War sweeps fast through Silla as the General of this great country must work with his best friend and more, the King, to save their Kingdom.


2. The Invasion

For two years, days went by normally. I trained thousands of soldiers and guards daily, and handled official matters with the King. On our third island there were reports of a plague sweeping through crops killing animals and people. Our royal physicians were over there for five months studying it until they found a cure. No cure was found, but there was an injection people could receive that would prevent you from being affected by the plague. The injection is being distributed throughout the capital, but kept only in the capital because there is not enough of it to give to outer towns and cities.

I left the palace for a trip to a close silver-mining town to solve a theft problem in the markets. It was my third day there. I was tired from interrogating people all day and visiting the magistrate. I decided to go to sleep early. I went to sleep that night wondering about Yuu Ei and his men. I fell asleep quickly, but woke up just as quickly. In the middle of the night, while I was in a deep sleep, screams awoke me in a panic. Guards were flooding into my room, all talking at the same time.

“General!!” One guard close to me shouted.

“There's men outsi-,” another man started to speak before getting interrupted.

“They are setting people's homes on fire and taking women and children.”

“Everyone QUIET!” I had to take a minuet to breath from all the panic. "What on earth is going on?” I pointed to the guard in front of me, “You tell me, only you can speak.”

“Yes sir, General.” The guard stepped closer to me so I could hear. “We were guarding the gates when all of a sudden men started running out of the forests and setting homes and stores on fire. I believe they are taking our women and children, right now they are raiding our mines.”

I immediately stood up forgetting that I was asleep only a few seconds ago. “Do we know who these men are? What weapons do they have, how many men? I need details.”

“Sir, if I may speak, they seem to only have swords, and there’s only about a hundred men.”

“This town has about 700 people, how can they be defeated so easily?” None of this was making sense to me. Most of the threats we have come from neighboring countries and they all use guns. It is unusual to see threats with swords. “Why isn’t anyone fighting back?”

“General, all the men were down working in the silver mine, which is now blocked off by fires and men. Only women, children, and elderly are left helpless in the town.”

“Quick, everyone grab your swords instead of guns. We need swords to fight swords. Have a gun at hand though. Some of you go to the mine and try to free the men. The rest of you fight off the intruders, hide the townspeople, and try to keep the fires down” I quickly got up and got dressed, my sword and gun were already in my hands. I walked out with two of my palace guards. “You, Xio Tan, find Su Xi and take troops out to the forests to find where these men are coming from. Make sure to listen to Su Xi carefully she has experience in surprise attacks.” The guard ran to the tent Su Xi was in. “And you,” I turned to the guard behind me, “follow me.” we ran to where the screams were the loudest. “Lets try to gather up the intruders to the center of the markets so we can corner them off.”

“Yes General.” The guard struggled to keep up with me. We gathered up some other guards and ran to a group of intruders that were taking people out of their homes. The intruder were tan, had short hair, and they were all men. The guards and I ran over to them, half of us got the women and children safely away. The rest of us fought with the intruders. While I was fighting them I heard a couple of them shouting out to each other. The language was weird but it sounded familiar. It took me a while to realize it, but I remembered what Yuu Ei was speaking, Hu-a-ne or something. They were speaking the same thing. “The intruders must be from Xia. Does that mean Yuu Ei is here?”

“General, is something wrong?” One of the guards was staring at me while I stood still.”

“I’m fine, round up all the intruder. Use any force necessary, just make sure there's two or three alive.” I could not move, I wanted to go help but I was confused. “Are these really people from Xia? Did they take our alliance proposal as a threat?” I could not wrap my mind around this situation. I looked up and saw a few intruders running towards me with their weapons ready.  As they got closer I took out my sword and began to fight. Their skills were only as good as someone who has been training for a year, but i've been training my whole life. I was able to fend them off, but by the time I was done hundreds of people laid dead all around the town, mostly the townspeople.

“General, we’ve searched the town for intruders. These are all that’s left.” The guard pointed at thirteen intruders being held by guards.

“Where are the rest?” I asked the guard as we walked over to the intruders.

“Either dead or they escaped back in the forests. Almost all the townspeople are dead.”

I called over all the guards that were not holding the intruders. “Take the injured townspeople to Hanbong, there are good physicians there. Take the rest to the nearest jade town. I will have troops deployed there in a week.” The guards followed my orders to protect the townspeople. “Su Xi!” I called out to the guard in charge of the intruders. “Follow me, we’ll take them to the palace for interrogation.” I went to my horse and started to mount myself on top.

“Sir, how will the intruders get there?” A young guard holding a man covered in blood looked worried about the intruders.

“They will walk.”

The guard looked scared. “Walk, that far..?”

“Are you worried.” I laughed to myself and looked down to the guard. “Did you help them or something?”

“General!” He got down on his knees to beg.

“Get up.” The guard stood back up. “I know your knew here, but these men just massacred hundreds of men, women, children, and elderly. Yet you have room for sympathy?”

“General! I’d never sympathize with these people!”

I looked at the intruder the guard was holding. “Let go of that intruder.”

“Bu..t” He stuttered trying to speak.

    “There's a horse here for you, you can ride. What's your name?”

The guard looked up surprised. “My name is Min Ho.”

“Nice to meet you Min Ho. From now on you ride with Su Xi and me. You're no longer a palace guard.” Min Ho seemed confused but excited. It’s rare for me to promote someone in a day, but I believe he will play a big part in keeping everyone happy.


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