angel of all angels. My husband is God. No one remembers Tengoku or how important it is anymore. I hate these mere humans.

My husband gave me an angelic sword and stored all our daughters power there. I hate him. well he didn’t actually give it to me I stole it because he stored all her power in an angelic sword so she could go to earth and help the humans as a human. 


16 yrs later at Asia.


“Why did my father have to do this to me?”  I screeched at my mother.
“What do you mean Tenshi ?” my mother just stared at me.
“I mean how could you not tell me who my father was. And the fact that you’re not my real mother,” I yelled at her slamming my hand on the table.
“I still don’t know what you mean dear,” my mother grabbed my hand.
“I mean. Why didn't you tell me my father is God? How could you not tell me?” I slapped her
“I didn’t tell you to keep you safe dear,” she sighed with tears welling up in her eyes. “And by the way I am your real mother,”
“What,” I stepped back. “But you’re a human? But how? AND how and why did GOD have a child with a human?” I screeched
“Well, he had a child with me because I was disowned by my family and he told me I would bear his and his wives child so you could be raised a human," she sighed almost crying

"Oh. OK?" I questioned her.

"That and I'm his wife," she mumbled almost inaudible

"WHAT," I yelled at her

"Oh. Ops I said that out loud," she smirked

"Can you show me your wings?" I asked as she let her wings out.

"There. Wow that's been a while since I've done that

"Wow mum there gorgeous. How do I do that?" I asked

"Thanks. Well I stole the angelic sword that your father stored all your power in. So that is how you can change. but he also put a seal on it so you can't get to your powers till you turn 16. Which is tomorrow," she smiled gently " Oh you’ll be going to true cross academy tomorrow,” she explained.

"Well mum I’ve got news for you. I’ve been going to true cross academy for years now," I explained really guilty

"And what else," she said slyly

"And I’m one of the most powerful exorcists. A paladin,” I explained
“What? How? You’re only fifteen years old,” my mum’s mouth hit the floor. “Never mind you are in high school. But how did you become a paladin?”
“Well I almost defeated satin twice. And I’m going to head back to the academy now,” I explained running out the door before she questioned me even more.


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