War sweeps fast through Silla as the General of this great country must work with his best friend and more, the King, to save their Kingdom.


3. I am the Second King

It took some time, but we all arrived at the palace in four days. As we arrived the noblemen and merchants looked scared as we dragged thirteen bloody men, and we ourselves were also injured and bloody.

    Min Ho called out to the guards at the gates, “Open the gates! The General has returned.”

    The gates were opened, as we entered the palace servants ran and hid at the sight of us.

    I got off my horse and gave orders. “Take the intruders to prison, make sure it's heavily guarded. Tell the guards no one is to see them but me. Once they are locked up, get cleaned up and well rested.” They guards followed my word. “Su Xi, Min Ho, wait, before you leave come with me.”

“Yes sir,” they both replied in unison.

They followed me up a large staircase into the throne room. As we entered the throne room I looked for the King not realizing he was probably asleep.

“Isn’t this the throne room?” Min Ho seemed in awe at the beauty of the palace.

“Yes, I will go bring the King.” I started to walk through the doors.

“You can just “Get the King” ?” Su Xi asked surprised.

I turned around and smiled, “You think the second King wouldn't know the first King.” They looked surprised and impressed. Only officials and certain nobles knew that I am the other King of Silla. I walked to the King’s room to find him snoring in a deep sleep. I walked over and nudged him, “Jinheung, wake up. I have an important report.”

“Taejo? Aren’t you traveling?” The King kept talking, trying to wake up.

“Yes I was traveling, but I'm back. We’ve been attacked. Now wake up.” That caught his attention he immediately shot up. “Come to the throne room.” I got up and walked out of the King's room. I walked back to the throne room.

“Where’s the King?” Min Ho asked.

“Patience, he’ll be here soon.” I sat quietly waiting for the King.

“The King is here,” a servant called as she opened the door.

Min Ho and Su Xi shot up quickly to bow. The King entered yawning. The King did not seem to notice Su Xi and Min Ho because he was still half asleep. He tripped on his way to his throne.

“What is the report?” The King sat and stared at me.

“Su Xi, give him the report.” I nodded at Su Xi.

Her eyes practically shot out of her head, “Me!” She got up from her knees and centered herself in front of the King. “King !” She bowed on her knees again, and stood back up. “Four days ago, intruders entered Ming, the silver mine we were at. They were all men, and they didn’t look like anyone we’ve seen. They slaughtered the townspeople and took some women and children.” The King was fully awake and listening with an angered expression. “There were about one hundred intruders. We killed around seventy. Thirteen of them are in prison at the palace, the rest we suspected took the women and children back to where they came from.”

“Thank you Su Xi. That should be enough.” I signaled her to sit back down.

“Your Majesty, I know this seems confusing. But I think I know exactly who they are and why they are here.”

“You do?” Su Xi and Min Ho said surprised.

“Yes I do,” I looked over at the King. “They were tall, strong, very tan, all men, and the majority had short hair. Their clothes were made well and their weapons were that of soldiers. This is a direct warning that are under attack. I recognized the language, it was Huane. Remember Yuu Ei and his men that came here from Xia two years ago?”

“Yes,” the King answered.

“The intruders without doubt were also from Xia. They probably came on boats because I saw many of the drinking water, and their skin was drained of all water.”

The King looked surprised. “But, why would they attack us?”

Min Ho, the King, and Su Xi all looked at me awaiting my answer. “I believe they attacked us for one of two reasons. One; due to lack of communication and knowledge of each other’s culture. Xia may have misunderstood our care and gifts as a threat. Two; They completely understood us and think we are weak in power but are very rich. They could be seeking out our wealth and resources. Don’t you think it's odd they automatically went to a silver mine, and took women and children instead of killing all the soldiers they could?”

The King seemed to understand. “You must be right Taejo, I believe it's the second choice. We need to prepare.”

I looked the King in the eyes, “I understand.” The King and I expected a threat like this a long time ago, we already had a plan. I got up and called Su Xi and Min Ho to follow. We started walking down the stairs.

Min Ho looked panicked, “What should we do?”

I stopped and turned to him. “You and Su Xi shall clean up and get some rest. I will come up with a plan.” I walked away before they could protest.

For many nights I did not sleep. I was busy planning and training new recruits. I started getting reports of invasions like the one at Ming. At first the intruders seemed to be winning, but once they started to get closer to the capital I was able to deploy more troops.

I went to talk to the King. “I wonder why we haven’t received a letter or direct threat from Xia.”

“Perhaps that's not how they do war in Xia.” The King got up to sit next to me.

“That could be true, but I feel like we're supposed to know why we're being attacked. I can only guess though.”

“You’re right, this is definitely the beginning of a war, and I don’t know why.”

Over about six months, Silla was under attack. Since they were coming from boat I deployed half my navy to the north side of Silla to capture Xia’s navy. Xia had significantly less soldiers than us, but the surprise attacks were helping them win. “Although we are low on guns and ammo, Xia doesn’t have any guns at all. We also have more swords and bowen    arrows. Their attacks are starting to become more frequent like a pattern. So, i've been able to figure out where they're going to invade next. Due to all of Silla’s losses, Xia is becoming over confident. That's their biggest weakness. I think they will go after Baekje next, but they don't know the entire royal army and all the palace guards are inside the capitol walls. We’re ready for them.”

          I got up and left to go for a walk. After my walk I met up with the King in his room to go over more battle strategies. While we were sitting there we heard guards yelling. I got up to see what was the matter, when all of a sudden...


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